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Can this ever stop being a thing? No college football team in history could ever beat even the worst NFL team.
Got to give it to the kid, he knows in his heart that a degree from Princeton will open a plethora of doors for him after his playing days are over. I will never knock a High School senior for choosing the best, and most difficult, academic institution amongst his offers.
Until he leaves, can you honestly in your heart not choose a Nick Saban coached team?
You do realize Julio is arguably the best receiver in the NFL right? He took a pillow soft jab at UGA, it wasn't malicious, so chill.
Pollack. Do guys like Courtney Upshaw, Marcel Dareus, and Dont'a Hightower ring a bell? That was jusr 2 years ago, yes i agree we havent had the pass rush we use to and we dont have the shutdown corners like we've had from Kareem Jackson to Dre Kirkpatrick to Dee Milliner. Lucky, we do have the best DB in the nation in Landon Collins.
Yea Joey, cuz its just that easy to just take away the best player in college football.
Which is consistent with Les being Les
No, FSU deserves the 3 spot. How can you drop them for winning the ACC and being undefeated? If anyone should be out its TCU
TCU shouod not be in there, if any big 12 team gets in it should be Baylor. That said it should be 1 Alabama vs 4 Ohio State 2 Oregon vs 3 Florida State
Amari Cooper Landon Collins Trey Flowers Nick Chubb Blake Sims Reggie Ragland Dak Prescott Shane Ray Alex Collins
Two thousand thirteen iron bowl. Thats five words, not three.
What Mizzou has accomplished before this years means nothing now. Nothing that happened last year means anything. Indiana. Let that sink in again. Indiana.
Neither TCU nor Ohio State deserve it. OSU vs Indiana invalidates any claim they are a top 4 team. TCU almost lost to Kansas, they're out. If not Mississippi State then Baylor, theyd put up more of a fight than either tcu or osu, atleast theyd have a chance to make it a shoot out.
If the gators beat FSU im betting Muschamp gets to keep his job, at a reduced salary of course.
Both of the Catamounts TDs came because of bullshyt, the early fumble where the refs blew to whistle early screwing bama out of the turnover, and the second TD where dude didnt have possession of the ball yet still was given the TD. Either way, Bama will Roll over Auburn next week. #RollTide
Lmao @ tcu would beat mississippi state, same team that gave up 400 yards and almost lost to kansas.
Trey Depriest had an all around horrible game. So many missed tackles, bad angles of oursuit, timid to enter the hole on a few occasions. Yes, he had the safety, but other than that it was a bad game for him.
Only part i disagree with is lane kiffin gameplan. 2nd and 2 and 3rd and 2 multiple times he calls for deep passes. Bama ran the ball for 50 yards in the first quarter, then up until about halways thru the 4th he seemed to be allergic to calling a run play. This was 2 games in a row he has deviated from what has been the trademark of alabama successful offenses, run the ball and play physical at the line to wear down the defense. Blake sims threw 45 passes against LSU, and against miss st up until about 7 minutes into the 4th quarter bama had only ran the ball about 20 times. He tries to be too flashy, this isnt the pac 10, brute strength and dominating the line wins championships in the SEC, when you throw the ball almost every first down no one falls for play action. He got bailed out by Blake Sims athleticism big time saturday. Hope Saban gives him an earful so he can get the running game going early and often. #RollTide
Lane kiffin needs to fix his gameplans. Not running the ball nearly enough, especially on early downs. After rushing for 50 yards in the first quarter he hardly decided to run it til the 4th quarter. For the second week in a row his play calling was a true handicap for the offense, fix your shyt lane.
Trey depriest needs to step up, he had a horrible game, missed too many tackles and looked way too slow. Still, no matter how ugly a win is a win. Roll tide roll
Half his body across the goal line and with it the ball before it got stripped. How the refs missed the call first time around is what confused me.
This shouldn't even be up for debate. Beat LSU in death valley at night, then beat number 1 miss st in back to back weeks. Next is a tune up and a chance for back ups to get some playing time, then Auburn is in for a throttling. #RollTide
Amari Cooper is the best WR in the country, hands down. #RollTide
All of this Bama hate. The only one you can argue is yeldon. Mark is the only SEC back in the BCS era to have a heisman. Trent was better than Mark, and Shaun is unquestionable. The only thing that makes me place TJ above Gurley is that TJ was a back up his freshman year, while Gurley has been the man since day 1. Still, if it were me, id have McAllister on the list, replacing Moreno. If the BCS lasted a few more years there'd be even more Bama hate because Yeldon and Henry are gonna both put up huge numbers in their careers. Ronnie Brown? Give me a break, no logic can rationalize him deserving a spot.