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It’s just an opinion. It’s his job to state his opinion. Like Marcus Spears, I seldom agree with his loud opinions but that’s the point of most of these statements.
So Bama has lost their last 3 marquee ROAD games against top 10 teams. If the past is an indicator of the future could someone tell me what the Tides record is in their last 3 marquee HOME against top 10 teams. Texas certainly can win. They could also be blown out.
Sorry Leg, my IPad is acting up. The SEC commentators made a point about how Bama has 3 starters over 350 pounds. That includes the true freshman starting left tackle. They said they had never seen 3 starters over 350 before so I don’t think “massive” is the wrong adjective.
3 starters over 350 pounds. Yes, Procter is a true freshman starting at left tackle and is one of those over 350. The SEC Nation dudes made a point of emphasis about how huge the line was.
You should know the difference between realistic and possible. Good to see you haven’t changed. Bad Bama trolls while proving you know nothing about your team or football in general.
I disagree with Bama having the inside track to win the EAST. They have a much better chance of winning the WEST. I guess after playing Texas, UT and LSU away last year you could consider it lucky to play them at home this year. Most would use the word fair instead of lucky.
Even against inferior opponents there are things you can take from the game. Milroe hung out in the pocket and went through his progressions instead of bolting at the first sign of pressure. He also showed nice touch on 2 of his deep TD throws. The only true comparison between Milroe and AR is that both are big athletic QBs that have plenty of room for improvement in the passing game. Leg could have just as easily compared him to Cam Newton.
Your Roll Tide showed what a POS you are. Not the majority of Auburn fans. Just you.
Your weak attempts at trolling has amused since the AL.com days.
Ron: you stated Texas hasn’t been relevant since Vince Young. That would be 2005. Please explain how a team that played in the NC in 2009 was not relevant. Now explain how that proves your point. We are sorry that it is you that is illiterate. Not surprising coming from the same person who didn’t know that destroying someone else’s property was illegal.
Would that be the same Jonathan Taylor that was also kicked off the team at Alabama for assault? Is this the same serial woman beater than who was found innocent since the woman he reportedly beat was found to be a serial false reporter to the police. While your post was made to deflect from Smart to Saban it only proved what most people are posting. Accusation doesn’t mean guilt. Taylor was thrown off of 2 teams based on false accusations. So tell me Bill, who doesn’t know all the facts when stating an opinion. Maybe you are just like Hayes. The only facts that matter are those that support your narrative.
Hayes makes a point of highlighting the word CREDIBLE but forgot to do the same with ACCUSED. Nobody should be punished for an accusation. It’s easy to point fingers and accuse a coach of looking the other or running a lax program but perception and reality don’t always mix. Every school has some problem athletes and sometimes the timing makes it appear worse than it really is.
Any rule that requires some athletes to be paid while others are left out will be struck down in the courts. I understand that the football team pays for most of the budget but how can you argue that a football player at the bottom of the depth cart is worth paying but Montana Fouts isn’t? If you pay one athlete to play they all should be paid.
I wonder how Buchner has an edge with the terminology and system since Rees will be using Alabama’s terminology & system. Seems like the edge would be to the players that have used the terms & system for 2/3 years and got spring practices to work with new OC in that system.
Ron: you should google the definition of ironic. WHO sits around and reads posts of people arguing about sports and has to respond. Get a life, hypocritical loser.
Are you referring to Taylor? I know he was accused of the same thing while at Bama and was thrown off the team as a result. I don’t know about the case in Georgia but it was proven she lied about the incident at Bama and was CHARGED & CONVICTED of falsifying a police report. In the Bama case the player was punished for a LIE and not a crime. I don’t know if he was thrown off the Georgia team for viciously attacking someone or for being ACCUSED of the act. Facts matter.
This article illustrates how the media decides our morality. Be accused of a crime and you are to be punished. Don’t be accused of a crime but the media decides you’re guilty anyway so you should be suspended. This article also illustrates why we shouldn’t take the author serous. “You’re will be suspended” goes to show he doesn’t even know you’re is a contraction for you are. Hayes, “I have an opinion you are will listen to me”. Bad grammar and worse editing.
It was proven beyond all doubt that it was fake. Do you take the time to know what your posting about or do you just hate innocent people?
It’s called a metaphor. Kiper (the alchemists) thinks a player (the lead) who has been inconsistent at best with little ability to read a defense or throw accurately will be turned into gold with some coaching. The metaphor is outdated since it was reported that a scientist did achieve the feat in 1980.
I agree with JFT about the due process and LSUMC about his guilt. The evading, amount of weed, amount and denomination of cash and a gun screams intent to sell. This is just an uninformed opinion but the only difference I see between a suspension and being thrown off the team is a suspension negates a possible law suit down the road. I have noticed that a lot of fans of other teams scream for ouster from the team for every violation but we should wait for more information when their team is involved.
Derrius Guise ring a bell? Funny how he can r&pe people without a suspension. If we stick to weed problems I guess Ware & Matthieu come to mind. I’m sure I missing tons of other players but…
This just illustrates how the media has total disregard for the facts. It’s the Duke lacrosse team fiasco all over again.
I would put most of the blame on the media. If they aren’t deliberately pushing a narrative they are usually woefully uninformed but still put out statements based in half truths. The section show had a talking head say that Miller was involved in a murder without any qualifying statements. If you didn’t know any of the facts that statement would lead most to believe he was the trigger man.Most people don’t know the actual true story. The rest of the blame goes to people who refuse to acknowledge the facts and run with whatever narrative fits them. This is a perfect example for both. Miller has tons of probable doubt (did he know the gun was in the car?) and has never been charged. How do you punish someone who didn’t break a rule or a law?
I enjoy the statements that indicate there is a direct correlation between size and injury. There is zero data to support this assumption. Tua missed time to a concussion but concussions are up for everybody in the NFL but more so for QBs. He missed time the year before with a rib injury. The same injury that the much bigger Herbert suffered and missed games over. Injuries are a result of bad luck and not size.
What is the biggest differences between how Richardson performed during the season and the combine? Richardson had zero pressure and knew exactly where he was going to throw. The combine doesn’t show the mental side of the game. It’s why there has been so many 1st round busts.
I’ve posted something similar to this a couple of times so sorry for the repetition. 2 of the QBs in this class (Levi’s & Richardson) are bigger and have tons of potential but have been hurt/injured more than Young over the last 2 years. At the same time several of the larger NFL QBs have lost games over injuries. Injuries are a result of bad luck, not size.
There is more to QB than just the raw physical talent. Some have the innate ability to process information quicker and read defense better.