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Agree, just walk right off the field. Guess what is now needed is instant replay of the instant replay. Unbelievable the amount of bad calls Arkansas receives even after instant replay shows how bad a call it was.
Thanks Mattmd2, does this mean we are finally forgiven about that Petrino/Falcon thing?
10 if I add signing in to do this comment. Trump needs to free us to go out and play.... LOL
Don't be too hard on Pittman, (gossip) is Pittman of course would have loved to have him but actually told him GA would be best for him. Somewhat believable being the way SP is about his players.
I'm a Razorback fan that went to SC this year. Without a doubt the best I've ever been treated at an away game. My only complaint was the way my team was treated in the 2nd half, LOL
Love em, I'm sure the kids love em, get over it and get on board.
Jimmy, what part of headline do you not understand? Let me do the math for you, the last FOUR years, half of Hogs opponents have been ranked.
....easy, and don't forget your loss to Arkansas at home last year.
Tennessee has not beaten a team from the West since 2010. That says it all.
Only because TN plays in the little sisters of the east. Get ready for two losses the next two weeks against the West. Then TN can start another streak against the likes of Vandy, Ky, SC and Mizzu. Tn would be about #5 in the West... behind Arkansas.
Typical SDS writing/logic. Texas State (Cupcake) beats Ohio (Light, But not Embarrassing) at Ohio. These guys give me a laugh a few times a week.
I hate to always correct the falsehood of TN "squandered" 4th quarter leads in all their loses last year. Their last lead against Arkansas last year in Knoxville was in the second quarter. Tied at the half and Arkansas led throughout most of the second half. You stand corrected Matt Hinson, you're welcome.
For the sake of accuracy, Arkansas led the final 24:12 of the game.
Oh this is golden! No, it's a shame y'all (TN) fired the only coach who ever took you to Atlanta....YDA! You must still be butthurt from that loss in Knoxville last year and 3 out of the last 4. It"s a shame y'all can't win as many games as your wannabe coach spits out lame slogans. Ps That loss must still hurt you for you to troll over here but on the other hand that victory IN KNOXVILLE felt sweet to me. It should have been the offensive coach fired with us completely shutting down your offense and holding Turd to 2 rushing yards in the 2nd half. LOL
You do realize that end of year win streak ya'll had is only because you play in the East.
Well Doctor, Arkansas also "leads the race by a huge margin" for the most times going against #1......21 times. This shows again how year in year out historically Arkansas has the toughest schedule in football.
Well that will surely cut their phone bill with all those minutes saved. Knoxville PD can now downgrade from their "unlimited plan".
In the meantime, Tennessee's invited personality Rapper Lil Jon, be bustn rhymes bout dem ho's and pop a cap in yo ass...... or something like that. He be hangin with Butch and the boys while working on that change of culture.
Well Butch, you get what you sow. Why have people like Rapper Lil Jon invited to hang with you and your team. So much for changing the culture. Butch is good with talking and slogans but actions speak otherwise.
When a VOL fan has something to say about recruiting violations, take notice that he is an expert on the subject.
It's a great track for fans. Viewing will not be any worse than watching a game at that monstrosity they call Neyland. :)
WTH losing those players next year has to do with THIS year final ranking? Please try to keep up. SMH
Here's a team that had ROAD WINS at Tennessee, LSU and Ole Miss....ARKANSAS
Here is the "biggest stride"! In Knoxville, Hogs had more 1st downs (4), 129 more total yards, 11 minutes more time of possession, fewer turnovers, fewer penalties, and most important..... more points 24-20.
In that top 25, Arkansas beat 3 of those teams including Tennessee at Knoxville. How many of the 25 did TN beat............... Tennessee overrated then and still overrated now. It must be nice to finish the year with SC, North Texas, KY, Mizzo and Vandy.