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The funniest line was Gus using the new red shirt rule. Put aside the joke about not knowing how to count to four. It doesn’t appear that Gus puts kids in to learn or get graded. I see Gus redshirting Nix and using that as his next year excuse. Not sure if he has a next year though.
The call was legit. It’s just a call that is missed much more than called. Up & down, palming, traveling and three seconds are more guidelines than rules now days. Kids work more on 3’s than free throws and it shows.
I loved his come get the other one post.
That was an accurate post. This site has a plethora of thesaurus but no dictionary.
What Simmons did was inexcusable, period. What he has done since shows who he truly is. He was a young man who reacted in an emotional and violent way. Everyone makes mistakes and many deserve a second chance. It’s what you do with your chance that matters. To compare Simmons to Hardy is a total misjudgment. Hardy is a thug because of his continued violent ways.
Hilarious? No. Mildly amusing? No. Looks like Gurley is showing who actually won the game for the Rams. Game ball should have gone to the officials. I do think the reactions from LSU fan are curious. This is the same fan base that said the officials cost them the A& M game. Remember when LSU missed a FG and gave up a 4th -17 in regulation but lost because of a bad call in overtime? I wonder what would be said if that was a picture of Mond after the game. Hmmm
Auburn beat UGA pretty bad last year and than got whipped by them 3 weeks later. Things do change from week to week so it would make since that things change year to year. By your reasoning Clemson will win every game until everyone who played this year has moved on. To quote you, haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaaaa haaaaaaa haaaaaaaa.
Clemson played better and derserved to win. There should not be any excuses.
Their first 5 games may be weak. I like how you include the bye week as weak. Does Auburn struggle with their bye week. Aren’t all bye weeks weak? The only good team that y’all play that Bama doesn’t is Florida. That and you play Bama while we get Auburn. Ooooh, Why doesn’t Auburn make the playoffs with such a weak schedule. WEEK & WEAK is not a TYPO. That is using the wrong word.
Can anybody explain this statement, “I didn’t feel like he gave my team a fair understanding of what my team were trying to do”. Thanks
Are you just trolling or are you reading challenged. OU has a great chance for the playoffs as does Bama. That doesn’t mean they would meet each other. There is a chance but no guarantee. Bama IS guaranteed to play Auburn. Does this now make sense beatvandy?
#1: the argument about fumbling in the end zone is tiresome and wrong. Ball is on the 20 when the ball is fumbled and goes out of bounds on the 1. Offense gets a first down at the 1 after making a huge blunder. That’s fair but it’s unfair if it goes out in end zone and the defense gets credit. Stupid. #2: targeting argument is not well thought out. If you target on the first play you miss the rest of the game. Why should the punishment different because it happened in second half. If a player can’t play the game due to being targeted why should the offender. The rule should be who ever lowers their head first is the offender. This would level thevplaying field. #3: let’s suspend an official because another person who has 80 different angles and slo mo showed he was wrong. Should writers on this site be suspended after 2 typos or using most adjectives incorrectly?
I have looked all over the UA atheletic department web site. I don’t see any mention of a Tim Rupert. I am wondering how you know what discipline Saban does or doesn’t hand out. Not only is your statement an opinion it is an uniformed one. The only thing Saban doesn’t do is announce an indefinite suspension and make it a half or just one game (Gus & Coach K). By the way Tim, do you drink? If you ever drank you have committed PI. Since we have no details let me ask you this. Kid gets drunk. Kid walks home instead of driving drunk. Kid gets a PI. What is your idea of a fair punishment?
I am sorry to say but you are wrong. After the game you would be hearing the same excuses. Second string QB, other players hurt, Bama has more money. I’m sure the most used statement would be, “they beat everybody else like that so we really are better than we looked”.
First political post on a sports story. California was talking about leaving the nation. I don’t know what is more anti-American than leaving America.
I have yet to see why he could get a wavier. He played in more than 4 games, no coaching scandal nor was he hurt. I guess it is possible since Blake Barnett got one. Funny, never heard the reason why that was allowed either. If he has to sit the only way the transfer works out is if Fromm stays for his senior year. This also assumes Fields will win the job at OSU.
Kids make mistakes all the time. We don’t know if this will be one. If he has the talent (no matter how raw) he will get a chance. Cardelle Jones (5 starts?) and Matt Cassell (0 starts) come to mind.
I remember. First time ever a team lost that way...ever. Going by your trite comment it is hard to tell if you agreed with the 4-11 debacle. That would be the worse of the 2 calls. I don’t think Kirby will leave and I hope he doesn’t. I agree with both KirbySmart & Cdstoudemire. He is young and hopefully will learn and grow. I think he is good for the players and the game. It is a shame that people focus on the bad. Unfortunately all fan bases have those types of fans.
He may be right. I will make this statement though. After watching the bowls, playoffs and NFL playoffs the officiating is worse than ever. If your gonna take 5 minutes for a review it should be right. Missing a call live is forgivable. There is a lot going on and maybe you didn’t/couldn’t see. How does the replay official with multiple angles and slo mo screw the pooch? He probably will think the SEC officials suck after the first game. Coryalan, I think your points are valid. This was just 1 of the reasons he choose to talk about.
How refreshing to see a partent doing the right thing. I’m sure she would love having him near but the best thing for him is to stay. Life may not be fair but you have to keep battling. Nothing but respect.
I love a post that is both accurate and funny. A big chuckle to you sir.
This is addition by subtraction. I haven’t watched him in every game but he seemed to drop as many big catches as he caught.
I know his job is to protect the BIG10 but WOW. If OSU would have lost to a conference heavyweight last year I might try to agree but they didn’t. They got curb stomped by a 6-6 team. This year they had to look at both OU & OSU losses. 3 point loss to a ranked team on a last second FG compared to a blow out to a 6-6 team. A 2 loss team with a lesser SOS should not get in over a 1 loss team. That just makes sense.
A kicker comes out for 3 fgs and goes 1-2. If the 1 made is at the end of the game he is a hero. If I of the 2 misses comes at the end he is a goat. Neither is fair but that’s reality.
Me to. The argument for expanding seems to be conference champions should get it. Record isn’t a prerequisite and the 2 wildcards are supposed to make up for a 3 loss champion getting in. People have told me that the basketball tournament is better since It is settled on the court and not people choosing the best teams. They are dumbfounded when they find out 32 teams get automatic bids while a committee chooses the other 36.
Why do they need a gofundme. Several fans on this site say they are the richest school in Florida. I guess the dairy they are building to compliment the vineyard/winery is expensive. I can’t wait for the whine and cheese pairings.
It’s okay to be hated when your relevant. Unfortunately you are not. Your history shows you mostly beating bad teams in a bad conference. Your conference record of 14-25 in bowls would seem to bear that out.