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Should have gone to State to begin with....but they would probably take him back.
He was good in 2018 but last year he stunk. And I am Maroon and White thru and thru....NEVER an Ole Miss Kibbel.
Robinson, Whitlow,etc...how many AU players on that stuff????? Better drug test the whole team!
I know how you feel, Rick...my Bulldogs always have to fight out of a hole.
He is overrated...I watched him in many games this year and he was terrible. Can't tackle, he missed at least 15 this year. He got burned quite a few times in the passing game. I don't think he will be drafted at all.
Is it one or two extra schollies that vandy and michigan have over the rest of the teams in the conference that are used exclusively for pitching? Hard to compete with that, but that's life, it isn't always fair.
Should be very interesting for the Kibbels....Corral probably gets the first shot as a better passer.
Way to go Mike! Sometimes, and mostly always, simple is best...a lot of coaches these days are so technical, the player gets lost. Trying to make a freshman play an NFL defense or offense is very trying. They are just kids after all, not grown men. The coaches that can realize that are going to be able to get the most out of their players. Pirates keep it simple....see what they want and go after it! AAARRRGGGHHH...
I remember Joe Lee...what a character! Arnet's stats are better, but they both ran the same model defense. We need fast interior linemen like Simmons and Chris Jones, who should have been the MVP of the Super Bowl.
It is a good thing that Leach will not have an empty cupboard when he starts the season. ALL will be needed to make the best of the first season of the Pirate...ARRGH
Auburn got plenty of cash....see SCAM
Gator fans, he is just gettin started! In 3 years he will have #1 classes overall withe budget he has now....what he did at Ms State with the smallest budget in the SEC was incredible. I see a Natty within 3 more years.
He can't win in the League. He can't win now with out the refs.
You don't have to worry....got plenty of players to plug in.
That kind of loss AT SC is not surprising....My Bulldogs are the only team that has given them a game at home. They beat us by 2 at the last minute...even with all the foul calls they got(like Kentucky), we still almost beat them.
Don't forget the 3 and out stat!!! 49.7% of the time the opponent goes 3 and out... has to punt! No wonder Bulldog Nation is excited about this hire!
The SEC already pay the athletes stipends on top of everything else. Ms State and Auburn both paid over 5,500 dollars to every major sport scholarship athlete last year. The athletes are NOT broke.
I'd hate to lose him, but I don't think he is accurate enough for Air Raid...maybe he can redshirt and learn the offense...saw too many bad reads last year.
The Kibbel is worried more about the girls in the library.
Mike Leach and the Kibbels better get to work....no excuse for the #1 recruit to go out of state. Too much cash at the ATM?
Vandy sure needs to do SOMETHING...interesting to see that Stanford lost 11 football players to the transfer portal because they couldn't get into the post graduate schools there. I'm sure Vandy has the same problem in all sports.
ARKY is loaded, and I agree on the expected finishes. My Bulldogs have pitching questions to answer, from the starters to the bullpen. We have the talent, but it will be probably a slow start until things are figured out. I wish we had the extra scholly that Vandy has.
The toughest division in THE toughest conference just got tougher...Arky may not be a pushover this year.
The Kibbels are almost in as bad a shape as Vandy...they are just about non relevant in every sport...the athletics programs all around are in shambles. There is no quick fix, and it may take a decade to turn it around. At least Vandy is good in baseball.
Welcome to the toughest conference in college football!!! Mike is the all time best at qb development...I will be shocked if you don't lead the nation in passing!
I'm very excited. EVERY top prospect from Starkville SHOULD go to State. Homegrown is always best!
Lot of ifs coming up in this game.....IF we don't start slow as grass growing again, IF Kentucky doesn't get every call in the book(As Usual), and IF we play defense from beginning to end, MS STATE CAN beat Kentucky! We'll see.