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I want P.J. Fleck. We need someone insatiable intensity, energy, who can take a program with infinite potential to its highest levels. He is insanely motivating, would be an incredible recruiter, and has the intensity and intelligence to come in and put Auburn back up as a consistent Heavyweight. The only obvious obstacles are both buyouts
The HUNH offense worked the first two or three years of Gus being an OC and Head Coach at Auburn. It’s become very predictable and can be stopped by defenses with elite speed. When it’s clicking it can be highly effective if we have the right personnel. It also works better at home when the offense can communicate clearly. On the road he needs to use tempo on occasion but the HUNH is absolutely foolish to attempt in very loud environments, that’s why all the false starts, sloppiness, etc at Florida and LSU. It also should not be used with a very young qb who is still trying to figure everything out. It needs to be used as a tool, not define the whole offense. Gus needs to recreate his offense to have a balance of some tempo mixed with traditional smash mouth football which requires a better line, rb’s, and qb than we have this year.
When was the last time Florida had a good qb or an offense for that matter. Was it Tebow?
Isn't that a criminal offense. Saban is a thug and so are his players.
Auburn just went from really good to downright scary.
I am not a Kentucky fan and this is outrageous. The time had blatantly run out before ball was hiked. It's not even questionable. Florida is getting all the breaks this year. They don't even have to play their first game and now a free victory. Kentucky should not have to claim this game as a loss.
I am an Auburn fan and after reading this I am still wondering where the story is. All he said was "we have an opportunity to show the world what we're about on Saturday". Not exactly fighting words. I expect the hogs to be dramatically improved and give auburn a tough game but auburns depth and talent and home crowd will eventually win out. With that said it won't be from this non bulletin board material. Wait to write something when there is something legitimate to write about next time.