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The current systems picks the best teams. Your conference only matters when talking about SOS. Why should a 3 loss PAC-12 CC be put in while 1 loss teams sit home. I would rather a team earn the slot than be given it to them.
13 out of 75. What stars were the other 62 players? Silly comment
To WDE: everything is correct but here’s a slightly different perspective. OSU is a blue blood and they are a name brand. TCU couldn’t compete with the name. All your points are spot on and TCU should have been in.
If this was Saban this is what he would call a rant. Since he is writing about something that apparently hurt his feelings he also is using that proverbial bully pulpit.
I don’t know what’s worse. His articles or his posts. His last one needed a good cheese to go with the whine.
The writer is a fan with the ability to put his personal opinion in print. He keeps pointing out that “some people think he was a first round talent”. I don’t know who some people are but I can say that nobody with the ability to pick him thought that. That would be the difference between a fact and Adams opinion.
Your post included something that a paid writer couldn’t come up with to defend his own opinion. I personally never though about how the team would respond to the comment. I would point out that didn’t seem to affect the Packers with Favre & Rogers. How the fans feel is irrelevant though.
Cheddar is better but Gouda is just fine with your whine. Your statement about if I have to be quiet so does my boss sounds very childish. You also keep saying they are taking every opportunity but again show no proof. Lastly, most people see what Elway tweeted once as supporting a player. It just not the one you wanted supported. Elway never said Lock won’t be coached.
The only person that thinks Lock is being mistreated is you. As you said, Lock isn’t whining about it. Just you. The actual statement was made by Flacco. Elway agreed that this was not Flacco’s job or responsibilities. You have now construed as the Broncos won’t mentor him. The Broncos will spend millions on a player but not teach or coach him. Your words. “Don’t mentor the kid, whatever, fine”. The facts don’t line up with your sensitive opinion.
You ignored everything he said but one fact. You then call the one fact nonsense after acknowledging it was a true fact. You have ignored the comments that actually make sense but don’t agree with your totally biased opinion. You only seem to respond to the inane ones that don’t line up with opinion. Oh gee whiz why are those guys so mean to poor little Lock.
It’s sad when you can read the headline and know who wrote it. Lock is tough but the writer feels the need to cry for him. I didn’t like Flacco’s comments but it isn’t his job to train the person to take his job. Elway didn’t alienate Lock. He backed his starting QB. I would like to point out something funny and show the total bias of Adam. In one sentence he informs us that Elway is terrible at picking QB’s. The next says that Lock isn’t like all the other busts. All this without playing one down in the pros
Certainly possible but highly improbable. Y’all should sweep the east.
This is just an opinion but maybe the Big10 champion shouldn’t get shellacked by a 6-6 team. 2 years in a row no less. At least Wisconsin can tell everybody what cheese goes with this whine.
He didn’t like his roommate so he deserves a wavier? Your name implies your of tougher stuff. Contrary to this stories statement, he asked for a transfer before the assaults. That paragraph is an out right lie. Other stories on this very site has stated that fact. He didn’t even enter the portal until a month after the assault. He is using this to gets his wavier. High moral standards there.
This paragraph symbolizes the whole problem with this site and it’s willingness to push a false narrative. He recently announced he was transferring, and a reported reason why was the fact the Gators wouldn’t let him change roommates AFTER fellow 2019 signee Jalon Jones was accused of sexual assault by two women. In other stories it is clear that he asked for a transfer well BEFORE the assaults. So let’s just keep feeding a false narrative for clicks and posts. Here’s guessing that he gets a wavier.
Bama lost several QB’s after the Coker year to transfer. Something like 5 in 2 years. That doesn’t include Barnett when Hutrs got the job and now Hurts. Most of the important backup reps from transferred to OU. Does UGA have a lot of game time experience behind Fromm? Does anybody in the SEC have an experienced back up? It’s not like they are devoid of talent. Just experience.
That is amazing. I wonder if that has happened before.
As a witness. Being a witness doesn’t affect your reputation. Being around it and not reporting it smears your name.
It doesn’t look good but that doesn’t make the narrative correct. The original media narrative was that the coaches didn’t care about Steele. That is still being pushed. It was also implied that Steele either saw an earlier assault or evidence that one would occur. No evidence to support the implications but that means little in our society. Have you noticed that this site doesn’t point out that Steele didn’t enter the portal until over a month after the assaults. Steele is a media hero now because they made him one. If something comes to light a la Jussie Smolett they will be the first to roast him. How would feel about this young victim if we find out that he is using assaults to get a wavier? The narrative would definitely change then.
You opinions stated as fact is tiresome at best. You now know exactly what Steele knew about Jones in JANUARY. If he was so traumatized by the assaults that did happen why did he take so long to enter the portal? The assaults happened on April 6. Steele puts in his name in the portal on May 8. Please explain why it took so long.
Jones was never accused of assaulting Steele. No need to address the rest of the post since your first sentence is false.
Why does the media keep linking a roommate change to the assaults. They are 2 separate issues. He asked for the change long before the assaults happened. This looks like a case of sensational over facts.
So you have a chance against UGA but it’s a riot when a USC fan says they can beat y’all. Same premise but a different result?
I’ve got to ask. How do you pine a bear and what is bulliten bird material.?
I would say going from special teams coach to head coach is impressive. This is his only head coach at this level. His ability to keep his staff intact yearly helps tremendously. Yes, Saban is the man.
Why is Steele a hero? Why does he have all this character? According to reports Steele and Hill entered their apartment and caught Jones having consensual sex. Their laughing and taunted embarrassed the girl who changed her mind. That doesn’t alleviate Jones from his consequent actions but Steele didn’t stop an assault. The fact he was a witness does nothing to tarnish his name as his father implied. Why the posturing? Is it possible this is a wavier ploy? My info has come from the multiple stories on this site that thinks only one piece of information per story is appropriate. Just pointing out an alternate theory that seems more likely than a player telling a coach about a fear of sexual assault and being ignored.
Most of the posts on the articles about this situation seems to be either knee jerk reactions of accusations or defense of said situation. I’m going to assume this site has put small pieces of information in several articles for click bait. By reading all the articles over the last few days things are a little more straightforward. Steele asked for a new room before the assaults. Steele & roommate interrupted Jones having consensual sex. Laughing and taunting made her change her mind. Steele enters portal and father says it because his sons name is tarnished. The fact that Steele has been lauded for his character in this case seems to contradict that statement. The media and now rivals have made a connection to the request and the assaults. It would seem more likely that he is using the situation to transfer without penalty than he anticipated an assault. I wouldn’t think laughing would be appropriate when seeing someone you thought was a rap***t having sex. A clear timeline helps to make a more informed opinion. All that I posted is pure opinion.
Tim didn’t say anything about the racial slur. He said Fields left for playing time. The media used the racial slur angle to explain why he got a wavier.