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I wonder which 2 men’s sports along with which 2 women’s sports would most schools cut?
Good for Recce. It’s nice to see someone who states a reasonable opinion as an opinion. I’ve already heard people repeat Kirks uninformed opinion as fact. Just like someone posted on this site that the summer heat would kill the virus. They just repeated what they had heard. It didn’t matter that it was uninformed and wrong. I hope Recce is right.
The steroid fueled Dogers beat the poor Cubs. I would think as an adult now you would know that the Cubs were steroid fueled also.
If any school or conference like the Pac12 violate rules established during this crisis, then they should deserve to be punished. Moronic statement on your part.
Your response shows why Herbie should have kept his opinion to himself. He gave as much of an uniformed opinion as you did. One person stated that heat would cure this problem and others have passed this misinformation. The CDC has discounted this “theory” of heat killing or curbing the virus. Your 60 day statement is accurate though.
So that assessment came from the guy that only got on the field due to his last name. Applewhite saved is bacon regularly and was a bust in the NFL. Might as well been Danny Kannell.
Spin the wheel and choose your letter. May I suggest you pick a R. That way the player can have already HEARD from schools. Great job as a writer. You should be embarrassed by your headline.
Can’t say it was a well written article but it did finally say they would be moving into their new stadium this year. They are using the new stadium as their starting point back in LA. Go Dodge Rams.
Any man that recommends the OC to binge watch should not give recommendations.
Maybe if old Pete had played a lick of defense he would have been seeded higher. It’s a two way game. Did anyone else notice that not one defensive specialist made the list?
Is it ridiculous that the offense gets the yardage if the ball is fumbled forward before it goes out of bounds. Is it ridiculous for the offense to get a first down on that play? The offense gets rewarded for a bad play and the defense gets penalized for a good play. That makes sense. Just another double standard rule huh. Defense jumps off sides and the offense gets a free play. Offense jumps off sides and it is a dead play.
Excellent point. That point extends to the Power 5 schools. An automatic bid to a 2 or 3 loss conference champion is nonsensical. Plus, not all conferences are equal.
Amen to the touchback fumble rule? Please explain how it is fair for the defense to cause a fumble that nobodies recovers but the offense gets the ball. If it goes out on the one they get rewarded for a bad play. Because the defense didn’t recover it before it went out they are penalized. Hmmm, seems fair. As a Bama fan I still can’t believe Ingrams fumble went 30 yards before kicking out of bounds in the end zone but that is no reason to give the offense every advantage.
Remind me who is the reigning National Champions in baseball. Remind me who has the highest academic grades. Yes, let’s get rid of Vandy because their football team is not stellar. I. Can’t stand UT but there is zero reasons for them to be kicked out.
I find the touchback blowback plain stupid. If the offense fumbles the ball and it rolls 20 yards before it goes out of bounds they get the yardage. If the ball goes out on the one they get the ball on the one and don’t have the ball placed where the fumble occurred. Getting the ball back because it goes out in the end zone is rewarding a bad play. Does the defense get to keep the ball after an interception if a penalty occurs away from the ball? No. Stupid argument from some one who must never have played.
To Douche94. You forget several important facts. Every athlete has a choice to barter their talent for a totally free or reduced cost education. It’s just like you decide where you work to improve your life. I am going to assume the company that you work for makes more $ than you as does your superior. Oh, the flute player doesn’t get a free ride. Most band member share scholarships. But they do get the same Pell Grants help cover cost. The full rides get the same grants along with monthly stipends. So a no cost education along with roughly $7,00 per year of spending cash is pretty good. You should educate yourself on the subject before giving an uniformed opinion.
Here is a reason why not. There would have been a great chance that some am would have won a surprise automatic bid and been in. That means a team that was prematurely given a spot would in fact been out. They shouldn’t award spots on what they assumed would be. I get Pearls point based on his team. His scenario doesn’t cover all teams though.
He was drunk in a bar. They threw him into the public. Never heard of a college student getting drunk before.
The ban was for a punishment. It’s not a punishment if nobody else gets to participate due to no fault of their own. The ban should be moved to the next eligible post season tournament. For those fans who want to “explain” to me why the original ban was unfair, don’t bother. I know the facts and think the ban was wrong. Regardless, they should have to deal sit out next years tournament.
Ever hear of an all beef hot hog? Spend an extra dollar and get off the A&Lips.
Here is a thought. If you have no way to confirm this than maybe you should not write about it. It is only a quote if it’s confirmed. It’s more probable that he was misquoted. Never even gave that a consideration.
Not 1 fan thinks Jimbo is overpaid and should be gone? Thanks for the definition of hyperbole.
What? Every athlete should get their own rooms because it’s too much to play ball, go to school and deal with a roommate. What a dumb statement.
How do you Cochran will be great? He has never coached on the field or recruited. The media is saying it will hurt Bama. Haven’t seen anything saying he was a great on field hire since he has no experience.
You got a great S&C to be your special teams coach. Someone who has never coached on the field and never recruited. They got a great coach and a proven recruiter. I think you misspelled narrower.
You are %100 right. Three of anything isn’t a duo. 2 is a duo and 3 are a trio.
He is an awesome linebacker. He will be fun to watch for the next 2 years.
That is exactly what he is doing. He is moving for an on-field position.