Davey Crockett

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Take your own advice tweeker leave that stuff alone
Finally on the W side of a come from behind game. Huge win just what this state needed yesterday!
Dawg fans like you are the reason I thought a man standing in front of his destroyed house cracking jokes on the news was funny.One day when I’m better than everybody like you Maybe I won’t laugh but that’s not today.
I waited an hour to donate blood after work then helped pick up a disaster it was one light hearted joke some dude said on the news so wow that your the idiot.
It’s not a joke maybe not his exact words but no joke u sensitive crybaby I wouldn’t make fun of my friends and neighbors.Yall soft man.
At this time it is important for us as Vols fans to come 2gether and share our disslike for all things jawga, gayturd and that team to the south.Ty and GBO!!
16 people died last night in my town of Cookeville TN. People on the news were asked if they had ever seen anything like it one man compared it to all the hot air coming from jawga fans.
Thought we was gonna give up another big lead playin safe missing free throws
Get a big lead then quit being aggressive game plan hasn’t worked for us yet.
How bout the decision to try and run out the clock with 6 min left and only an 8 point lead at sc. Passin up open shots to run the shot clock out only to heave up a prayer on 4 or 5 possessions.
The only ones more excited are the dawg fans on EVERY single Vols article.
You guys are so right one thing I hate is optimism. He should have just said well we had a great class but we are the same ole TN.Shame on him.
I think it’s fair to say GA fans are at a lvl of pettiness never seen b4.