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Ultrarunning and Gamecock Football, is there anything else?

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For the record, he's not a native of Opelika, Alabama... But I wouldn't expect quality journalism from SDS...
SC Students not fans, that's the student section under scoreboard. I agree, it needs to stop and better policed.
Headlines to this crap should've been "SEC Officials Gift Wrap Two Touchdowns for Florida."
Absolutely atrocious officiating. So obvious that the SEC doesn't want SC beating two playoff contenders in a row and are protecting their interests.
"That game Garcia is referring to was the 2010 matchup between No. 19 South Carolina and No. 1 Alabama. Garcia led the unranked Gamecocks to the upset of defending national champions" Were the Gamecocks No. 19 or unranked? I mean, we all know they were #19...really poor editing there, Connor.
All we see is "fundamentals" are being coached. This play is one of many that contradicts that. Pouncing on the fumble to get your team the ball is a fundamental. If you're the first man to get to the ball carrier, you wrap him up... that's a fundamental. This defense is all about trying to make the Sportscenter highlights with horrible results. Until CWM and T-Rob get that crap in check, this defense will not progress.
BS, he didn't lead with his helmet, you can clearly see he put his arms up first. When will the NCAA idiots realize that offensive players are dropping their helmets too, causing these so called targeting. Offensive players should be ejected just the same if it's clear they've lowered their helmet like seen here.
As I've heard, he's staying in Opelika for his senior season.
Thinking the same thing... That good 'ol SDS proof reading... about as good as the fact checking...
Clearly jroberts doesn't understand the impact Muschamp and team had in such a short periord of time. to finish with the 26th ranked classed is damn impressive given where the recruiting class was ranked the day Muschamp was announced as HC.
Headline should read "LSU student..." not fan... PLus he's smart enough to be on Jeopardy! so following football may not be a past time of his.
You use the term "writer" loosely, haha!
C'mon Yardcock. Proguy was confused about the whole academics program. He thought that jorts making was a class at every big university system and not just at UF where the school of Jorts is the number 1 program in the world.
Right? I get it, there's been some impressive kickoff returns this bowl season, but would love to see the longest non-kickoff touchdowns as well.
What's funny, the pessimism over Muschamp is all from the media and former team fans. He gets blamed for Auburn's poor defense and he wasn't there a year.
Jahmere Irvin-Sills is from my hometown. Glad to see someone else from there getting out of the hell hole that is Elkton, MD.
From the local reports, he's going to be ok, just in serious condition at this point. Sadly, trouble has followed him around and there's a good chance his playing days in Columbia are done.
The plan, as stated by Muschamp, is to bring a spread, up-tempo offense to the Gamecocks
Roper had a single year as the OC in Florida and never really recruited there. Ellis wasn't "ran off" He went to Southern Miss as the HC. Ellis is a great defensive coach but not so much as a HC. Ellis can recruit, the defenses of the 11-2 years were all his recruits. Bobby Bentley has a big con, as many of the upstate coaches don't care for him much because he was as cocky as they came when he was coaching HS ball.
Exactly right. This kind of crybaby attitude isn't wanted or needed. On top of that, the recruiting from the previous coaching staff has been questionable for the last couple of years. Seemingly recruiting based on star rankings and not talent, so this may be a good thing.
Love him or hate him, Foley is a smart business man.
He's definitely pulling on the heartstrings of the Gamecock faithful with this move. Aside from his sideline attitude, if he can get a great OC and remain, for the most part, hands off on the offensive side of the ball, I would put my faith in him. Look at the defense he created at UF, clearly the strong point of their team this year.
Don't be so sure of Clemson putting an asswhopping on UNC.
BREAKING NEWS: The sky is blue, according to sources... Every single person who follows college football knows that the schools generally give a couple hundred dollars worth of gear to the kids to wear, take pics in, etc. This is NOT news...
Tanner has been working, this I don't question. I, for one, am glad that he didn't jump on the first name and his truly interviewing. It's the media that keeps throwing every damn name in the book out there and the fans jumping all over the stories like it's the truth because a so called sport website said so.