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It’s hard to play in the extreme cold. The ball is hard so it’s harder to throw, kick and catch. Some of the hits also hurt more. It’s also hard to play in 100 degree with high humidity. It sucks your energy and makes it hard to breath. While both extremes are hard it’s easier to adapt to the cold weather. You can freeze balls but you just simulate the heat and humidity. You can say whatever but that just shows you lack the experience to compare.
Just in, PSU upset that Bama wears the same drab white on white road uniforms.
Ned Beaty squealed. I don’t know who Ted Beaty and it looks like your oblivious to the Ron for Jon Voight jab.
I spent 24 years on the field between playing and coaching. I’m probably around the same age as Tide & Dave so I went through bull in the ring, no water breaks & smear the Q. I even had a coach tie a dead dog on a blocking sled for us to hit. Just because we went through that doesn’t make it right. All those things were meant to make you mentally tough and weed out the quitters. They also had no idea what the physical ramifications were. I’m not losing it over the drill but it’s not really teaching any football skills.
Hard to take anything serious when there are so many glaring mistakes. Alabama has made all but one playoffs. Not every. Kentucky has beaten Florida 2 out of the last 5. Not 2 out of the last 5 in Lexington as the article indicated.
If you go by the rankings he is right. Later in the season when they have had to play each other we will see if that holds true. There are other ways to look at it but in the end who really cares. DK just wants attention and he knows he’ll get it from SEC fans whose all riled up about nothing.
Having been hurt in camp is a legitimate reason for a young RB who FL fans touted as their best hasn’t had playing time. Your statement goes against the narrative that he’s the best. To explain to those with limited comprehension, if you are the best you would be playing. If you aren’t playing you aren’t the best. The # of guys aren’t important if you are better than them. Injuries keep you from showing your best. So it still makes more sense that an injury has slowed his progression more than 3 people with experience were already there.
Nobody has done anything that screams Heisman and that includes Young. If this award truly went to the best FOOTBALL PLAYER than Will Anderson would be the best nominee from the Tide.
Arkansas doesn’t throw better than Bama but they run better than them. They are still averaging 224 yards per game after playing Georgia. I think if they don’t turn the ball over they win.
He said he was going to try and get healthy and come back. If you don’t think he will you will accused of calling him a liar. If there is a bet in Vegas on him coming back I would take the against. Of course, I don’t have the benefit of having a nephew that broke his foot and came back 4 weeks later to prove my point.
That makes more sense than Fakejokes comment.
How can any predictions against Vandy be bold.
He has also defended Nix more than most so called Auburn fans on this site. He has an opinion. You have an opinion. He seldom trolls players or even whole teams. He posts what he believes and isn’t just saying negative things to rile up the thread. He believed that LSU would win. So he was wrong. I don’t remember y’all busting all the Auburn fans that GUARANTEED Auburn was going to beat Penn State.
If I’m not mistaken, you said there is no way Auburn loses to Penn State. What happened? PSU beat Auburn. To be fair, I expect y’all to beat A&M & both Mississippi teams. Opinions don’t win games though.
What his draft status isn’t tied to his chance to win the Heisman. Boy you are sensitive. I didn’t even say he wouldn’t win it. They compared Corral & Jackson and the big difference so far is Jackson beat the conference giant and Corral didn’t. I also said IF he lost another game his stats against inferior competition would be looked at. Those are fair comments. If he struggles against the better competition he will be branded a system QB that can’t put his team on his shoulders. The NFL doesn’t care about that perception while the Heisman voters seem to. Did you skip the last part of my post so you could be offended. The only QB that I said shouldn’t be a front runner or win the award is Bryce Young. Sorry that I posted an opinion that hurt your feelings because it wasn’t roses and rainbows about one of your players. Instead of crying about my opinion why don’t you actually refute my points
Well he didn’t say he would come back. He said he wanted to come back. Of course since you had a nephew that came back in 3 weeks I’m sure he will be back by Bama.
I like the reference to his 2019 season and how it had nothing to do with running the ball.
Did he throw the clipboard in anger or was it a souvenir? Looks like the university is making excuses.
I see Arkansas going run heavy. I also see them being successful with it. That will shorten the game. I think their D will be active and pressure Corral. Corral will finally get impatient and make a mistake. My money is on the Hogs.
Jackson did win the biggest game of the year for him by routing FSU. If they lose another game people will look at the inferior teams he played early to rack up his stats. BTW, I don’t think Young should be touted as the front runner. I doubt he wins it regardless of Bamas record.
Not sure why it was surprising. He isn’t the first top player who wanted more money that the Pats have dropped.
So the update is he’s progressing. That is in-depth reporting at its best. It’s a broken ankle so I’m assuming at least 6 weeks before he can practice and maybe another 2 before he plays. I could be +/- a couple of weeks but I can only guess with such a dearth of information on this article.
The SEC plays 3 cupcakes. Everybody plays an OCG with a Power 5 team for their fourth. Most of the Nov. cupcakes are slotted before their rivalry games. Where they play the cupcakes doesn’t affect the record. Actually, upsets happen much more often earlier in the season so again your logic is flawed. The SEC & ACC both play 8 conference games.11 of the last 15 NCs have come from that pathetic conference. 3 from the ACC. Maybe they understand scheduling better than what ever conference Passmore State is in.
I would say you had a low football IQ if you ever made a football comment. I just wish more than 1 out 10 of your posts were funny.
You should have asked if Greece attacked Turkey from the rear. That would have been funnier.