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Hope both helped. Would love to see that fan base implode when their over priced offensive genius starts 0-1. The excuses will be abundant and this will be one of them. The downside is that one of the four losses will filled already.
Didn’t even look at or read the article. You know it’s bogus when they use the words Jimmy Fallon & hilarious in the same sentence.
I think this is pretty harsh for such an admittedly stupid action. How does anyone know it is a vacuum tube?
I usually find fans making excuses for their player amusing. This time I find them 100% accurate. The 40 yard dash is not indicative of talent. He runs hard, is a very good blocker and is sneaky quick laterally. The only posts I disagree with is him staying. A bruising RB has a shorter lifespan. Of course, if I was an UGA fan I would want him to stay also. He will be a contributor next year.
If he isn’t the best he comes a close second. What I feel weird is that he skipped his last game to get ready for the draft but both the combine and pro day weren’t “overly impressive”. Seems like that is counter productive. Instead of putting up more game tape he chose to be unimpressive.
Love the baby rhino. Unless he does something stupid off the field he will be a long time favorite.
By rule yes. The NCCA expects everyone but them to follow them though. After Fields and Tate I would bet no.
It’s a real shame when a “fan” can’t acknowledge the talent of player that doesn’t wear his teams jersey. These are same fans who say their team never cheats, their coach is great and always right, they lost because of the officials and numerous other inane statements. The lil b!tch did cry after both games. Tears of joy after winning both the NC & SECCG. UGA cries after 2 different 2nd string QBs beats them. Tua is the thrill of victory, UGA is the agony of defeat.
The CFL required him to go to meetings. He blew those requirements off. That sounds like the same JM of old. You may be right Aggierider but that kinda sounds like a fan justification. You think the NFL will want a player that has already tanked and refused to live up to his obligations again? But than again, it’s not his fault. He is an alcoholic, addict and now bipolar. With all these alleged ailments he should be in counseling and blowing them off shows his lack of responsibility.
The bulldog posters reply to Trudawg is priceless. My question is why do you think y’all need a backup plan? That statement seems silly and pointless.
What a great gesture. Of course he doesn’t need the money. Which one is it? Who doesn’t need another million? The constant nagging about paying the players is above and beyond. They were asked to do it and they agreed. Just like they were asked to come and play a sport in return they get a freecollege education(if they take advantage of it) and exposure to multi billion $ professional leagues. They barter their talents for these opportunities. They have the choice to say no.
The rule has always been you sit a year upon transferring. Hardship wavers were normally used in the case of injury, family concerns. A few years ago they added the out of your coach lost his job due to infractions. The hardships wavier is now being used as free agency. How can the NCAA go back now. They just gave immediate eligibility to 2 players who left because they couldn’t start. That’s not a hardship, it’s life. I agree with Tim &Kirby.
How do judge them? Championships? Win %? How many football teams went to bowl? How many basketball teams made the post season? Which LSU coach is being graded (Wade or interm). The only thing worse than the story was me responding. Idiot, I am.
The problem is the story is from a third party with no supporting facts. Neither Smart or Saban is dumb enough to admit it even if was true. I personally haven’t read where Saban was upset. I agree with Mountaindog & Kirbysmart. Let’s throw stuff out and hopes someone is ready to rumble.
Well Finebaum would know better than Kirby. The bottom line is that it doesn’t matter. In the grand scheme of college football this is a zero.
The mystique that was built over 12 years is stripped away in one game? The word you are looking for is hyperbole or ridiculous. They are so bad they will have to start all the down at #2 in next years polls. Bama lost a game and will never win another.
I want to thank Lynnbobtx your your post. You are right on everything. I think the meds make me feel gauzy. Not quite sharp. Yes, many of us stop taking our meds for various reasons. I also know it is still my choice if I do so. I don’t feel sorry for myself and understand my responsibility for taking the meds. I don’t feel sorry for JM and he needs to understand his responsibility. Since he has had an excuse for his bad behavior I take his bipolar diagnosis with a grain of salt.
Poor Bama fans crying. Get over it. I think that’s what you meant. Congrats to the Tigers for their tournament championship and 5th seed. Y’all had a great season. Not sure why all the angry and unsubstantiated opinion. Your second post was the correct response.
Paris10, you are exhausting. I can’t/won’t find the article but I do remember something about length of contract being a roadblock in Fisher going to LSU. The constant haranguing is tiresome.
Maybe people shouldn’t state their opinion as facts. That statement goes to you also. Most non LSU fans think he is lying. Most LSU fans want to believe he isn’t. Considering the sleazy nature of college athletics how can anyone not assume the worse?
Did thbsame official make those calls? Did that official than be found wearing the opposing teams shirt? In this instance it wasn’t just the calls but the definite evidence of bias. I don’t know what your crying about in the SC game but I agree you got hosed on the last call against UK. Every poster on this site can complain about specific bad calls against them. There is a difference between a bad call and obvious biased calls.
As an Aggie fan I guess you have to defend him. While in college he was spoiled. Than they said his partying was because he was an alcoholic. After they found drug use it was because he was an addict. Now that he won’t learn the playbook or go to counseling he is bipolar. By the way, being bipolar doesn’t excuse his behavior or even explain it. If he is bipolar all he has to do is take his medication. If things aren’t right it is because he CHOSE to stop taking them. He’s running out of excuses and leagues.
The correct call is to ban him from all SEC games. The purpose was to help LSU. A consequence of this action hurt UT this time. Any game he called could in theory help LSU even if they weren’t playing that game. Not sure he should even move to another conference if it’s proven he can’t be unbiased.
So the walk doesn’t count. 2 steps, a hop and than a step to shoot. Got no dog in the hunt so..... Congrats Auburn.
Well you got me there. Bazinga! Well, speaking of facts instead of whatever that was. LSU fans bought billboard space to free White. They do have billboards in Baton Rogue to free Wade. Oh well, back your regularly scheduled rant.
You wanted to keep a benchwarmer? Remember how he did as the 2nd stringer against Bama? Ahhh yes, the good old days. Thanks for the smile you put on my face with your inane comments.
There are billboards up already. LSU fans love them some billboards.