I’m a lifelong and passionate Bama fan with family roots in Tuscaloosa. I’ve been blessed that the Tide has won 12 NC’s in my lifetime and I’m hopeful I live to see a few more.

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I disagree … I think Bama was underrated. The media filed UGA and their fans with rat poison. It’s happened to Bama a few times … the NC game in 2018 for example. Of course, half the staff working for their new teams played a part as well.
Jealousy, envy and hate make gotigger8 a sad, sad little boy. Me, I would think a tigger fan would spend more time on a tigger fan board lobbying and praying for some coach, any coach to please, please, please come to Red Stick!
Funny, I would think most fans would “mostly be hoping for a playoff that finally” included their team?
You did get the fact he was bringing up how bad Bama’s O-line is … right?
They’re the same fans as before he was hired. There’s a reason Bama has won more NC’s than any other program and it’s because former players, alumni and their fan base demand excellence and will not accept losing for very long. We’ve been sitting in the same section with many of the same families for over 35 years … long before Saban graced our team with his acceptance. You must be projecting.
Stroud had an amazing game but he had it against the 130th ranked pass defense … the worst in the nation. Of course, great QB stats can be had against poor pass defenses. Both Calzada and Jefferson had their best games by far against Bama’s shockingly bad DB’s. Phil Steele had rated them the best DB unit in the country preseason … and UGA’s DB’s at 20 … opps!
The other conferences would have revolted if the BCS formula had carried over to the 4 team playoff. They truly envisioned the committee playing conference politics instead of actually trying to match the best four teams … which is what they’ve done for the most part. The truth is neither system is/was perfect and no matter what method chooses the playoff teams, most of the nation will complain about it. They want be happy until it reaches 16 teams … and even then there will be a large number of those who will complain that the SEC and the B1G have too many teams make the playoffs every year.
I’m so glad the vast majority of Arkansas fans aren’t like you. You make ad hominem attacks whenever someone refutes what you say. That’s as far from being classy as it comes for fans. And your “we’re better at every other sport and we had the greatest coach …” while posting on a football article does nothing but show either immaturity or an inferiority complex on steroids. You should stick to Arkansas sites though I doubt they enjoy your ugly personal attack comments anymore than the rest of us do.
First, Williams should leave the Ohio State fans alone and just focus on playing. Second, his transfer was good for him and for Bama … and it didn’t really hurt OSU. They have 3 receivers who might all go in the 1st Round. Lastly, it’s obvious he didn’t take many grammar classes at OSU and he hasn’t taken any at Bama … or he did/has at both but didn’t do well in them.
Man I hope that’s not who Jones turns out to be most like in the NFL. Ryan’s had one outstanding season among a bunch of disappointing ones. Ryan has to be one of the worst Red Zone TD performers of all NFL QB’s with that much time in the league. And if a stat was kept of the most inopportune interceptions thrown, he’d hold the top spot there as well. He’s been a mid-tier QB all along in my opinion.
Yep, a newly named head coach keeps the former head coach he’s replacing on his staff. Totally believable.
“You guys play to the myth your conference is superior”. Yeah, like we play to the myth man has landed on the moon and America is much more of a force for good in the world than bad. We’re bad like that … thinking the SEC is superior … how in the world do we come up with such nonsense? Maybe it’s in the number of NC’s won in this century or the number of playoff wins or the bowl records or the number of NFL draft picks … or maybe we do so because all of the evidence points to the SEC’s superiority thus far in this century. We know it won’t always be that way and when all of the evidence points overwhelming to another conference’s 20 year run of dominance, the vast majority of us will freely admit it.
I assume you’re joking right? If not … Arkansas had/has just as much say as any other SEC member has/had in their schedules. Each SEC team had a lot to say in who would be their permanent crossover opponent and each team rotates playing every other non permanent crossover team on a set basis. The same is true with home and away games … it rotates on a set basis for every conference member. Arkansas plays Missouri every year which was to be a given as they both arrived at the same time … at home one year, away the next. The fact, they might have Florida one year and Georgia the next as their other crossover opponent is just the luck of the draw. In the following years, they will play UT, Kentucky and Vanderbilt … so if Missouri stays down Arkansas might have two relatively easy crossover games for several years. The West will always be mean no matter which team you’re talking about.
So, you think O’Brien’s a better OC than Kiffin and Sark? Seriously? I’m with you on Jekyll and Hyde Golding but you lost me on O’Brien. I also seriously doubt he even makes the finalists for the Broyles award unless Bama’s offense explodes and carries them to another NC.
Ha, ha, ha … you’re something else. Usually, such silly envy of Bama comes from wittle tigger fans. So, now we can add a wittle puppy fan to the mix. Your conspiracy theories make me laugh out loud … so by all means please keep them coming!
Thankfully most UGA fans aren’t as inane as you most certainly are. If they were, the team colors would have to be changed from red and black to dark green to go with your visceral envy.
I doubt he’s going to be a one and done as he played against very weak opponents in high school. He’s more like a two and done which is probably why he chose Bama over the professional route. But you’re right … I can’t imagine Saban having to deal with it much less me. On second thought, you and I both would probably handle it better than he would.
“Undefeated is undefeated” is akin to saying conference play is conference play. Both are ridiculous statements. Even though their fans and the sportswriters who cover the B1G want to equate their conference with the SEC anyone with a shred of intellectual honesty knows that’s just not the case. Ohio State can compete in the SEC week and week out but they’re it. So strength of schedule should matter over won/loss records … by a lot. As for Cincinnati … they beat a Notre Dame team that can’t compete in the playoffs. That shouldn’t override an otherwise weak schedule. Of course, I do hope the committee lets them in the playoffs … and I hope the committee also finds a way to get Michigan State or Oregon in there. That way it could easily end up as an all SEC NC game … again.
You’d rather have a player who declares to the public he’d rather quit than earn his playing time on a team in the midst of the greatest dynasty in college football history? Not me … there’s a huge difference between not being content on the bench and tweeting out I’ve had it I quit. Come on … that’s not the kind of response Bama wants from its players.
You nailed it … the transfer portal and NIL are ruining what was the greatest sport in the land.
UGA just might win it all as their D is certainly championship quality this season.Though, they might also have to beat Bama twice in order to win it all. Granted, this is Saban’s weakest team since 2013 … but it’s tough to beat the same team twice in the same season.Of course, that works both ways. In any event, the next seven weeks should be fun!
Certainly there was a fair amount of overrating going on but there was also key injuries and critical positions. Mainly though … it’s been piss poor preparation and piss poor play.
Brawny … we get it … you’re green with envy. Can’t really blame you because the SEC is the envy of every other conference. That will one day change but until that day comes the SEC will continue to dominate the college football world. By the way, those 3 and 4 loss SEC teams routinely beat 1 and 2 loss teams from other conferences in bowl games. So, you’re right … the SEC has the best 3 and 4 loss teams in college football.
Based upon experience, I’d say it’s safe to say DK hates both UGA and Bama. He’s just wrong so often I don’t know why anyone still listens to what he spews.
A little punctuation would help others understand what you’re attempting to say much more quickly. Nothing is a bigger “I have no clue what I’m talking about” than the need to add “Trust me, I know.” to your post to sound legit.
You mean those milquetoast teams that routinely beat other conference’s teams in the postseason … especially B1G teams?
I think that lady’s name is Beth Mowins and I only know because I once looked it up. She might sound like HH but she graduated from the Harry Doyle aka Bob Uecker from Major League school of play by play announcing. Every time I hear her call a game I hear Uecker say “ juuussttt outside”.
Not screwing up and throwing to check downs when appropriate are gifts of playing a winning game. Do you think baseball players who don’t swing for the fence every time is less talented than someone who does? Or a basketball player who doesn’t shoot threes or drive the lane every time he has the ball is less talented than someone who does? I’ll take the talent of a winner like Tebow over a gunslinger who only cares about himself every time. Again, we’re talking about talent at the level they’re playing in college. Go to McShay’s lists to see his rankings of the most talented NFL QB prospects. It seems that what you’re looking to see.