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Article neglected to say that he isn’t allowed to say anything negative about Auburn. While I don’t know anything for sure I would opine that that double salary+confidentiality clause-hush money
Just to point out a silly little fact. Bama was listed #1 by beating UGA in the National Championship game. They were also listed at #15 for the second string QB coming in a beating UGA for the SEC championship. #9 was Bama beating UGA in 2012 for the SEC championship again. 3 out of 25 are Bama beating UGA for a championship. Looks like UGA should try harder next time.
I thought that the list was pretty good with exception of the Mizzu vs BYU. Other than a Mizzu fan does anyone else remember this? Beating BYU is a top moment in SEC history?
Epstein was arrested and tried. It was the courts that let him go with a slap on the wrist. Just because you are a civil worker doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of humor. A nice sense of humor can help counterbalance the “threat of violence” you’ve mentioned a couple of time.
Adam usually has a back handed insult for Bama. Not even sure why a Clemson article is on this site nor why it would be in the Bama section. Just happy he couldn’t find a way to bring up Mizzu.
I can’t stop chuckling. Great post. On a personal note. All the sanctions should be lifted since nothing happened to UNC after it was proven it was systematic university academic fraud.
Both play in the same division and both play 3 out of 4 OCG cupcakes. The only difference is y’all have UGA & Bama gets UT as their rival crossover games. Didn’t UT beat y’all last year. It’s also fair to say that Bama helps Auburn’s SOS much more than AU helps Bama’s. Coward was inaccurate with his recruiting prowess. He should have asked how a coach that averages a top 10 class also averages 4 losses.
I really like how you frame the recruiting situation. The rankings show he gets good players. He just isn’t getting the players in the “need” position regularly. Stars over needs leads to voids.
I wonder is the author re-reads his articles. He showed where Colin was wrong about his recruiting classes while totally missing a crucial point. Gus has averaged 4 losses with a top ten national recruiting average. That reflects on his coaching ability and not his recruiting chops. Of course, when the article stated that Stidham failed to regress I knew I should have just moved on. Even Gus wants his players to PROGRESS and not REGRESS.
Silly rules abound. Bama self reported personalized deserts.
To make it look like Texas didn’t want Saban and not the other way around. Think about it this way. They approached Saban but Mack didn’t want to be fired so the university didn’t fire him. That doesn’t even sound reasonable.
There is one small part that makes me not believe the story. You want to replace your coach but since he didn’t want to be replaced it didn’t happen. Doesn’t sound reasonable.
Any university in a state that has a lottery can do the same scholarship program that Vandy does. This has nothing to do with them being a private school. The program makes up the difference between what the patent can afford and what it costs to attend. A huge majority of college players were on travel teams. That isn’t cheap. So most or all on this program will still pay the same or even more if they were on one of the partial scholarships else where. There is no true advantage.
I seem to be missing something. Rocker was drafted out of high school. What’s to keep him from being drafted next year? This is twice that Adam has stated he would be there for another 2 years. The I went to Mizzu statement was funny. He then goes on to get his Drew Lock allotment in. Priceless.
The whole article is about the NCAA is hypocritical but finishes by saying the rules aren’t fair to star position of the big 3 sports.
Works for the SECCG. They haven’t changed the site when UGA wins the east. Isn’t UGA 1-2 in those games? 1-3 if you count the NC.
The last 2 Heisman Trophies has gone to OU qb’s. Last 2 #1 picks in the draft were OU qb’s. Riley is know as both a qb and offensive guru. When you look at it with a perception of facts his grownup decision doesn’t seem debatable.
3 out of the 10 who left did extremely well. 3 of the 6 who stayed have done very well also. The premise is over all inane. You pick the best player. Not the best player in your region. Doubt any Bama or UGA fans want to switch to Mills, Alford or Heard.
I guess it is perspective. He is the 5th highest paid coach. He averages the 8th best recruiting classes. He also averages 5 losses a season. The first 2 facts don’t indicate mediocre should be tolerated.
Formerdawg: sorry about the thin skinned and inane comments coming from a Bama fan. Your point is well written and accurate. I also think freshmen WR’s can contribute sooner than any other position. Calvin Ridley was the answer to what veteran receiver was on the roster when Smith, Ruggs and Jeudy played their 1st year. Pretty good player to be your on field leader of a position group. I’m hoping that BT was trying to say you don’t have an experienced veteran receiver to lean on.
Never had autocorrect screw you huh? I would think even a Sports Business major knows the difference between are and our.
Wonder if the $49 million blunder had anything to do with this.
It was only a top 9. Someone from Mizzu was guaranteed to be on the list. Garrett would have been #1 is dirty hits count.
I don’t think any 2 loss team gets under normal circumstances. Auburn would have and should have that year but that was under rare circumstances. They would have beaten 2 #1”s and lost to a playoff team in Clemson and on the road to LSU in a very close game. OSU was the Big champ with 2 losses with a beat down by a 6-6 team. If Wisconsin wins that year neither AU or UA makes it in over an undefeated Big10 champion. I do wonder why the University of Missouri has a journalism school that doesn’t teach “The” Ohio State University is incorrect grammar.
It should be pointed out that the Duke game was signed right after they won their division and competed in their CCG. They looked like a better team on the uprise. The rest are the usual trash. Auburn got lucky that Oregon is on the uprise while the rest is trash as well. It should be noted that the new AD has scheduled some big boy/blue blood programs down the road.
I read the posts before putting my 2 cents in. All the UGA fans seem to support Kirby in this. They also seem to think it was fast. My opinion is based only on this article so here goes. He admitted he struck her in April but didn’t get dismissed until she filed. So Kirby knew about this 2 months ago but did nothing. It wasn’t until she filed that he took action. That would give the impression that it wasn’t the hitting that was egregious but the fact that is now known. I said give the impression to acknowledge the fact that I don’t have all the facts.