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So the SEC poaches new members while the Big16 adds teams. English must not be taught in the Big16 or they would know what hypocrites they are.
Funny. I really like Death Valley but it’s a stadium where wearing your teams colors is a little risky. I’ve been screamed at, threatened and spit on just because I pulled for a different team. Y’all are worse when you lose. I’ve also been given some of the best tailgating food ever by more reasonable fans.
It has always been difficult for a defensive play to win. No pure defensive has ever won. Woodson had to be the best lockdown corner, premier kick/punt returner and play WR to beat out a QB.
Leg: So you think that Clemson will win 3 of the next 7 NCs without Venerables?
Ringo over Ricks and Henry T is a second rounder at best.
So you know more than your awesome manager even though you thought they were called coaches. Gotcha.
Being the #1 seed and losing at home is humiliating. Being #1 for most of the season and NOT making the CWS is humiliating. Funny, you shrug your shoulders about Tenn. and say, “So what, everybody losses” but Auburn suffered a humiliating loss in the CWS. Auburn competed for a NC. Tennessee watched while Auburn competed.
The definition of choking is when a 57-9 team loses at home and doesn’t make it to the CWS. When a manager (not coach) leaves a pitcher in too long in a tournament game that is not a mistake. That is choking under pressure. Calling Umps a ref and managers a coach just proves your lack of knowledge includes baseball as well as football.
The biggest difference between cocky & confidence is perspective. People who root for that team will defend those actions say it’s confidence while people without a bias call it cocky. They were cocky & obnoxious on the mound, at the plate and in the field.
It’s not as good as winning 50 games but the National Championship is a great consolation prize. Congrats on the well earned/deserved Championship.
Role model for both on and off the field. Happy for a truly deserving person
Classy coach, classy team… classy National Champions.
When you came back from vacation did you see that Tennessee still didn’t make to the CWS?
I think QBs get a bump in the star system and may be overrated to start. Using NFL success is a bit unfair. The top QBs go to bad teams so to expect greatness right off the bat is unrealistic. Even Manning had a bad rookie year on a bad team.
Gwhiz: Now you know how we feel after reading your moronic posts.
It’s nice to see kids allowed to be kids and just have fun.
Texas needs a defense. The offense did very well in the games I saw.
Mac Jones might disagree with your mediocre statement. Sark has developed several top flight QBs. Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart, Mark Sanchez, Matt Barkley & Jake Locker are just some of the QBs he has coached. That’s better than mediocre.
Phil preceded Bradshaw.
They already put that on the diploma. What an ego you have to have in order to completely ignore the English language by calling yourself The.
Did the players leave on their own accord or were their scholarships not renewed? I guess the reason wasn’t told on somebody’s tweeter feed.
Thanks for talking smack 6 months before the signing period ends. That’s like bragging about being in the lead in the 1st quarter.
You are correct. Myer hasn’t had a problem with the NCAA at every HC stop like Pearl nor was he given a show cause. Myers had off the field problems while Pearl has had cheating problems. I guess the comparison is that both have perceived character issues.
I would say if they left with a ruined reputation than they also left with a huge buyout. They go hand in hand.
Anderson realistically has zero chances of winning it. The narrative about Woodson as a defensive player is false. He was considered the best lockdown corner. He also was one of the top K/P returners while also playing some receiver. All that and he still barely beat out a QB.
The lack of coverage on SDS for this team is shocking. I’ve seen more coverage for a team that lost in the SR than for a team that actually made the CWS. Good luck
ONE fan did that. Now compare that to the FOUR A&M fans who have gone overboard just on this site. A&M did send a letter to Sankey demanding apologies and a suspension so that comparison stands true.