Davey Crockett

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Enjoy it while we r down I don’t want any other states pity. We ain’t been good in 15 yrs and still beat other schools in recruiting. Can’t wait till it’s the other way around but till then we will just watch our bball team beat u down.GBO
Johnson is the only one who would have been a starter next year others were gonna be doin a lot of watching. We just got Kevin home.Life is good in big orange country!
Of all people u took time out ur day to hate on this dude
Hope he kills it! I thought he’d go to Rutgers .
Na my man I’m sick of being told to stand by while my country goes further down the drain I would have bet u would have been a blue ga dawg!
Now nobody call him a thug they don’t have the same opportunities as everyone else BLM and my vols got one way worse playing lb.
Listen to the cow bells most excitement since hiring Leach!
Went back to the classic look the font they used the past couple years was bad
And Bennett getting arrested idk if he’ll be back so it’s the Baron show now!
I don’t believe it’s because of Covid only
GBO get revenge ! Grier tore us up last time
When the vols can stop your run game you are in trouble! JUST wait till you see bamas big bruiser back there next week.
I loved it he threw the game away. Anytime floriduh,jawga or bama screws it up royally count me in!!
Hopefully JG doesn’t throw like storm troopers shoot!