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It makes sense. He is a Big10 stooge and never has anything good to say about Bama. He also makes sure that the PAC 12 is represented as well as ND who has looked average tat best.
The A&M game should be a good barometer. The only way Arky and MSU games determine anything is if AU loses to them. That seems doubtful after watching them play this weekend.
As a Bama fan I have to call bs on the Whitlow criticism. I thought it was common knowledge that the back is supposed to let the blocks develop and then hit the whole in this offense. I watched Tre Mason do that to great effect. It’s getting harder and harder to come back to this site.
Was JG the defensive back that allowed BYU a chance to get to over time? I thought he was the QBs that had the game won until an unforgivable defensive lapse.
I was a bad loss to BYU because of how they lost. The fact that BYU beat USC just takes some of the negative connotations away.
It nice to know that every fan base has those fans that think their team never loses. The refs cost us.
Accurate call. Take the blackandgarnet glasses off and put your cheaters on.
That is a riot. The only people that say it wasn’t a hold is S.C. fans and Bama haters. He actually spun the edge defender around and the hold sprang the runner. The knee was down and all the furor has been why no review. Not if it was the correct call. 11 flags to 4 . A touchdown was nullified by a bad call but it was the Bama tight end that got screwed over. Please explain how a team can throw the ball 57 times without one holding call. That surely seems odd. The better team won even with 7 more penalties and a legit score nullified without a review.
I think he should have kicked the field goal but that might be hindsight. The fumble changed the play call and 3 points after that long drive was needed. Especially since y’all got the ball to start the 2nd half. That combined with the FG in your first drive gets you to 24-16 and feeling good. Instead y’all held the ball at least 8 minutes in those 2 drives and only came away with 3 points.
The more I read his posts the more he sounds like Paris10 who pretends to be a Kentucky fan. Since he never actually says anything about football I’m assuming he is just looking for upset replies. By the way. You might have been out athletes yesterday but y’all played hard the entire game and never gave up. I don’t think your brutal schedule is going to show how good y’all are.
Hilinski is for real and fun to watch. Let’s see how they play next week. It’s easy to get up for Bama. Can they play at that level every week is the question. Will Muschamp gamble like he did against teams that don’t over match them? One game isn’t a good measuring stick.
Ale Kaho. I’m assuming that’s who you think Alex Kleo is. One last correction. The defender on the garbage touchdown was Ale Kaho.
Please explain the carved up statement. 36 of 57 for 326 yards. That’s less than 10 yards per catch. One of the 2 td passes came with 11 seconds against the bench. The other td was an audacious throw that worked but certainly wasn’t high %. That kid is not a flash in the pan. He is legit and S.C. should be happy about the future.
They should have listed all the fines that week for a little perspective. Henry got the same fine for grabbing a face-mask as the Browns o-lineman got for purposely kicking an opponent in the head. Explain that.
Mizzu fans don’t cry. They spin it so that it never happened.
Listen to Sabans interview after the game. He just about quoted Herbie.
So I guess that Urban thinks that wins are not as important as SOS. Thank you Adam for pointing out those beat downs that cost them their play-off spot. Urban Liar or Urban Crier.
How dare Saban mention all those penalties that hurt his team. According to SC fans Bama didn’t have any penalties and every negative call went against them.
According to Muschamp in his interview the play was not reviewable.
The holding call was obvious. They didn’t review the play where Bama scored but was called out. He wasn’t. So the only points taken away were from Bama. I’ll give you the 14 anyway and you lose by how much? The better team won.
The play where they took a td away from Bama didn’t go their way. It wasn’t reviewed either. It’s funny that everybody is agreeing that it wasn’t a td. Their problem was that it wasn’t reviewed. Everybody but some SC fans and Bama haters think the holding shouldn’t have been called. Y’all played hard but you were not the best team on the field and the officials didn’t cost you the game.
I agree with your analysis on the Harris play. Jeudy was blocking with the ball in the air. They almost always call the hold on the perimeter when it springs the runner. Rewatch the 66 yard punt and you clearly see the man cross the formation and sprint up field without setting. That’s an easy call. Notice how you didn’t mention how Bama lost a TD on the wrong call without a review.
First off, I think SC played hard all game and Heliskni(spelling ?) looked great. I can’t answer to the missed calls because each side can find something missed on every play. The knee was down but SC could have called a time out but didn’t. It was holding on the perimeter to spring the runner on the fake punt. Bama had more penalties for more yards by far. Last: the play that wasn’t reviewed was the touchdown by Bama that the officials said he stepped out. He didn’t.
Does Miami get credit for inventing the turn over chain or the turn over gimmick trophy? They were the first to use a chain but not the first to use the gimmick. Bama had the turn over championship belt before the chain and I would bet someone else had something else before that.
Didn’t you read the supportive post from the UF above. Your first statement after what Gatorfan9696 posted belies your your last statement. Nothing classy about it.
The idea sounds great. The idea of me being a multi-millionaire is great also. How do you schedule a NFL schedule when CFB schedules are made years in advance?