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Weagle: I think they should use the FCS teams for their spring games. It gives the big boys a much better scrimmage while helping the small schools.
The Big 12 worked with the SEC & ACC about the 2020 season. It was the Big conference who was the one who arbitrarily canceled their season. They brought the PAC with them. It appears from your posts you don’t know the difference between the BIG and the Big 12 conferences.
To start off you should look up who led the SEC in tackles. A quick peek shows that would be Grant Morgan. If stats make you the best then you already lost your argument about McClain.
Professional scout says his pass coverage is solid. I guess I should take your word on the subject though.
Hustonhornsdown: you aren’t arrogant but A&M is envious and petty. You thought you were rid of A&M but want to join their conference. Every post you make only reinforces the opinion that y’all are arrogant. Here is a hint…when people say you aren’t relevant they aren’t referring to your academic status. They are referring to your irrelevant football team. If you were relevant on the football field you wouldn’t have to talk about your hospital or academic standing.
You say you are not arrogant and then tell people they are both ignorant and stupid. It appears that you are either ignorant in the meaning of ironic or to stupid to see the irony. Arrogance is saying that each SEC school will make $10 million more because you join the league when in fact y’all will earn $20 million more by joining.
Tiger TD: your attendance only beat Vandy in 2019. You averaged 1000 less fans than Kentucky. You did beat Kentucky by 2% in full capacity. Great! Your better than the worse team in the league and a basketball school.
Not much of a troll. I would say Eli won that round with ease. If Mizzu won in a snow storm Mullen would be screaming to pack the Swamp with snow for the next game there. Someone could throw a snow shoe.
Do you know the difference between the best player and the best team? What happened in one game last year has nothing to do who they think the best players in the league are this year.
I agree with you but there are several legitimate reasons for their opinions. First: who you beat in the past has nothing to do with the future. Last year you beat 2 of the teams with controversial calls. Second: New coaching staff. Third: Your offensive line. Fourth: A QB who has a sub 60% completion rate. This site be more biased against Auburn in your opinion but you are unrealistically biased for them.
He actually is basing that on 1 quarter. Just to make it more inane.
Texas08: I assume that you mean the schools will get an additional $10 million. The new deal with ABC/ESPN is worth $300 million with an expected payout of $50 million per school per year. That includes the Bowl Payout. If the deal is not reworked than each school would actually make less. The fact you came on to lecture us about being completely off the mark only shows your arrogance. The fact that you are completely wrong doesn’t help. Down Horns
You forgot free insurance, tutoring, monthly cash stipends and Pell Grants. The grants are to be used on your education fees but you have zero fees when on a full scholarship. That equates to free government money.
What happens in any other job where both employees are equal but one makes 5 times that of the other? I don’t think the QB is a better player than the center but his pay will say so. How does a QB making millions help make anyone more money in the future?
It’s all love so I stormed out. His explain doesn’t even come close to reality. He should talk less and coach more. I’m surprised that his ego didn’t say that you should call him Coach Neon Dion. Joke of a coach.
What state would you like to see the SEC HQ located in? Do you think that if would have been in Arkansas the Auburn call would have been different? Your bridge is missing you.
Did you post on the wrong article. Saban wasn’t even mentioned. Get a life or a reading tutor.
Can’t happen until the TV rights for the Big 12 expires in 2025.
I’ve heard Saban be very curt with reporters. I have never heard him cuss anyone out. This is the same Dion that said the locker room was robbed after their first game. Afterwards the university said everything was in locker and no theft occurred. 4-3 with a win against a NAIA school. What a joke.
Alabama has a 58-37-8 edge over UT. Several teams have much better overall records than UT. Tennessee is not a blue blood in football.
Never see tape on the front of the helmet with a players name on it?
It reminds me of the old proverb about fooling me once.
Officiant: a person, typically a priest or minister, who performs a religious service or ceremony. Could it be possible that you misspelled efficient twice? Saying that Nix will be better in his 3rd year isn’t very bold. With a completion % below 60 anything would be more efficient. Saying Auburn will be a top 5 defense in the country is bold. Mason will have them top 5 in the SEC but the country is a large reach.
That would be $180,000. They were giving them a $20,000 discount.
A character person doesn’t tear down an opposing teams banner. That shows a lack of character.
Saban cheats to get recruits while Orgeron just explains how LSU competes for championships and puts tons of players in the NFL. Wait….maybe Saban uses the same pitch since he has put more in the NFL than O and has won more championships than him. What a hypocritical post. Bama cheats while our program is squeaky clean. I guess you mean your recruiting is clean since the program after the athletes arrive on campus clearly isn’t.
4th option: he was pointing out when an unbiased writer compared the 2 cities favorably. Hard to think an UGA fan saying Athens is the best is unbaised.
Horn down will be a penalty for taunting. Are they making the Hookem horns gesture a taunting penalty also? Stupid & hypocritical rule.