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What a shocker! An inaccurate article on SDS. Thanks for the information
It wasn’t a big breath. It was a really big toke. He had to be high to miss the part where the same guy listed Jamie Newman as a top 5 QB.
Small points here. No charges were filed. Been suspended since April Got a new RB & WR in portal Old RB & WR thrown off team I wonder what would have happened to the players who haven’t been charged much less found guilty without the transfers in.
Posting before reading comments. Zero problem with each assessment.
Right- now that everybody he faces will ALSO be able to recruit or give financial aid the advantages will dry up. The point was he had an advantage over coaches who couldn’t recruit the best players like he could.
You have to be on the field to make an impact. Lawerence is guaranteed to be the starter from day one. Fields may or may not play the whole season. The Bears are a much better over all team so they may not see the need to play Fields. The only reason Herbert saw the field early was due to a medical mishap to Taylor.
It will be hard to break habits that have been ingrained over the last 6(?) years. Gus & co. have taken a beating over his lack of development. Some of that is well deserved. I personally think the person to blame is his father. It looks like Patrick traded wins over fundamentals. It’s clear Bo has athletic talent but has horrible fundamentals for a kid whose coach is an ex college QB.
I guess Auburn didn’t learn from Scott Cohraine. I still can’t believe the Tide won another NC without him.
I’ve seen Chuck golf. He has as much chance of hitting Saban as he does a whole in one.
Phil Knight to Mario Crisabol: go to every #1 player in every position and tell them we will outbid anyone. The Steinbrenner’s of college alums will tilt the playing field. Which conference will benefit the most? The conference that started it all... the PAC 12.
That’s just funny. When did character issues become a big factor in the NFL? Micheal Vick, Johnny Manziel, Greg Hardy & Antonio Brown are just a few character issues that come to mind.
Injuries....they happen to everyone. Size is not a future indicator of injury.
I believe he was asking what scene he made in a play off game. The targeting was obvious.
Who defines the value? Everybody says the QB is the most valuable position on the field. When the QB has a bad day it is always blamed on the line. Not saying the line isn’t to blame( last Super Bowl) but it illustrates that all the positions are equally valuable.
Seems reasonable. I would add that even with replacing most of your secondary your defense should be it’s salty self. I’m trying to figure why anyone even cares.
Stats improved from year 1 to year 2. New coach refused to trade what he says is a huge building block for their future. Hmmm...a NFL GM & coach disagree with your biased opinion. I wonder which Auburn 1st rounder this year will be a bust? Oops, I mean I wonder if the 1st Auburn player picked this year will be a bust. Do you call 3rd rounders busts or washouts?
I get the more potential thing. I saw last night where the 49s are saying that Lance was more NFL ready. That I don’t get. How can a player who only played 1 year in a lower division be more NFL ready than the guy who set QBR records against much better competition. You can’t use the, “Jones played on a great team to make him look better” theory. Lance played for the powerhouse NDSU. The team that is usually heads & shoulders above everyone.
Fantasy: Not knowing any name on the Bama defense only shows you know little of college football and have a reading comprehension problem. The article mentioned most of the returning starters.
Just curious but why do you think that Davis stayed if was a likely 1st rounder THIS year?
You’re right on both accounts. The Auburn side of AL.com has some good articles about the Tiger players.
The Stokes piece was just a filler. Most Packer fans will appreciate his play. The only time Love is brought up is by the media. I hope the LSU fan base can help on this but wasn’t Cox an outside backer/edge?