Davey Crockett

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Poor poor Tate , Netflix’s qb1said he was the greatest high school qb ever.
Hurt me enough to say I liked a gator and I get a smart remark.
Good for Danny. I’m guessing he’s your fav since you only brought him up, and yeah I seen his E60 show.
So glad I got second and third chances at that age.Don’t like the thug stuff but it’s hard not to be a product of your environment.
Joe cool,coach O and the Trump train all in the same room man that’s a lot of awesome.
Handing out money, smacking police and crying in a giants game all on camera dude is somethin else then the haircut.
Excited for next year,the way the season ended left me wanting more.......Finally
Ol herbie been sour since his two sons picked Clemson beat his buckeyes only to lose to LSU. Everyone mad because coach O is redneck and doing so good people think they better.
The GA backlash on this article alone shows you boys ain’t happy with where your at.A state that puts out so much talent but so heartbroken.
Gotta come to TN to see a good race we appreciate your cash.
Nagi got em barking at this one. #nobody does less with more
I bet Lyle hit em with the brick by brick or told them they could be champions of life
Our o line gonna be maulin dudes for the next few yrs!! I know Smith and Kennedy are done after next year b4 some smart a## brings it up.
Hogs were gonna get lil Morris at qb next year they are all kinds of sour.
Dear sweet baby Jesus go on to the league get that 4sure money.
That many signs it was impressive at times when they had it going right.Let them hate.
You know there’s something to it when Jawga boys write paragraphs.Got em
That’s what I’m watching for let’s not push it
Remember how proud they were turning Vandy stadium red, Knoxville was gonna be next.Nobody does less with more.