I’m a lifelong and passionate Bama fan with family roots in Tuscaloosa. I’ve been blessed that the Tide has won 12 NC’s in my lifetime and I’m hopeful I live to see a few more.

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How old are you ... 12 ... 13? You truly appear to be a child. Turn out the lights in your mom’s basement and take a nap.
Dreeeeam ... dream, dream dream ... dreeeeam.
I can see how all of these were selected except for the two UGA players ... and Swearinger at SC. Anyone who didn’t appreciate Floyd or Carter weren’t paying attention to UGA games. As a rabid Bama fan and a huge SEC fan, it was hard to not see those guys stand out when watching Georgia play. The same but to a lesser degree with Swearinger. Anyway, I enjoy these lists as they bring back memories of players and games I haven’t thought about in a while.
A win tomorrow and Bama becomes a 1 Seed .... or they should. Michigan losing opened the door ... but Bama has to close the SEC Tournament door on LSU to be able to claim the 1 Seed. I never thought I would live long enough to see Bama’s BB program become powerful but it’s been fun being surprised!
Wow! Your anger towards anything Bama should be directed at UGA’s coaching staff and players. They’re the ones who haven’t been able to beat Bama. It used to only be the tigger fans whose envy and jealousy overwhelmed their senses but over the past decade many puppy fans have joined them. Instead of red and black perhaps UGA should change their team colors to green ... deep green ... almost black to match your envy and your heart.
Don’t forget about the slants. They accounted for the majority of Tua’s first down completions and many of his yards. A number of us said, if a team takes away the slant Tua might struggle and that’s exactly what happened in the NC game against Clemson.
Wow! Your toxic envy and jealousy of Bama is noted. Bwess your wittle heart ... the mean ole SEC, the refs and God all conspired to keep UGA from becoming the dynasty Bama became in their place. Typically Bama envy and jealousy at this sophomoric level emanates from basement dwelling tigger fans on the plains and in red stick. Who knew the king of whine would actually reside in a puppy dog’s basement?
UGA should change their school colors to green and crimson. Their envy of Bama forever enshrined in their colors. To answer your question ... perhaps the young man wants to play for the GOAT coach and win a National Championship? If not he can certainly choose UGA.
Fulmer’s legacy tied to a recruiting scandal ... the definition of karma ... and it’s definitely a b**ch.
If and that’s still a big if in my opinion, Jaylen’s truly recovered enough from that type of injury to play again this quickly, sports medicine has reached plateaus I never thought possible. Of course, even if he’s ready to play, the question then becomes should he? The overwhelming vast majority of 1st Round players would not and even though I’m old school, I can understand why they wouldn’t. Another injury, however unlikely, could knock him out of the 1st Round. Plus, Coach Saban would never hear the end of it and we’d see mass opt outs in the coming years using that second injury as the justification. My goodness, the way things are already headed, it seems likely a number of players will start opting out long before bowl season in the coming years.
If you don’t think Dabo’s vote and all his subsequent comments had a huge impact on the Ohio State players, I respectfully say you’re wrong. If you’re saying it shouldn’t I would agree but we’re talking about 18-22 year olds. If bulletin board material didn’t work coaches would stop allowing it to be put up. As it is, go into any college football facility from the weight room to the training rooms to breakout rooms (especially breakout rooms) to the locker room and you’ll see it before any big game.
I bet Coach Saban paid the writer to post this story. Of course he didn’t ... but he’s certainly thankful for it. Please keep them coming!
Deep down Coach Saban was thankful not to have to face Clemson? Seriously? What a load of excrement. Saban’s competitive deep in his bones and you can take it to the bank he wanted nothing as much as he wanted to take Dabo and Clemson to the wood shed. Finebaum gets paid to talk so he talks and talks and talks.
Be careful, green with envy eye sludge is blinding you to reality. It’s appropriate that the two biggest groups of whiners about Bama’s greatness share the same mascot species ie wittle tiggers. You know, fans whose teams manage to have an elite season once every blue moon.
What exactly is wrong with his articles? Granted, I’m new to this site but I thought the writer did a fine job.