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Flip side: offensive gurus Hermman, Malzahn, Chad Morris. Great HC? Dabo was a special team coach and has more NCs than all 3 combined.
Milton broke his leg not mind. He wouldn’t be given a fair chance to win the job and he knows it.
You are right. Nobody blinks when the expected train wreck is just that. When you start at #6 and looks like your team has everybody wants to talk about the train wreck. Last years team doesn’t help with that perception.
I don’t get the ducking thing. MSU played because they weren’t decimated at one position. It was spread out per position and depth chart. As a Bama fan I’m glad LSU didn’t risk getting one of our players which may have affected the season. They are playing this weekend so all the ducking noise is moot.
I never heard him say that after JJ Watt was lost for 2 different seasons with injuries. I guess Tua is the first QB to break a finger on a helmet.
Ever hear of the saying, “There is an exception to every rule”? I guess the exception is when your playing against a bad O-Line with 2 true freshman at QB while in bad weather. You should consider thinking about statement before you write them.
It should be noted that Surtain was the only returner in the secondary. They are starting 1 true freshman and the dime package includes a 2nd one.
True. It would shut the media up about how unfair BYU is being treated. Funny how one 9-0 team is disrespected while the other is fairly ranked.
Florida is ranked #6. You keep hammering one stat. Notice you forget all the stats Jones leads in. QBR, yards per pass, yards per TD pass (Trask has 3 times more TD passes inside the 10) and wins. Hate all things Bama if you want but obvious biased is tiresome. I don’t care if you throw 20 TDs in a game if you lose.
They weren’t scheduled to play Florida this year. Can’t reschedule a game that wasn’t scheduled to begin with.
QBR, yards per pass, higher yards per TD pass, wins. Those are important stats also. Wins is probably that most important stat. Personally I think it is unfair that Trask & Jones are the contenders when Pitts & Smith are the better players. If the trophy truly went to the Best Football player instead of QBs with the best stats than neither would be in the conversation.
I guess who missed the tirade Dabo went on over having a game canceled due to a positive test on his team.
I don’t think the games canceled in the ACC would have been competitive. At the same time how is it fair if one of the other contenders play their make up game and losses a key player to injury. The Big14 changing the rules in favor of OSU is to be expected. Clemson, Bama & Florida would all light up that defense.
What teams have been proven to use the virus for ducking another? FSU? Dabo did admit that they had a positive test with a player who was around others. Who knew if that could/would have infected FSUs team. Dabo was mad because he wanted another cupcake to beat down. LSU was accused but their problem was sitting players due contact tracing. Kirk is in a tissy because his beloved OSU might not qualify for the CC which might keep them out of the playoffs. He is the same guy who walked off set when a 1 loss Bama was announced instead of a 2 loss OSU. He should blame the Big14 for the predicament for starting so late an adding extra days in quarantine.
This “we didn’t get spring ball” is getting tiresome. MSU has a new DC running a defense that most don’t run. Arnett has his defense playing at a much higher level with less talent. Ditto for Odom at Arkansas. I’m not saying it isn’t a factor but it isn’t the most important one.
Agreed. If Clemson blows out ND it would truly lessen the value of a 2OT win at home. Blow out with Lawerence compared to a close loss with a freshman 2nd string QB.
Ohio State vs A&M resume. OSU hasn’t lost but they held on to beat the only team with a winning record by 7. A&M lost to the #1 team and beat the #6 team. A&M has also played twice the # of games. This is more about the brand than the team.
Because Jones leads in every metric except TDs and yards per game. He also does have more attempts to get those numbers. Jones leads in the 2 most important stats, QBR & wins. Him having the worse running backs allows him to throw more. That’s why Jones yards per TD pass in greater Trask. Many of Trasks TDs came inside the 10. Oh, Task has 12 more TDs not 11.
Can some explain this. An O lineman can’t play with a hand injury but Gus puts a RB with a bad hip on the field? I’m not saying the lineman should have played. It was serious enough for surgery. I do think a 1 handed lineman had a better chance to be successful than a 1 legged RB. Due to playing 1/2 last week Tank hasn’t healed for this week?
I get a charge beating any team. Don’t you? I do get a charge beating a coach who said f**k you.
I don’t think the players feel disrespected by losing the game. The disrespect comes from the actions of the players & coach after the game. I’m curious to see what Saban does late if Bama is up big.
That’s not an unfair comment. Many here thought so.
Joe Marks:It’s funny that Florida fans are too dumb to understand that when you throw the ball more your numbers should be higher. Too dumb to realize that having a great RB cuts into the QBs stats. Even dumber to realize that the job of the QB is to win. Yet one more stat that Trask trails in.
Not to interrupt but if the best player actually got the Heisman this argument should be between Pitts & Smith. I do like your post about if Trask has better #’s than Jones but lost should Jones get the trophy? It depends if you only measure stats. I think the #1 job for a QB is to win. If Trask throws for 12 more TDs than Jones but losses twice than just what were those extra TDs worth?
Defenses know that Smith is the main target so they do their best to stop him. Mr2bits pointed out Trask has 6 targets making it harder to cover everyone. QBR tells you who the best across all the metrics is and that makes Jones better.
Mr2bits: doesn’t having 6 viable receivers make it easier on the QB who has 3? Trask leads in 2 categories and your average running game plays a role. How many TD’s has Trask thrown inside the ten? When comparing stats it more fair to show averages. Trask leads in yards per game but he also throws more passes per game. That is either a reflection of your coaches choice or lack of a run game. Your argument about the NFL is off base since Lawerence has a much better chance of having a successful career as a starter.
Jones leads in all but 2 metrics while also having a running game.
Well those traits narrowed down the search. Head coaching experience but not necessarily. Offensive minded coach but not necessarily. A living breathing human being but not necessarily.
So she was the special reams player of the week with one squib kick? If she can kick then she can kick and I don’t really care her gender. Giving her an award for her gender is ridiculous though.