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I have several AU fans tell me that his contract was the going rate for a top tier coach. I don’t disagree with the statement but still haven’t been told why Gus is considered top tier.
Never use another team to talk smack. Shut up if your team couldn’t back it up.
The starters should start. That includes Tua. Will he stay in long? Probably not.
The thread is the level of defenses played. I can’t rip off stats like some posters but I think all 4 are some of best in the league. I hope someone can explain one of his comments. Call the right calls and make sure you have practiced them. That sounds like he is calling plays that weren’t practiced. No way that is right
All of this is garbage. Both of the calls were wrong. I haven’t seen anyone disagree. Bama says the calls were wrong but point out calls against them and they are whiners. The hit that took Tua out was legal since it was above the knee. Whites targeting call met the standard but not the intent. The hit by Dantzler did not met the standard but the intent was there(my opinion). Please watch the video. He hesitated, leaned over and then took 2 steps to go low. How about Delpit for LSU going low on a dead ball. That is illegal and happened right in front of ref for no flag. No holding or PI calls against Bama opponents for the last 2 weeks. See, every fan base can and will complain. Curious, who is wrong. Coach said press box told him not to review while AD said there was not enough time to review. Get your facts straight before you complain.
There were plenty of bad calls. This is the SEC remember. Both the calls were terrible. Just a question though. How can a defense that has put so much pressure on a qb never be held? Only penalties called on LSU were off sides. No judgement calls of holding or PI. I’ve posted this a couple of times but still. How does Delpt hit Tua low on a dead ball but no flag. Every fan base thinks the refs are out to get them.
So au alum is upset with the broad brush. I wonder if he has ever heard these words from fellow AU fans. ‘ALL Bammer fans are ... fill in whatever negative adjective you want. We all are sidewalk fan(nobody goes to UA), we are all arrogant, we are all losers are just 3 things I’ve heard for years. When I do hear this I just tell them to goggle hypocrite. I am sure the play was a result from last year but to say he wasn’t running up the score would be disingenuous.
Gus has been there 5 years. Why is it not his fault that he has so much less talent. You do know that over that 5 years his recruiting class is 7th in the country. You should have said it is his fault that they don’t reach their potential
That should have said yes to No. Again, beat comment
I would like to say yes to your comment. All of it was spot on. Georgia bringing up a 6 year old hit. I also see a hesitation to line up the hit. He may not have hit the knee but it appears he was trying. At least the hit was during a live play so you can give him the benefit of the doubt. Delpit hits Tua low on a dead ball. No benefit there, dirty play
Never seen a player line up, lean over and than take 2 steps to tackle. The hesitation shows it was intentional. At least he did it in the flow of the game. Not like the shot Delpitt got to take on a dead ball.
MSU has a legit defense as I stated earlier in the week. I do wonder if the writer noticed that all the adjustments were made after D Brown went down. It should also be noted that they looked great against a hurt Tua. Please also note all the low hits on Tua. It sure looked like they were targeting the knee
Please look at the picture and see how the face masked is being grabbed. There was no called made. Only saying this since the refs are on the side of Bama.
So if some calls go Bamas’ way than it is a conspiracy. LSU had 3 calls against them last week. All were illegal procedure calls. As stated about the kickoff, they were obvious and had to be called. Right tackle fell back early without being called. No “judgment “ calls. No holding, pi or late hits. Hit the QB purposely low on a dead ball, no problem. When you see a defense that get great pressure and sacks you usually get more holding calls but that is not the case for Bama. 2 bad calls, yes. Conspiracy, no.
Ok legend, I agree with BamaTime. The hit was illegal. Just like the low hit he took on a dead ball play at LSU. In real time it did look like a push. Replay and a different angle showed it was wrong. You are the same person who always says the bad officiating cost you the Natty but have yet to respond what bad call cost you. Every game has bad calls but according to you none go against Bama. If you had ever played football you to would wonder how team can run 99 plays against the #1 sacking defense without 1 hold. LSU with only 3 offsides? Low and late hits on QB, no call. Learn the game by playing the game and quit crying. You are as ignorant as the lovely dogs clown
How serious of an injury? Sorry but statement has way to many holes. From plays one more play and than is ruled out for a concussion. Would the ejection be retroactive? If Fromm can’t play next week should should big cat? Here is a ridiculous scenario. Top D player targets 5th string receiver. The receiver could come back in but why should he. Who wouldn’t trade out a non starter for the other teams best player. By your standards, the player can target so long as they don’t injure. How do you know when that will happen?
I like Pruitt and do think he has done great. He has done more with less and has had to fix a crappy atomsphere. I do disagree with your statements about Saben though. He has great players so he is not a great coach. Your logic is garbage. Get a team to over perform and you are great. Get a great team to meet expectations and you are ok. Getting players to buy in on the team idea and coach them to their potentional doesn’t count either. The coach of the year is not the best coach, just the one that passed expectations the most. All that being said, I do agree that Pruitt is deserving.
Win as a team and lose as a team. You don’t throw teammates under the bus. They may be accurate but they should not be told to the media.
Saturday proved there is a first time for everything. You say that and then go on to say it had happened before. I don’t say anything about typos but how can a man who gets paid to write would write such a contradiction in terms.
LSU only had 3 penalties. I guess screaming about the refs all week does help. 3 offsides I think. Hard not to call them when it is so obvious
Auforever should reread the article. He actually backed up the Gus. Fan bases should not hire or fire a coach. Start of the season and Gus was a genius. After the UT game he was a bum and needed to be run out of town. Win 2 more games and all the fire Gus talk has quieted down again. Which of these times should the fans be obeyed. Your fan base must be different. I criticized Gus for not taking the field goal against LSU. My AU fan explained feiend explained that the fans would be angry if he didn’t go for it. This was after you lost by 1. It was your statement that was arrogant
I never understood a fan that refuses to give respect when it has been earned. MSU has an excellent D that is fun to watch. Simmons and Sweat play the game the right way and again are fun to watch.
Murray wouldn’t be a horrible choice. He has played very well this season and is the only reason OU hasn’t lost more. The biggest difference between Murray and Tua is that Murray is still slinging it in the 4th quarter while Tua is having a shaved ice. That is a Hawaii snow cone, lol.
If you thought his opinion was valid then please re-read the facts he gives for that opinion. “I don’t see the arm. I don’t see the wind up”. Huh? If a wind up was that important than Phillip Rivers shouldn’t be playing, ever. What kind of arm do have to have to throw 50 yard tear drop bomb perfectly in your receivers hands. A strong one. The throw to Waddle on the ballet catch showed even more strength. That fact that he has a strong and accurate arm has nothing to do with the team. The man wanted publicity and got it.
This is proof as to why sports are important. The story neglected to say how this occurred. The parents know Tallias head coach who told Galu. Galu then set it up. Respect to all those involved. Speaking from experience, cancer suxs. I hope little man keeps his head up and fights. It’s these type of moments that helps you keep your spirits high and focused. Amen to taus prayer
Here’s a reply to 2 posts. To crazy, LSU didn’t do it because they couldn’t. To think the coaching staff couldn’t or wouldn’t fix those problems is ludicrous speed. To au alum, who’s fault is that. Gus always over works his best back. That stupidity only leads to 1 badly banged up back and all others inexperienced. I have never understood why you have 6 backs good enough for a scholarship and only 1 good enough to play. Kerryon was not a work horse. He was an over worked horse.