Davey Crockett

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Base vols num 3 in country bball team fixing to have a top 5 class and all is well in Big orange country!
But we had J G for years!! If only Dormandy or the Memphis transfer would have stayed
Oh I know I don’t know any TN vols fans that are TN Titans fans......
Who wants to live in the only blue state in the south???
A lot of bama football and Ky bball fans around and not even from either state
It’s called nega vols people really think that
College kids with pot that’s awful in today’s world! Legal in some states
Hope it brings um together lil extra hate when it’s floriduh or yellow hammers
Which team shows up Like the first game against Mizou or the second ,first 6 quarters against gators or last two, first ky game second ky game ,Kansas game ole miss game
Why not help the home team have a lil state and hometown pride
Don’t feel sorry 4 us can’t wait till you guys quit winning everything...... oh yeah still never happened. State of GA puts out so many top lvl kids and what do ya got?
No state pride I thought rootin for the underdog was American