Davey Crockett

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Lots of over thrown balls but I was happy with where our receivers are after losing our big 3
All we run was the draw play lined up in I formation once and ran it down their throat tried again false start. From butch on our we in shotgun and it’s draw plays, why jalen left
He got robbed, robbed I tell you just like Peyton! Orange lives matter!!!
Crimson is gross then the uniforms are as plain as possible like penn state
This is a better list. Blue tick coon hound in the south come on and Davey Crockett the king of the wild frontier a real life hero! Bulldogs are played out not original at all. Elephants and tigers only in the zoo.
He is SICK, he will be awesome in the booth like everything else he does. And 1980
We always recruit well for a team in its worst decade in history but this year is something else. I hope it’s a sign of the things to come.
He whispers in all the videos I seen and he’s pretty funny. He turned down the buckeyes job bc he said urban would save and post all his text. Vols are getting everybody tho coach said this was our decade!
Rocky Top alarm clock,ring tone and putting my kids to sleep.
My man army reject stays a negative dbag loser. I hope your not the person in real life that you are on sds.