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"It reminded many Gamecock faithful to the recent glory days when Steve Spurrier had a defensive line with Jadeveon Clowney, Kelcy Quarles, Chaz Sutton and brothers Gerald Dixon and Gerald Dixon Jr." Of all the great DLs that Spurrier had, why would you choose this one? How about the one with Melvin Ingram, Clowney, Devin Taylor and Byron Jerideau?
Thanks - It's odd being on the other side of this whole rooting-for-the-SEC thing!
Geaux Long - why do you have to be such a a$$? No team has underachieved more in the past decade than LSU, in pretty much every sport. What have you won with all that football talent right in your backyard, and no other P5 school to compete with? How many trophies in the three major sports have you won? ONE. South Carolina won b2b natties in baseball (and went to a third). You got the #1 player in the country in basketball and didn't even make the tourney. We now have a Final Four to add to our list. I live in the now. Losers obsess about the past.
Probably the only more shocking Final Four run (since I can remember) was George Mason. They won their conf., but were not a classic mid-major that you always see in the tourney. If we're talking P5 conferences only, then it's hands-down SC.
Because then some players could legitimately play 5 full seasons.
There are a number of UT fans (one special one I'm thinking of in particular) that seem to live on the SC board just for trolling purposes, even if the article has nothing to do with UT. They are conspicuously absent from the SC comment sections since Saturday. Weird, right? Would love to get their thoughts on all this.
Seriously, don't understand the slob job on Shurmer... check out his offer list in HS: Buffalo, Cent. Mich., Cincinnati, Illinois, Pitt, Temple, UCF, Duke, Penn State. Somehow he was a 4* b/c of his last name... total miss by the recruiting sites.
Landing a player the caliber of Williams is absolutely HUGE for a team coming off a 3-9 season. People can say a lot of things about Boom and co., but they certainly can't call them poor recruiters or lazy.
Well, considering they just went thru a coaching change too (you might also remember Lincoln Riley is now in Norman), I'm not too worried. They also hired our old D-line coach, so if we get upset, it won't be b/c of pressure on our QB.
You know a prediction is poorly researched and just out-and-out nuts, when fans of other SEC teams (including SECe rivals) are calling the author out! LOL! More click-bait... guess you win, I clicked. Wish I could get these minutes back.
This is just an INSANE prediction. Can't take it seriously.
This is a watershed moment; the first non-trolling thing Esec has said in a South Carolina story's comment section. Guess there IS a God.....
I don't hate the idea (although it totally changes the game as we know it). That said, I think you'd see a LOT more teams trying to keep the ball. Maybe that's a good thing. I think what would need to be done would be to find out what yardline+down&distance equals the same % success rate as your typical onside kick. Maybe that IS 15 yds on the 30, but it might not be. I imagine Schiano didn't exactly run the numbers.
it's ridiculous to completely remove kickoffs for two reasons: 1. It's potentially one of the most exciting plays in a game. Can you imagine no more kickoff return TDs?? That would suck. 2. It eliminates a trick play possibility. Without kickoffs, Bama doesn't beat Clemson in this past title game. And I hate the idea of moving them so far up so as to effectively eliminate all returns, but keeping the kickoff process just so teams can do onside kicks or sneaky trick plays like Bama ran. That means that on 99% of kickoffs, you just have a boring, go-thru-the-motions play... stupid. Football is very dangerous... either stop playing it entirely or keep it the way it is. Don't produce a watered-down version.
I hate Clemson as much as the next Gamecock, but the old "Clemson is paying players" narrative is tired (all schools can and do play the top players). They're recruiting at a high level b/c they have a lot to sell... easy road to the CFP, lots of nationally televised games, brand new facilities and lots of players in the NFL (including 3 prominent WRs right now). Plus, they put together a staff that can recruit like crazy, and they're tireless. They have a young, exuberant cheerleader for a coach (who won COTY) who sells Jesus and all that stuff to these kids and their families. They need to lose some high profile games and get embarrassed a few times before they can be cut back down to size.
Who's shadow? Surely you're not referring to Malzahn, who's on the hottest of seats.
There's a reason they call Auburn "the Plains" and "Barners"... I'll take Columbia any day of the week.
Yeahhhh.... you clearly haven't been to the stadium in the past 5 years. Try again.
Next up: Clemson. They run as dirty a program as anyone. Dabo just dances around like an aw-shucks jabroni and says 'Jesus' a lot in hopes that everyone will overlook it. Their time is coming.
It's just the simple low-hanging fruit that all national cfb media and talking heads use to fill articles and air time. No real research goes into it. "Oh, Muschamp couldn't get a good offense at UF so he must be a terrible HC and boy was SC stupid for hiring him." Just lazy drivel. I'm taking everything anyone says about Muschamp with a huge grain of salt until 2018. If we're not substantially improved by then, it's possible they were right.
Recruiting has never UGA's problem. Probably the most underperforming outfit in this league when you look at the level of talent they've had on the roster and what they've accomplished.
This is the type of ultra witty comment I'd totally expect from a dawg. Good boy! Have yourself a biscuit.
The irony of this comment coming from a UGA fan is not lost on me!
Guess LSU won this one. I'm sure those Louisiana cops were all too happy to catch these morons.
I probably agree, but I'm so confused by your poorly and incorrectly ("quantify" what?) worded paragraph.
Nothing to see here. Georgia has always recruited well. On the field tho... pretty sure there's no comparison b/w Bama.
You do realize that without a freak fumble inside the 15 yard line, a walk-on QB for a 3-9 team would have beaten the "mighty" vols at Neyland last year? Just making sure that's out there for you to noodle.
Sure, maybe so, but the tempo causes people to make bad decisions, esp. while adjusting to it. Doesn't change the fact that defense is always ahead of the offense at this point in the season.