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Why didn’t UT light up Florida? UT barely beat them and currently they are both 4-4 but Mizzou has 2 SEC wins and Florida has one. Everyone keeps calling 1-4 in the SEC team a ranked win instead of a struggle against a bad team.
P.S. Dak did not have rushing TDs against Bama, Arkansas, or Southern Miss. According to ESPN the Wordwide Leader in sports.
UGA scored on Arkasas in the first quarter less than 10 games ago. Just saying.
Can y'all have an editor or something review your article? You have three scores on there incorrect. UTC, UGA and UA are all incorrect. Maybe that is why you have this team so high on the list? This was a team that needed come backs all year, lok at their close games.
My only concern is that they make it a true competition to get the best not just give Ramsey the job. I think Park can make a big push to get it. If Ramsey is the best then so be it.
Nice continuing to make up stories. Two years ago was in Auburn, back to back Auburn home games. If you're going to lie about what happened get your facts straight. I have tailgated in Athens many times and seen none of this. UGA fans are too worried about ther own tailgate to bother with other fans. ONly altercations I have seen have been from drunk fans trying to start fights.
That is made up. I have been to many games and seen none of this action. I have brought many fans from other teams and witness none of this. Just a bitter fan after a embarassing loss.
Besides being rested and only taking 6 carries in the Troy game he has had 15/198 vs Clemson 20/131 vs SC, 28/208 vs UT and 25/163 vs Vandy what makes you think he will go under? No game action prior to Clemson. Sony Michel has been limited this week with a sore ankle. Likely less carries for Michel. Kieth Marshal looks to still be out. Those saying under look lazy for not really looking at the situation.
When did UGA's line struggle this year? They have loked really good. Especially against the two best d-lines in Clemson and Mizzou.
When did Richt jin the 5 milion club? I can't find it on gogle. I thought he was like 3.2
Even at $500.00 a month it would take 132 years. I don't think he will live that long.
I am confused. You said you buy Bama being in the 4 team play off and you buy Texas A & M playing in Atlanta? You said the SEC champion playing as the lone sec rep in the 4 team play off?
Clemson vs South Carolina will look like the UGA vs Clemson game but with Mike Davis running the ball all over them.
Not a home stadium? Great game but not a home stadium.