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Please do us all a favor and totally Destroy ND, they are so over rated, I'm tired of their crap. Clemson got a Bi in the playoffs, Bama still loses , but ND ducks, I'll be pulling hard for you guys that day !
That's crazy, look, I'm a Bama fan, but I call it like it is. Lsu played UCF without a good number of starters and was no nearly as strong as they were as say against Bama. Lsu could have destroyed them with all their players. Bama, UGA would wipe them off the map! They would not move the ball on MSU, their D is great. UF, USEe, UT, Kentucky, Auburn, Mizzou would have lit them up, Texas AM would have beaten them up. Too.. So I give them a shot, a chance this year against Arkansas, Ole Miss, Vandy.. This is nuts, I mean look, just schedule the opener with Bama and let's shut all this up. UCF, is desperate to prove what? Look, they are not elite at all, the notion is just funny. Who is afraid of UCF? I mean really, bring it on.. I'm really worried about Clemson, UCF can go cry and pout in the corner.
A championship? What kind? Are you not being a bit presumptuous. I guess it's a good recruiting line. But don't forget the great call, 4th and 11, LOL
Typical SDS crap stories, just to stir up drama. Fyi, kid faxed in papers around 11:15 pm, smdh.... What's next, they are gonna tell us Saban to NFL? I swear this site is the Jerry springer of sports pages, written to stir the pot. Sds sure is no ESPN, lol.. I'm sure they will delete this, so much for free speech.. Its only free if it fits their narrative.
I love my dogs is the biggest joke on here. UT put together a good class and will get better in the future. Now, that may not sit well with him as UGA is in the East with UT. I admit facts, Kirby is doing great at UGA, but in time UF and UT will get better players. Both are big programs and have history. Remember UGA and Bama can't get all the players. I'm hoping the East will get stronger, they need a team like LSU over there, the East was weak as water this year besides UGA. Heck Mississippi State in the West had the nations top D in several categories. The west will get better and the conference is better for it. X, I love my dogs is not logical and his post are childlike in many respects.
Tim, the only reason Bama finished behind UGA last year was Bama lost tons of coaches, including DC and OC, and the staff was in shambles during recruiting. Hell yes Kirby recruits dirty, its well known he uses Sabans age, he knows he can't win NC without going through Bama. Georgia Tech is all too familiar with UGA recruiting, $$$$$$$$$$$$, their coaches said they are not even trying to hide it. By the way, 4th and 11, lol.. Great fake punt, not. So funny
Tim, the only reason Bama finished behind UGA last year was Bama lost tons of coaches, including DC and OC, and the staff was in shambles during recruiting. Hell yes Kirby recruits dirty, its well known he uses Sabans age, he knows he can't win NC without going through Bama. Georgia Tech is all too familiar with UGA recruiting, $$$$$$$$$$$$, their coaches said they are not even trying to hide it. By the way, 4th and 11, lol.. Great fake punt, not. So funny
Kirby.. Fyi, the East is weak as water compared to the West, an idiot would guess that UGA would be in Champ game. Who you got? Ut? Not, UF?, not, Kentucky, not, Mizzou, not.. I mean no Bama, no LSU.. If u guys played in the West it would be totally different. Hopefully UF will get off their tails and atleast make it a game. Basically your Eastern Division foes are a joke? The kid is not going to ride the bench even if UGA goes to playoffs, Kirby had his chance to develop him and messed it up. Get ready for others to transfer, just wait.
Ha, well welcome to 5 star recruits and a bench full of good players. Now that you guys are full, the transfer affect will start happening to you guys. Can't blame the kids, they are told by Kirby that they will play and whatever else he can say to get them in Athens, then when they don't play or are used poorly, they transfer it. My advice, get used to it. Saban handles this much better than Kirby, Kirby ain't Nick, never will be. Look Justin is good, but its his life, Bama had Kamara transfer because he was behind Henry and they both are doing well in the NFL. Kids want to play. Good players will only ride the bench for so long, it is what it is... Also its sad that the last play he had in a UGA uniform was the worst punt fake in history, thanks Kirby, 4th & 11, lol... Anyway, I wish him well and all that transfer from any school. That is someone's son, so remember its much more to them than us fans. Its hard to BS these kids these days, too many great players at the same position is a problem, for any time. I mean what would you tell your kid to do? Kid wants to play, not ride pine and Kirby used him poorly imo. Not a dig at UGA, just saying.
Heck, From played better than any QB I've seen all year Saturday, he was on fire, just was hot. I still say SEC is much better than the Big 12. Having said that playing LSU, MSU, UGA is tough.. I think Body of work is important. UGA had a great gameplay against Tua and played great D. I'll say this if From was up against Kyker, I'd vote From all day, our Conference is much tougher.
I'm just curious, did OU not lose a game? Does that not count for something.. I mean they play no D out there, yes, he is good, but if its a stat race, then that is not what the Heisman is about. I get Tua had a bad game, but was injured and against #4 team.. Who did OU beat?
Such a tragic loss, so sad. I love football and Bama, but she and her granddaughter were good humans tragically killed. I don't care who your team is, this trancends sports. Its just a game and a fun game to the fans, but life is more important. I wish the best for her family and may God be with them during this time. Tammy was an Auburn superfan, yes, but she was also a mother and a grandmother. Its really tragic. God be with them.
Par for the course for SDS, this is mostly a pot stirring website with stories posted to rile up fabric bases, I guess there has to be something to read. I don't really care about this entire perception that bama receives help, everybody hates bama except bama fans, its like the NY Yankees. Getting tired of the stories just to rile up fan bases, give us good stories with content from school officials or actual insight on something important, not some meaningless poster that someone photoshopped.. Geez, this is like a story from CNN
We really are spoiled. I'm 50 and seen Bama lose plenty of times but I tell my 20 year old twins to enjoy these days as they are rare. You are correct its so hard to reach the playoff, and the NC Game, let alone win it. Takes talent, coaching, luck, no injuries, so much. I'm still very nervous about MSU, UGA and potential playoffs. Btw, I went to the Mizzou game and the Mizzou fans were truly nice and very complimentary! I do think that Drew is an NFL QB! He reads the field well and throws very good. Anyway, Mizzou had great fans, they were very nice.
Wtf, lol.. Did he even make a tackle, a difference? What a total joke all the stories were about him.. Game played on the field, not by idiot stories like on this site, Smdh! Like he even mattered.. Just goes to show journalism sucks these days, they make a mountain out of a mole hill... Figures, just like the liberal news media.. The game is played on the field, these articles don't matter, Carville didn't matter.. I think its funny as hell.
Hmm, sounds like some butt hurt LSU, Auburn, UGA, and whoever else hates Bama, he is kinda goofy at times, but does a good job, none of you on here could do his job.. Anyone on this site must be an idiot, I guess that includes me. This site is garbage, with garbage stories written by crybabies and 5th graders it seems.
That's bs... Carvelle is a left wing idiot, always has been a crack pot! For him to storm the stage and say what he did is pathetic. Also he has called for violence against Bama fans attending the game and apparently this site, Saturday Down South condones violence as they are looking for any story, true or not to get clicks. I may get banned, but I had to get my attorney to remove a bogus story involving me several ago regarding comments I did not make, in regards to an attack from an Ole Miss fan, they got if off my Facebook. sds looks for any pot stirring opportunity they can. Who cares if the kid plays? Carville is an idiot, rude and ESPN should apologize. As for Bama, just beat them then you can't run with your conspiracy theories any longer. All sounds like sour grapes to me. Tua may play 4 quarters, but Bama wins.. Btw, 3/4 of the articles on this site are garbage and could be written by grade schoolers.
Dude, crawl back in your Ole Miss bunker, should you not be worrying about your team being last in the conference or the massive amount of 3 stars you are recruiting? Yeah, you beat Bama twice, big deal, had to pay players to do it and still needed luck. Anyway, go find Col. Reb. Oh, btw, look for MSU to wipe you guys all over the field.. Just saying.
That is a very good point, its not like LSU is a high scoring team. If their QB gets greedy, Bama could get a few pic 6,s. Yes, they played better schedule, but Miami is a dumpster fire, UGA is not what they were last year, MSU is better than average om D, offense had a good game this weekend, but not great. Besides Tua faced UGA last year and their secondary was good! I think Tua will be ok.
I agree, will be a tough game for both and if I knew who would win, I'd bet everything I had and retire to the beach, lol... I guess they have to write about something, but honestly, the game is played on the field. Games yield stats in teams like these, stats are zero guarantee in a grudge match, so I agree, that article means nothing.
I have to admit I enjoyed Urban and his displeased look on the sidelines. Having said that, he looks like he is not focused this year, like something is on his mind. Does anyone else see this? Is it the domestic violence thing at the beginning of the season or is it his health? I think he is not healthy, 2 weeks ago during a game he went down on his knees, said he had a headache, I dunno, he seems off.
You are 100% correct sir! LSU,UGA, UF, A&M, Bama would all give Michigan and Notre Dame a very hard game, I'd favor LSU, Bama, UF over Michigan with the others in sec having a chance. I'm so sick of the Big 10 Jim H is a blowhard always running his mouth. Btw, Good luck to you guys next week, I'm sure it will be a great hard fought game. It is my hope its a clean game with players not trying to take out each others knees, that is not what the spirit of the game is about. I also hope fights in the stands are limited, ive already had death threats about going to the game which I know all LSU fans are not like that at all, but each fanbase has its crazies, Bama does too, I know, I've had run in with Bama fans either they have been too drunk and just acting stupid or picking fights. Now I hope Bama wins, obviously, but I don't want players on either team seriously injured on purpose. I dont condone that. I hope the fans are safe. We have a nice huge tailgate at Bama and our LSU fans come up, cook with us and we party, sure there is some smack talk but its light and limited, we all go to the game and have lots of fun. All we can do as fans is cheer for our team, I'm no puss, but to me fighting at a game, unless its self defense is just crazy, its a game. As for the players on the field, its crappy to think that players from any school would intentionally go for knees to ruin a player, I heard that on Paul F on Sec Network, some guy called in and said LSU just needed to take out Tua,s knee and its ballgame. Well its like baseball, you hit my pitcher, I hit yours, I don't think that would go over well at all in a football comparison, players could get seriously hurt. Hoping for a good hard, clean game. As far as Michigan, let them play in the sec, they would be a 500 team.
Let the kid play, I don't want any excuses when Bama thumps that ass, and its coming. I mean you let MSU have more yards than you guys? Wtf do you think Bama is going to do? Oh, and Bamas D is better than MSU, just saying and Bama offense, this will be the game that exposes Overhead as the shrimp boat captian. Let the kid play, Bama is not afraid at all, I promise you. Time will tell, I could be wrong, we shall see.
Unfortunately we all have bad fans, I've seen my share of bad Bama fans and even had to have them removed or it was beat them down in the stands, which I did not do as I don't condone that unless its in self defense. Its a football game, we as fans need to respect other coaches, fans. We may not agree, but civility needs to occur. I get its a hostile environment, oh I know, but if a bama fan did that, I'd want him removed and jailed. Its a game for the fans. Those that font understand, need to watch the special they had on gameday about the Purdue kid that has cancer, its bad. So I think we all need to pull hard for our teams, but have respect too. Jmo
True, look, as long as Bama wins, Tua does not get injured and Bama plays well, I could care about the spread or any Dumpster fires. The past is the past for all teams and all of us. The present is now and what we live in for the future. At any rate, not trying to be a jerk, just saying the game will be decided on the field, not by the past. A win and no injuries is all I'm hoping for.
Omg, are you drinking already... Spurrier was better than CNS... And CNS cheats? Sounds like sour grapes... Lsu has a good team, but quit sniffing glue. Spurrier was run out of Florida and SC... He is an arrogant piss ant, his opinion matters not to me, nor does yours, I digress.
You guys have this, I expect you to beat UF, just can't beat yourselves. Jmo. Tua will open a can on LSU and Oger head will be exposed for what he is, a loud weird talking blow hard.
Just to put into perspective, not starting a fight, but Bama has NEVER EVER rushed the field at Bryant Denny, NEVER, let that sink in. You have to act like you have been there before. Cost school $100,000, next time it will cost them $500,000... Anyway, just pointing out facts. Good win for LSU, but I assume Ogeron wished the fans had not stormed the field, then again, he is not the sharpest tool in the she'd, but he can yell and scream if you like that sort of thing.
Tua, far better than lsu QB.. The Tide has yet to get up for anyone this year, but now LSU is running their mouth and you can bet that Nick will have the team fired up for sure. O has done well coaching this year, but he is no Nick Saban ans I'd really hate to play Bama when they get pissed off, but I think Bama will come in with fighting spirit, It will be a tough game, emotion alone will not win this game, look for talent and you know who has more, but should be a good game for sure. Bama has not shown much offense this year and is saving a lot for when it needs to, just saying. Never underestimate Saban.. Lsu is good, but they are not there yet.
I like this board and most of the posters, But this guy is crazy, makes UGA and football fans look bad. Is he some kid on his dads computer? I don't know who will win, but it will be decided on the field. I'd say UGA would be Bamas toughest game and I'd put it at 50/50.. That is assuming Bama does not get beat by LSU and Auburn. Bama can beat LSU, Auburn if Bama does not beat itself. UGA in sec champ game would be a tough game. At any rate, that poster "I love my dogs is an idiot"... Jmo