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WOW...Pittman upping the pay....keep doing that and you will be competitive later. Keep the bag men full.
His 2 teams are MsState and some other team.....doubledeuce33, can u read?
I'm calling them, but we ain't got the money you got. Our bag men got lint.
Be laughing real loud when the NCAA pounces after dealing with jayhawks.
Agreed... the market is in flux...UT needs all the dollars it can get, but BLM will protest at the stadium and no one will buy tickets. UT owes too much money to former coaches. Arky is in the same boat.
Is Mond going to sit? He led a demonstration to a statue; is he going to boycott the team?
Last time I looked, blacks have the same rights as whites do. Before you holler discrimination, the most discriminated person in this country is the white american male. They have to kowtow to everybody not white so they won't be labeled racists. And the fact is, the one claiming someone is racist is the REAL racist.
That's because Calimari is a stinking squid....NCAA is coming after they get through with Kansass.
Won't be any football anyway, If COVID don't do it, BLM will target football stadiums and no one will go to the games.
Doubt it... BLM will target the football stadiums and no one will go to the games.
If you are talking about Hill, he was the ultimate team player until this crap came along. Now he has thrown his NFL future away; he will be seen as a problem like Kapernik. Why didn't he go somewhere else or say something 3 years ago when he inked his NOI?
Let the players run the team like they are trying to do now, and universities can save all the coaching salaries. At Bama, that would be around 75 mil.
Gotta keep pushing....the hypocrisy of the so called amateurism of college football demands it.