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Curious how a few loud Bama fans equals ALL Bama fans. The Bama fan base doesn’t have a patent on obnoxiousness. Plenty of the posts here from LSU fans proves that. I for one like Coach O and respect his work. I for one have congratulated many LSU fans for their fantastic season.
Very long post to show you are a LSU fan who either doesn’t know football or their team. Losing your Heisman winning QB and replacing him with an inexperienced QB is great! Lost 3 of 4 best receivers/TE but one is coming back and there is a true freshman. Lost the DC and the person who oversaw your offensive explosion. No problem. Everybody coming back is better than those we lost.
Thank you goes to both the writer and Henry. It’s nice to read about an athlete with class. I’m so tired of the Browns and Beckham’s of the world.
I logged in just to say what a well reasoned and thought out post. I especially liked the comment about Miami. Spot on.
Adam is working over time. He wrote an article with the headline of “15 SEC Stars Projected to go in Round 1 of CBS Sports’ Latest 2020 Mock Draft”. He also wrote an article titled, “16 SEC Stars Projected to to go in Round 1 of Pro Football Focus’ Latest 2020 Mock Draft”. You need to take a nap after such exhausting work. Changing a title from 15 to 16 must be nerve racking. Even had to change the mock draft.
What a riot. UCF claims that they are both national champions and the only clean program. You should change your name to Utopia U. I thought the imagineers worked at Disney.
Read the response that the school that just might get in trouble for this issued. Everybody in jail is innocent if you listen to them. They gave no reason to lie, right?
Saban must be a B*** to work for. Is that why so many coaches have come back to work for him.
PAY THE PLAYERS! They make the university billions. I hear this tripe and shake my head. This argument is made without saying the football and basketball players help make the school billions. So you pay every player the same or don’t pay anyone. This means the star QB gets the same as the end of the bench softball player. College athletes voluntarily barter their talents for an education and many other perks not available to non-athlete students.
Carroll also went to 2 Super Bowls and won 1. So there goes that theory.
I though you bought candy for the kids. Adam doesn’t like chocolate so he buys crappy candy and is shocked only a few kids came around. Not an Auburn fan but the eagle is the mascot for their war cry and Tigers are their team mascot.
I’m not an Ole Miss fan but I don’t think Grover is right. The Rebel mascot & nickname was deemed racist. They went with the black bear mascot to appease people. The Landshark mascot is in reference to the nickname the defense had. The landshark isn’t the official mascot for the team.
Nix is a 50% passer. Thank you MSU for helping it be that high. LOL
What a hypocritical post. You ask what someone basis their opinion on. Follow up this the sarcastic question if they were at the practices. You than follow up with your own opinion that the competition wasn’t close. How do you know? Where you at the practices? I didn’t know that keeping a 50% passer as a starter was best for the team.
50% passer for the season. Just 2 bad games huh? Fromm & Hurts didn’t look like that as true freshmen.
The same Nick Marshall who is a corner back in the CFL? Sean White ? That’s just funny. Try again with that total fan comment.
Nice post. Especially after all the crying you did last week.
Penn State was a 2 loss champion. There have not been any 2 loss teams in the playoffs. Kirk wasn’t very articulate in his theory either. At the time it was possible that 4 out of 5 CCs could be undefeated. An undefeated CC is in no matter their SOS. It would take at least 2 CCs to have multiple losses for his scenario to be in effect.
The extended drive led to a TD. It’s called coaching every player on every play. The score is irrelevant.
Half time interview: we came here to win. How does that end of the half interception feel now. Not saying they would have made the FG but bad play calling made sure we will never know.
Told a Notre Dame fan that Gus always gets cute in big games and doesn’t take the FG. It usually comes back to haunt them. Let’s try a deep ball against the defenses best cover corner instead of a short pass and FG attempt. I laughed when he said they would make adjustments. He never makes adjustments and didn’t do in this game either.
15 of 35 I believe. Not sure but one of his longest completion came on a desperation throw that everyone thought he was throwing away. How do you blame anyone but him. Did they drop 10 passes. I don’t think so.
@ugadawg78: your assumption that he is a straight white Christian is a racist comment.
Drew Brees, Russell Wilson and even Kyler Murray called you an idiot. The only thing short is your bus.
I guess that Desmond doesn’t remember players like Dan Marino or Terrell Davis. Injury prone in college and Hall of Fame players in the NFL.
Please explain how the last 2 main tight ends at Bama are in the NFL. I mean they played at a school that refuses to utilize their TEs and all. Stupid comment.