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So your saying that most women don’t know football or that most Tide fans are women. Either way it just shows your lack of intelligence.
Did dancing cost Bama a game? No. That’s why Saban ingnored his antics. Now let’s talk about your shoe thrower and how Mullen excused it. Apparently dancing wins SEC & National Championships while throwing shoes cost you a win and any chance of winning a NC. Soooo bitter.
All of that noise and it still doesn’t change the fact that y’all lost. Your pamphlet actually reinforces the less with more mantra about Kirby.
It’s black on black crime so LeBron will have nothing to say. Still chuckling from your post.
I do think the KID was disrespectful. The KID did apologize but that doesn’t seem to be good enough. Now when a 24-26 year old KID shows his Azz after losing the Super Bowl and never apologizes it’s all cool. I wouldn’t say that Newton acted like an adult in this situation.
Dion is before the Virgin Mary? I’m sure your spelling it like your saying it but the name is a Prima Donna.
First he has an old boom box stolen and then returned. Now he was robbed during a game. Okay
Can anyone explain why there are so many Sander articles? He didn’t play in the SEC and doesn’t coach in the SEC.
I wonder if OU actually watched the video. Spenser is bigger and was the aggressor. Looks like Spenser got exactly what he deserved.
I would think that he would be a better passer already. He has had 3 years with one of the best QB developer as you say. I’m not sure how anyone can say just how good/bad he is with such limited game time throws.
I always thought the contract was insane. To find out there was no off set clause just proves how bad a contract that it was.
I’m pretty sure that everyone knew who he was referring to.
If some players are already paying “their own way” then it should be okay for the school host recruits.
Beth has an annoying voice but at least she isn’t lost on the game. Gary used to be good but I do think his age shows.
Billions of $s worth of drugs comes from and through Mexico. A cartel took over the entire city in Sinaloa. You are right that all Mexico isn’t a slum. You are wrong if you think Mexico isn’t a drug Mecca.
I hope someone can explain this. Brown has not entered school and he has been released so why does he go into the portal. I thought the portal was for players already in school and on the team. Neither would be the case here. Shouldn’t he just reopen his recruitment.
Who said the didn’t already release Brooks also. Funny how Brown didn’t say he had been released until after he informed us he was in the portal.
If they couldn’t fly out on Tuesday what made them think they could today.
Kiper wants a 2 year starter from a weak league that doesn’t tackle and quit last year. That compared to a 4 year starter from the strongest league that didn’t quit and tackles. I wonder what Farley would have looked like against Ole Miss or Florida.
He was talking about them televising portions of practices.
Not sure why they just don’t play the game with limited to no fans.
The only thing I saw was a tasteless joke. I didn’t read the 40 page report.
Most of the posters seem to think that sitting out an entire possession is fair. Here’s something to think about. The rules are set against the defense substituting which wears them down and makes them more susceptible to injury. Targeting was instituted to protect the offensive player but no problem with a rule that can injury a defensive player. Hypocritical at best. Now let’s look just how fair the new rule will be. A player gets hurt on the first play of a 10 play drive. Another player gets hurt on 2nd down of a 3 down possession. One receives a 9 play penalty and the other just 1. It’s also cool for an offensive player to get hurt and only miss one play. That seems totally fair. Instead of another rule that helps the offense to the detriment of the defense and the players health let’s make a fair rule. Allow the defense to substitute when the offense does or after a set number of plays. That would eliminate the need to flop.
I really love the recruiting comments. It is important to remember that Gus averaged top 10 classes and still averaged 4 losses a season. He also forgot to recruit O-linemen. You have to develop as well as recruit.
It’s a shame that you only have 1 NC championship in the last decade while being the #1 job. I’ll take the National Championships and having the best coach. You can have the best job title. Oregon: you would think we would be better than 5-5 as the best job in college football. Just glad they weren’t ranking best coach.
He did that Auburn so he should do that at UCF. He needs to work on winning the bowl games.
He is getting over $2 million a year. When did that become cheap? If his W/L is the same as his Auburn tenure than he is actually being overpaid.
That was a telling post. The off field problems aren’t Orgeron’s doing? Since when? The “football fans don’t care about it” is a truly frightening statement. Wins over assaults huh?