Davey Crockett

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If you didn’t watch the entire game and seen all the things WS was doing you can’t appreciate how awesome this was
No no no Wright state starting mocking Gilbert’s home run celebration on the last 2 they hit. He always runs up butting elbows in the air and they did it jokingly twice rubbin it in TN face. So bottom 9th bases loaded our neon glasses hot dawg got his PERFECT payback it was awesome!!!
Man if we could only get our football team back on track we’d b killin it in all major sports
He was awesome at UT with the orange dreds but his time got cut short b/c some skank
I don’t even let my kids play with elephants or let my wife wear any kind of clothing with one on it!
You can count on that !! Only a Cali kid would leave TN 4 bama that’s a huge unbelievable sin around here! Between Simpson choosing them now this jus shows where the vols are the past decade and a half!!
He was from TN his father played here his brother was fixing too! Brandon Kennedy. Alvin Kamara those are better examples
Our D is gonna be great I’m talking top notch awesome!! Shut outs a plenty
Trade that ugly burnt for the real deal Orange at the only UT that matters!! Ask Ricky B
Dropped him?? I think the white haven 3 picked their home state over Arky
They also sing a song about our great state at every game!! Talk about d**k riding
Dude wtf why would you type all that garbage out?
Dawg fans gotta know if it doesn’t happen this year man o man!!
Hour later and not one it’s really amazing!! Give it time tho
Yes ..this dude gets it!! State pride and been hearing a lot of good things bout his spring ball
Base vols num 3 in country bball team fixing to have a top 5 class and all is well in Big orange country!