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That would be your opinion. We are supposed to live in a country where both sides are allowed to express their opinions. He has the right to wear a tee shirt and you have the right to call it repugnant. You don’t have to agree with his opinion but you have to respect his right to state it. It seems contrary to be liberal and support suppression of free speech.
He sat out for injury. That has nothing to do with transferring. He lost his job because the other player was better. He deserves to sit just like every other player who quit because a better player came along. HE DESERVES TO SIT!!!!!
To Queen Negan: I didn’t read the whole novel but the first part is wrong. Yes, a d lineman was thrown off the team for beating his girlfriend. Yes, Alabama did pick him up. He was thrown off the team when the same girlfriend accused him of beating her again. Oh, she later recanted and was charged with filing a false police report. By the way, this was an article about T A&M.
OU didn’t run the table since they got boat raced in the their CCG.
They were 1 of 3 undefeated at the end of the season. 2 of the them started #1 & #2. Auburn had the toughest conference schedule and both USC & OU had tougher OCGs. After the bowl games there were 3 undefeated teams left. Auburn was also the only team to struggle in their bowl game.
Small correction. Colorado split with Georgia Tech. It was also the same year that Colorado got 5 downs to score the winning TD.
That was a really long article to start a fictional debate. Everybody agreed that who ever won the BCS title game was the National Champions. You can argue about who should have been in the game but the winner is the champions.
Ha! So you are anti-free speech and pro censorship. I have zero respect for your opinion. I have risked my life though for your right to state your opinion. The issue shouldn’t be about what was said but about your civil liberties to say them.
But they do make racist remarks. They state their political opinions on a sports blog and then determine which people get to exercise their freedom of speech. Not allowing the other side of the debate to freely speak is censorship. Not allowing the other side of a social issue to speak is racist censorship. I don’t have to respect your opinion but I do have to respect your right to state it. It’s not freedom of speech if everybody doesn’t get to speak.
Here is a hint about trolling. Either be funny or accurate.
I like the moving target in the description for each coach. Golding doesn’t get a pass for all the injuries because the true freshmen were going to be great but Pelini gets a pass for his last 2 teams bad defense. It only gets worse when Pelini gets credit for coaching stacked teams form the past. I agree with most of the list and Steele is the best in the league.
They all want to make as much money as possible as soon as possible. Adams has been crying for a new contract since his second season. He is a great safety but he should get through half his contract before throwing temper tantrums in the media. Hard to feel sorry for an under paid millionaire.
Who is Love? There is a Bryce Love. He played at Utah State and was drafted in the 1st round by the Packers. The Bama QB is Bryce Young. I’m just messing around. It really isn’t that deep.
Definition of redneck: derogatory, racial slur. A rural working class uneducated white person. A political reactionary. Using a racial slur to insult someone on an article about racial insensitivity is beyond ironic.
I have a nice aged cheddar to go with the whine. I don’t have any medication that mixes with the whine for your delusions though. In short, 26-23 equals a NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP FOR THE TIDE. Shouldn’t a team have to win a NC in less than 40 years to be a dynasty?
All this showed was Mond is another Drew Lock. He has the talent to rip it up against the lesser teams and not enough to beat the elite.
At no time has he been a coordinator. Consultant, d-line coach at the Patriots and outside linebackers coach & senior assistant now at the Giants. He did get a job that he is being paid for. That is a fact. He satisfied the letter of the law by doing so. The editor also noted that the pay was more than $50,000 for his non-coordinator job.
Says the QB that only got on the field because of who daddy was. I wonder if Major Applewhite can come in to save the comment. Tua is only great because of the team around him. Most of Burrows offense is now in the NFL but that isn’t why he is great.
And that is why each coach should do and say what their heart tells them to do. Don’t say anything and you owe it to the black players. Say something and it gets criticized for not saying enough or saying the wrong thing
The shirt he wore was old and from a foundation. That was their slogan. They are changing the slogan. There is an article on this site about it. Isn’t saying that the best players are black racist. How can saying All lives matter be racist but saying only one life matter isn’t. How can a word be racist only when it comes out of one persons mouth but not another?. Just what is the big race issue in college football?
What do the black players who signed million $ contracts owe Sweeney? He did his job but now he owes them something else. Nobody called a player the N word. Just said that nobody should use it. I was taught that it was an ugly and derogatory term. I didn’t know that the definition changed according to the color of their skin. Speaking of solutions... you didn’t name one. In order for it not to be racist the rule insists that nobody uses it. Another solution might be knowing the difference between a word and a racist. Last solution would be that people actually know the definition of racism.
I would think the people who pay the $7.5 million care. That is championship money for a coach who hasn’t won his division much less his conference. Hasn’t beaten his rival or won a major bowl. Ryan Day at OSU puts players in the NFL, wins division & conference championships and goes to the play offs. He just got a raise to $5.4 million.
A man dies and the only thing you can do is troll a university. I feel sorry for people like you.
I guess nobody tweeted out what the controlled substance was.
It may be an up grade when it comes to attitude. Diggs has been unhappy for the last couple of years and has been vocal about it. I agree with your post. I’m just adding a different perspective.
Didn’t Fulmer say that it wouldn’t be safe until June 14? He really stood by his guns.
I threw that out there a few years ago to a friend. I thought his response was eye opening. He acknowledged the black on black crime but said he it was different when the people who are supposed to protect you are the ones killing you. The thing that I would like to know is what % of people of color are in law enforcement and what % of them have killed people. I haven’t seen one article where a racist black officer killed a white person.
Haven’t seen one person put down the protests. I have seen plenty of those that disapprove of the riots. If you can explain how rioting, looting, burning down businesses and murder helps cure a social injustice than I’m all ears. There is a major difference between protests and riots.
Now that would be a racist comment. Didn’t Jake also make the black player look better?