Dawg in FL

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Hit the road, Trudawg and go troll somewhere else. 41-0
Trudawg is anything but. He/she is a TN troll with multiple fake accounts.
Damn, son! Butthurt much? His reply was stupid, it was the truth!
She is so desperate to be a DAWG because, well, you know - TN sucks and will continue to do so. 41-0!
I think I have something in my eye. Thank you, Thomas Davis, for the wonderful example you have set! DGD!
Trudawg, come on out of the football closet. Not that we really want you as a DAWG fan, but we understand why you want to be. 41-0. Sucks doesn't it? And it's not going to get that much better anytime soon, so bub bye! Keep circling the drain with your suck ass team!
Coach Tucker deserves every penny and so do the rest of the staff with their raises! GO DAWGS!
Very nice and well deserved! Way to go Dawgs! (Save your comments, AL fans. You can gloat about yours later.)
Best of luck to John Kelly. He is a talented player and I hope his pro career goes well.
Come on dawgdayz, we all know you want to be a GA fan because TN sucks rocks. Come out of your closet of shame.
No, I don't think we will. I think you are underestimating the coaching staff and talent. We had to replace our QB with a freshman. These kids are no slouches.
Nice try, Dawgdayz, but that's a fail. Go somewhere else.
"You" is Connor, who writes about this dribble. "You" just perpetuated that crap once again. Let it die already.
Last time I checked, juniors become seniors. We have juniors to step into leadership roles. All these younger players have seen the example that has been set and will follow that. It’s not like the seniors are taking that with them and nothing remains behind. I guess y’all forgot we have the #1 recruiting class coming in. GA is in great shape! GO DAWGS!!!
Vols were the biggest joke of all! Sorry ass season, didn't win a conference game at all, no bowl game, joke of a coach, idiot AD, and let's not forget that big joke of all, the search TN did for a head coach! What a cluster f*ck TN is! Your sorry team won't be that much better, so get use to it. No fruit sucks like the big orange! 41-0!
They should join ESPN and have a big AL lovefest together.
I couldn't agree more! Thunder and lightning has touched this team (and I'm not talking just about Chubb and Michel). They spark on the field with each other and Kirby directs it all. It's nothing short of amazing how it all comes together with so many key plays made by so many different players. It is mean to be! GO DAWGS!
Dawgs will be prepared! It's not like Kirby doesn't know AL from the inside out!
Yes, nice article but I will never believe McGarity was the one who decided MR had to go. He may have been the messenger but, like all schools, UGA has their 'illuminati' who are the *big* contributors who call the shots behind the scenes. TN has the Mannings and Haslam and GA has Fran Tarkenton and friends. McGarity was content keeping everything mediocre (the stadium, football coach, tennis courts, etc) and didn't give a flip. Still doesn't. He's been forced to make improvements. He can't leave fast enough for me.
Making money off of Mr Bellamy. They need to humble themselves. Ripoff and is SDS making a cut as well?
I hope the Dawgs defense isn't soft on AL like they were on OU in the first half. They need to come out the gate ready to pulverize everyone like they did in the second half.
Sorry, not sorry. Go lick your wounds somewhere else.