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Due to the private school Burch attends, they will not let him sign early due to academic restrictions. It is the same with Alex Huntley as well.
The two losses you bring up were away from home so its a little different than playing at home.
When you have as many injuries as we have had on our defense, it makes it difficult to exist. If our defense had been even close to full strength instead of playing freshmen, we may have given Clemson a scare.
If USC didnt have the good non-conference wins against NC State and Michigan at Neutral sites, you might have an argument. You also have to remember that USC gave UGA the biggest challenge in the SEC East. We gave you all that you could handle for most of that game in Athens.
Some of the ones you're probably referring to didn't have a true Championship game like they do now so you basically had to "claim titles" way back when. Now there are true championship games with governing bodies so there is no reason any team should be claiming titles that didn't even play in the big game. Whether anyone agrees with it or not, UCF will never be recognized as the National Champion by anyone other than their own team, coaches, fanbase, and school.
With how bare the roster was when Muschamp arrived, it is so crazy to me that people still don't consider him a great coach after what he has done for us. He just recently made the list for the top 25 coaches so it's great to see he is finally getting recognized. The situation was completely different at Florida and after another coach has failed there, it is easy to see it wasn't just Muschamp.
@Tim Rupert I understand that but you're asking these recruits to be a lot in their second game of their entire career and the first game in a hostile SEC environment. I am not saying UGA won't be an awesome team but I am saying it is going to be a big advantage for us to get you early. Also, if UGA fans don't think it will be different without Michel and Chubb early on, that's just disrespectful to them. They are not easily replaced.
@agdawg Thank you for the history lesson but I am speaking of the present.
Boom!!! love it! UGA will have a rude awakening without Michel and Chubb there. South Carolina has a ton of experience returning so don't be too cocky Mr. Rupert.
No one has to hope for suspensions...we will be just fine. It definitely helped though when your players didnt know how to behave and stay out of trouble during the offseason though because they would be suspended when we played you guys. It isn't something we "hope" will happen though. Second of all, just because we are good at multiple sports, it doesn't make us a "basketball school". We had a 9-win football team that was second in the division and have a defending national champion women's basketball team and a men's team rebuilding after a final four appearance. We also have a baseball team with two national championships and will get back to being a national power after an off year. I would say we just have a good athletic department. Don't be jealous just because you're a one-sport school.
@fuzzyvol01 Well he was an Offensive Analyst at Alabama so he actually didn't have anything really to do with Jalen Hurts' development. He was the Ole Miss Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach and developed Bo Wallace, Chad Kelly, and Shea Patterson....I think that's a pretty awesome track record.
Something doesn't make sense here because what this article doesn't tell the readers is in the very same interview, Clowney also complimented how well the Jaguars played against the Texans and how they were beat on both sides of the ball by the Jags. It doesn't make a lot of sense for Clowney to call him trash but then compliment the whole team. It's just weird to me.
Exactly!! Hard to consider it one of its "best wins" if they didn't even play...
@Eaglebuc You're contradicting yourself a little bit. You're saying Tennessee won't be relevant for a couple of years but you're saying Tennessee will win the East before South Carolina. I'm sorry but if you win the East, then you're definitely going to be considered "relevant". You definitely have really nice facilities but I can tell you haven't been to Carolina because so do we. We have a stadium that's regularly considered one of the toughest places to play, we have a brand new indoor practice facility, and are finishing construction on a brand new football operations building. Other than Neyland's sheer size and history, Tennessee doesn't beat any of that. If you still honestly think after taking a team from 3-9 before he got there to 6-7 and 8-4 (hopefully 9-4) that Muschamp is a good coach, you're crazy. I wouldn't say someone that is undefeated against the school you're trying to make a case for is a bad coach. That makes you look even worse that you can't beat a bad coach even once in 6 years.
I personally think Florida struck gold with Mullen and will end up being very happy with him. He has proven to be a great coach at Mississippi State with far less resources than he will have at Florida. He has proven he can develop a quarterback with three incredible ones in ten years (Tebow, Prescott, Fitzgerald) and that is what Florida has been missing. Morris has shown he can develop an offense but it will be interesting to see if he can take a whole team where it needs to be in order to be competitive in the SEC.He did take SMU from nothing to something decent but this is a whole new level. Fisher is a great coach and should be able to do well at Texas A&M. If he is able to get the top talent in Texas and actually develop them, then they will be a force. Sumlin never had problems with recruiting but he was never able to get that top talent to perform consistently. Fisher should be able to do that given his track record of consistency other than this past year. I think its crazy Tennessee is probably going to end up with a coordinator with no head coaching experience. I think they will need a few years of just having a coach pull them from the depths they will now be in and then get a real coach with experience in a year or two. This whole thing is a mess for them. I don't know much about the new Mississippi State coach but I know Penn State had one heck of an offense and at least he has head coaching experience. I love how deliberate they were and went right after the guy they wanted and got him. He is inheriting a good program so he just doesn't need to mess it up. Overall, depending on who Tennessee gets. I think the conference will be stronger as a whole. Not everyone is going to have good years every year but we do need to add some depth and get it back to when we were dominating other conferences and having huge winning records during bowl season.
@eaglebuc If Tennessee is so much more attractive, why can't you get anyone to go coach there?? And other than the fact that Tennessee does have a more winning tradition in the past (emphasis on the past), what makes Tennessee more attractive than South Carolina. In the past ten seasons, look at the records. We have won way more games than you and we have been to the SEC championship in the past ten years. Tennessee can't say that. The past is the past and it shows that Tennessee can be relevant but currently, we are definitely a much more attractive school with a building team, hard working coach, and facilities improving every day.
As I said, Mizzou was in the middle of a coaching change. Odom was announced head coach on December 3rd and the games were announced December 7th....You can say it was because they didn't want a message sent to the younger players but the circumstances are still different from the present when it comes to the coaching change. Secondly, the very last paragraph says the author thinks Mizzou will at least split their last two games...which would make them 6-6. They would qualify for a bowl game under that condition. They whole article is not about going 5-7.
@KYCourt I find it an anomaly that you think your comment is relevant to the topic of discussion. Yes, you caught us not playing well and injured our best player. Congratulations! Enjoy your 3rd place finish in the East. We'll enjoy being higher
The reason Mizzou refused a bowl in 2015 is because they were making a coaching change. Odom would be dumb to refuse a bowl at 5-7 because that means extra practice and more money for the school and SEC as a whole. However, the author is suggesting Mizzou will end up at least 6-6 so you won't have to worry about a 5-7 scenario anyway. With the way they are playing, they'll probably be 7-5.
IF*** they get real coaches....and they'll still be playing catch-up. We should be solid again next year
Nope, you wore the black jerseys last year @doubleduece33
It could also be because of the SEC network's "College Gameday"-like show, SEC Nation. There is always a pregame show at an SEC Campus every single week. I also agree with the fact that the B1G seems to dominate ESPN and College Gameday when it comes to publicity the conference gets and the hosts of the show.
With TCU and Oklahoma already playing each other in the regular season and possibly meeting again in the Big 12 Championship game, I don't see how they could both make the playoff. Not really sure why he is projecting this will happen. It would make much more sense to pick a Pac 12 or Big 10 champion.
I love our Garnet helmets too but the black ones are my favorite by far!!
This is extremely generous! Several of these made me raise an eyebrow considering the holes that seem to be overlooked by this author.
I just dont see a Nick Saban coached Alabama team losing a game they have so much time to prepare for at the beginning of the season. If it was later in the season, I could see it as more of a possibility but not when the team will be at full strength.
I will never understand why Connor Shaw doesn't get more appreciation for what he did at South Carolina. Undefeated at home and helped USC get to three 11-win seasons in a row. A couple of these quarterbacks definitely don't have that sort of resume.
The SEC will never put Alabama and Auburn in separate divisions because they don't want to lose the prestige and intensity of the Iron Bowl. They would never take the chance on just the possibility of them playing in the SEC championship game and lost the permanent regular season game because that is one of the biggest games of the year. Secondly, if they do play each other in a cross-division game every year, it wont mean as much if they turn right around the next week and play each other in the SEC Championship game.
@HJTiger That makes no sense because then you'd end up with 7 teams in the West and 9 in the East. Haha!!! Plus, Kentucky in the West doesn't make much sense when Alabama and Auburn are more west geographically than Kentucky.