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No football, sex or even entertainment!!! You can't shut the world down no matter how you try to do it...people WILL not take it too much longer.
Calimari is too slick for anything to stick to him....Not even the Derrick Rose case in Memphis....they fine and put the school on probation, but Calimari had already fled to KY. They still didn't do any thing to him.
Junebaby01, the real racists are the ones who go around accusing others of being racist over the smallest things, like serving someone else instead of you, or not catering to you first.The liberal 10% of this country trying to force their beliefs on the other 90% gets so annoying no wonder people are starting to get stupid in their responses. Drives people crazy is what it does.
Old Nick wouldn't suspend his all american line player for a felony offense in LA, and even got him out of it.....
Can't pretend it didn't happen, LSU...too much proof out there to see. Ben Simmons was bad enough, but there will be serious consequences for all of college basketball after this. The programs that are not cheating will be looked at as if they are. I wouldn't be surprised if LSU got the death penalty over this.
Everyone wishes they had the 2 extra scholarships he gets to spend purely on pitchers....
As usual, you are off the mark...the most deflating play of that game came when Dak scored from the 1 yard line and the SEC director of officials, who went to Bama, reversed the officials td rule and cost the Bulldogs the game. Bama led 25-19 at the time, and State would have won 26-25. The video in a Tuscaloosa restaurant showing Satan and him went viral.
Scam trying to get interest from a team but nobody is buyin it.