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You consider a 98 yard drive to tie the game luck? You consider Auburn being held to just over 200 yards offensively luck. I don’t agree with tide40 but you you need to take YOUR Orange/blue glasses off. Geeze….
I don’t understand why you and Mountain insist on using facts when posting. You did forget the fact that most schools see an uptick in general donations after winning a championship. Successful coaches typically bring in more than the booster pay. If you increase the bottom line more than the increased spending you have a great business model. Congrats on the NC.
When did Georgia go undefeated? Did you mean undefeated regular season? I do agree with your overall assessment but Georgia didn’t have an undefeated season.
Your Jim Crow comment above is a riot. Your comment about about former black players is totally ridiculous. Since they are American citizens they have the right to vote. Since they are American citizens they will be able to get a voter ID and be able to vote. Don’t know why making sure only legal citizens of America can exercise their constitutional rights is such a problem. The bill doesn’t exclude anyone based on color. Just citizenship.
Kirkham: if your gonna troll you should at least be knowledgeable. Saban worked for a Belicheck. Not the other way around.
Where the school is located has zero impact on if the NFL sees you or not. That is such a moronic take. Talent is what gets you recognized. Not location. What’s the closest NFL to North Dakota State? They have sent 2 first round QBs to the league and they are in the middle of no where. Bama hasn’t had a problem sending TALENT to the NFL. I would call you a troll but I think you really believe your own drivel.
Really? He graded out better than the Top 5 pick Stingley in 2020.
That would be your homer opinion. Just like your response when responding to the comment that he wouldn’t play the rest of the season after yet another injury. If he continues to be allergic to tackling his career won’t be long. He got burned by the elite receivers in college and he will only face elite talent in the NFL. It’s 50/50 on how successful he will be.
They did at the beginning of the year. Most UGA posters stated that all the injuries amount the receivers was the reason y’all didn’t do better in the Clemson game. They got better as the season progressed because of experience gained. Experience or lack there of is more important than if both were freshman. Replacing an All American and Biletnikoff finalist with a true freshman with no experience in the NC game did affect the game. It was the easy drop by Hall after Bama had driven from the 2 yard line that the game turned. To say losing both Williams & Metchie didn’t change the game would be a bit disingenuous. That being said I would also point out that injuries are part of the game and Georgia earned their win.
Booches: Did you read where it is the ACC that doesn’t want to expand. All your Sankey bashing was 100% wrong. It wasn’t Sankey and his greed that stopped expansion. It wasn’t Sankey that said NO to expansion. This article and another clearly states it was the ACC. What a shocker that your uninformed opinion was WRONG. Let the mental gymnastics of how you weren’t wrong or didn’t say any of that begin! Maybe you should try something different and say you were wrong.
Yet Young is playing for a College NC while JT sits behind a former walk-on. Should you be reminded again that high school stats don’t count on your college stat sheet. I will give you credit though. I laughed throughout your short comedic post.
I do wonder how all the “We beat ourselves” talk will affect the Tide. I don’t expect the same type of game but hearing from Kirby and the players repeat that phrase constantly may give Bama a little extra juice. I do expect more blitzing from Georgia.
I think everything he said was true. I also think he left out that Brown will retire soon and he has been promised the HC job. Good luck
Booches: another article clearly states that the biggest issue is automatic qualifiers. The format for a 12 team playoff gave automatic bids to the 5 highest ranked conference champions with byes for the top 4. That means the PAC-12 champ would have been out since they wouldn’t have made that cut or the 7 at large bids.
But you identified Sankey as the hold out for the 4 teams without it being mentioned in the article. You believe it’s Sankey and stated as such with nothing but your own opinion to back it up. Sankey has stated his support for both sides in the past. A 12 team playoff this year would have seen 3 SEC teams.
I wonder what teams he wants out of the PAC 12. 2 have to go. What about the Big 14 or ACC. Seems a little one sided.
It appears that Connor has been reading TrueGrits comments. Entertaining article.
Where does it say that? It does say 2,543 yards and 29 touchdowns as a senior.
Fields: I think your confusing stats & score with actual domination. At what time in the game did you think Cincy had a chance? You said it could easily been 17-10 if Fickell hadn’t given up on the run on the 1st drive. It could have just as easily been the same score it was since Cincy didn’t run the ball well for most of the game. It could have just as easily been Cincy with only 3 points if he had to go for another 4th down and failed. Your assumption doesn’t fit how the rest of the game went. Bama immediately attacked the Cincy weakness and didn’t alter tactics. They did the same thing to Ole Miss who runs the same defense. Is it a coincidence that B-Rob had his 2 best rushing days against those defenses?
Georgia started bringing an extra guy and put more pressure on Young in the second half. It definitely slow the Bama offense. They can easily change defensive tactics and bring extra blitz packages to affect Young.
He sent it both the team and the NFL. I would see it as an immediate team problem as well as a league problem.
A 2:30 pm New Years Eve Friday time slot was perfect for viewing. It’s not like most people were still at work.
Several of the posters just proved the point. They immediately brought up money and risk of injury. That was the whole point behind Herbsteit’s comments. The player didn’t have a problem with risking injury for 3 years but 1 game is too much of a risk. No problem with using their teammates to help them get drafted but zero commitment to them when they have gotten where they want. Way more players have had career altering injuries during the regular season than in a bowl game. Stingley has spent 2 seasons injured but is a 1st rounder. Injury didn’t hurt Tua in the draft. I respect their right to do what’s best for them. I don’t have to respect their decision.
I really thought the one final note would be when you chaired your next Flat Eather Society meeting.
Most grown men get made fun of when they cry this much.