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If Newman is SECPOY, we're in the playoffs. It's as simple as that. The defense is too good and if we get good production from the offense, its gonna take alot to beat us.
Bama will likely be 5 or 6. Yeah they're one of the best 4, but the only real team you've played, you've lost. In spite of their losses, Oregon, Georgia, and even Utah have better resumes. You could argue that more teams do.
Bama and LSU's defenses both suck, IMO, but Bama is by far the worst. At least LSU has played one team, Aubbie has played two. Just the pure stats don't tell the whole story.
I'm no fan of any of these 3 teams, but HOW could you not give Auburn the far and away advantage in D? Good lord. Almost worse than that is having Bama at 1. Bama easily has the worst D of the 3.
Let's take it as a given, for a minute, that Auburn and Florida's DL/pass rush is equal. It's not, but let's just take that as a given. The game will be decided by which OL steps up. Who can reasonably think that UF's trash OL will even slow down the Barns DL? Florida DL will make some plays for sure, but at least Auburn has a chance to slow them down. Not so much on the other side.
Seeing Bama's lack of physicality is somehow weirder than seeing LSU with an offense. What is 2019??
Bad calls happen, I get that. But Alabama consistently gets them in their favor in every close-ish SEC game they play.
He should be heated. I am. I'm a UGA fan, idc what happens in this game but it's just sickening to watch this in every decent SEC game Bama plays in. Holding the fake FG was 50/50. I've seen that nocalled many times. Najee's 2nd TD there was a block on the SC DB before the ball even got to Najee. That's PI and a 4th&17 in my book. SC's 66 yard punt that was called back? Yeah Bama had such an obvious hold. Should've been 1st & 10 for SC. Don't even mention the last TD being unreviewed. This is just embarrassing for the SEC.
One good catch does not make an elite receiver, but holy crap that's insane.
Good get for y'all, but don't take this too far. UGA will more than likely get Milton plus one other top 10 back. My money is on Evans (take it or leave it, jmo). We'll see if Tank's interest in USCjr holds with this new commit, but he's not very high on our board to begin with.
I'm gonna be honest with you, my money is on the Zou being a very good team this year. Not elite, but good. Maybe even 9-0 coming into Athens. 11-1 ain't out of the question if y'all can upset Florida. Likely 9-3 or 10-2 finish tho. I don't see SCar as a challenge to Mizzou
Apparently 4 stars are better than what y'all are getting.
It actually does correlate. Let's look at the 2019 NFL draft, for example. 8 of the first rounders were 5 stars. there are roughly 32 5-stars per cycle, so that's a 25% hit rate. 9 4 stars were selected out of the ~300 in each class. 3% hit rate. 11 3-stars were selected out of the 1000+ in each class. That, my friend, is AT BEST 1.1% hit rate. Stars matter.
@UFGator 2017? I think that was a pretty significant rise in rankings from preseason to post. Try again.
It is a shame that, at least for DL recruits, we're all taking what Clemson passes on. But I don't see that changing, especially with UGA's 3-4 system.
I think it really depends, alot can change. I'm not saying it can't happen, but Kirby has shown that he can get kids in SC away from USC. Even out of Columbia.
I don't think they'll get both Murphy and Burch. I believe we'll split those two with them, but I could be wrong. Don't forget, they have Bresee too. All of them are the same (or similar) position.
Pitboss is amazing, to say the least. I'm not willing to commit to it yet, but we could have at least 8 future quality NFL linemen on our roster at this moment. Thomas, Wilson, Kindley, Hill, Mays, Big Ben, Salyer, and Webb. It wouldn't suprise me one bit if every one of those names gets called in the first 2 days of their respective draft years. May not happen, but very well could.
Admiral Schofield is not 5% body fat. May be 12%-ish now. Js.
Solid list--Gonna be nice to see Crean and Smart here next year. Especially with Crean bringing in a top-5 class for this coming basketball season.
I'm for it, they should be able to profit from their likeness. But, to play the devil's advocate, recruits would now go to the highest bidder. I know he mentioned that the university wouldn't pay a dime, but what would stop them from doing like the politicians? Write a book and have some boosters buy a couple thousand of them. Something like that.
I'm actually disappointed that there isn't a way for me to like or thumbs up this post.
Yeah, same. Co-DC with Lanning is the highest I'm hearing RN.
If we're offering DC or Co-DC, I don't think y'all can match with the 2.5 y'all have in Aranda. We'll see I guess.
*Good Dawg. One of the higher compliments one could receive.
Everything I'm hearing is UGA-Texas with Florida hanging on and a security blanket. He doesn't want to go to Bama and is looking for every reason not to.
I expect more of the Belichick approach. 2nd CB and best cover safety on the #1 target (Jeudy), put 1st CB on an island with the #2 WR. Keep one player deep to make sure the play is in front and Bama doesn't break any huge plays.
The calls in the Bama MSST game were atrocious. The score should have been at least 7-7 going into the half and 10-7 Bama in the end, if you remove the crappy refs from the game. I'm not a tinfoil hat guy, but this consistent Bama-lean from refs is getting unignorable.