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Well that was an arrogant post. I remember one of your “writers” posting in the comment section that another poster should go away until his team became relevant again. What a professional Adam Spenser is by posting that. Your site posts articles that they apparently don’t know what they are talking about while forgetting such journalistic tenets like editing, spelling check or proper grammar.I will take your hypocritical advice and stop reading anything on this site. You should google the phrase, “customer service”.
The English language is very hard. I guess that if you are literal than Kirby did respond by saying he couldn’t respond. Rill is trying to take the click bait award with this garbage.
In fairness it should be noted that the 2 UGA fans on that article can post like they are 6 people.
The rule also allows the coach to release the player so they can be immediately eligible. It appears that the coach is maliciously using his authority by not releasing him. Every rule has exceptions so your constant,”it’s the rules” is very weak.
Fact check. The SEC will allow a player to transfer in conference if the coach will release him of his scholarship. Without that release the player must sit unless the the SEC over-rules the coach. Kirby cried when Saban wouldn’t release Smith but does the same thing. Fact are funny thing when going up against an uninformed opinion.
Isn’t that the same reason that Mays is still waiting. The NCAA has given him a waiver and he is waiting to the SEC & Kirby to sign off. Funny how Kirby was in Maurice Smiths corner about immediate playing time but doesn’t seem to sign those that want to play elsewhere in the conference. If Reese thinks it will be socially different at Ole Miss we is in for a shock.
The media always forgets that the game is played on 2 sides of the ball. How good can an offense be if they spend a lot of time on the sidelines. Leach doesn’t care about the D and it has hurt his “high flying” offense.
What a great way to use your platform. It’s sad that it only took 4 days to get this small article.
I agree with Trask. Nix doesn’t have the stats that Jones had. Jones also played better against the better teams.
Is Franks a redshirt senior or a grad transfer? He went from one SEC team to another without any of the problems that Mays & Gatewood have. Just wondering.
That’s the difference between being outspoken on a bad team and being outspoken on an elite team. Day of OSU was just as vocal but gets a cupcake schedule.
Welcome back to football. Let’s talk about how your conference doesn’t care about it’s players. They are going to play in a pandemic where myocarditis affects every player. How reckless and dangerous can they be. The Big14 have the smartest schools with the smartest people running them. Well there is that 1 doctor from Michigan but he is a quack. Big14 says “look at me” we are canceling football because we are smarter than everyone. Nobody looks and the Big14 cries,”look at me” we are smarter than everyone but since were irrelevant we will play this year.
Yes. Let’s not give credit to Day, Frost or all the parents that gathered and fought for a season.
So they did exactly what the fans would have done. That’s perfect.
I thought she looked good. I thought his critic funny and not worthy of being fired. If white males have not learned that there is zero tolerance for them than that is on them.
I wonder if this rash is due to no pre-season and limited hitting in practice. It seems there has been a bigger # of injuries than usual in the 1st two weeks.
Everybody didn’t get a ticket. Only the Director of Football Operations did. Maybe you should spend less time climbing a mountain and more time on your reading skills.
Silly question. Is he opting out or is he coming back after the suspension. BTW, did move back to QB? He played WR last year.
It’s pretty bad when posters give more info than the article. To lazy to even include the photo that is in the title.
I have zero problem with her having a vote. I am also trying to figure out how she could have forgotten Davis. As she said, she covers the league so how do you forget a top 10 player. That is a glaring mistake. A dude did lose his job for the mistake of stating his opinion on something very innocuous.
How about replacing an average O-line with experience with a totally inexperienced line. Think that might play a role. Do you think Nix had a bad completion % because he can’t throw or because he was running for his life so much.
You can’t win a competition when there really isn’t a competition.
Correct. Alabama plays 5 top 25 teams. They play 3 in the top 10. They added 2 teams. 1 unranked and 1 ranked. Which cheese would you like with your uninformed whine.
The Big14 is really watching out for their only true contender. I wish they would have given Penn States schedule for comparison.
They keep saying it’s a culture thing. This culture thing has gone through 3 different coaches. The only constant is the players.
What long winded post to say nothing. If you are married I bet they are deaf.