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Bunker Buster - x iLoveMyDawgs x is a troll, more than likely is VolTrainConductor. He's an idiot and not a Dawg fan. Being a TN fan would more than explain his stupidity and mega doucheness!
When Roquan gets out there, the Bears will be immensely helped by former DAWGS! I know most (or all) weren't starters, but damn! Wims was showing them how it's done!
GO DAWGS! It's good to be a DAWG!!! I will give a shout out to SDS for posting this article. I guess everyone is too busy doing other things at Dawg Nation. Nothing about it on their webpage as of 11:37pm on Thursdays night.
It's been reported on NFL network that some players in the league have this provision in their contracts and some do not. Some former NFL players are supporting him saying he should be able to pay the fine without it coming out of his guaranteed money. There should have been a little more explanation of the situation in your article.
I agree 100% with this article! Kirby and the Dawgs will defeat AL. Hopefully sooner than later, but it will happen! GO DAWGS!
If he doesn't have inside info, then he needs to keep his mouth closed. There's two sides to every story and then the truth, which I doubt he knows any of it. Just sayin...
DGD's!!! DawgNation wishes them all the best! I never cared very much for NFL football. That's all changed now!
"It beat No. 6 Georgia at home in 2014." Uh yeah... just to update you, Keith, this isn't the 2014 team that will be playing. That fact will have nothing to do with either team. GO DAWGS!
Amen about McGarity, RT819! I suspect the big money boosters have told him to leave Kirby alone and give him what he wants! If he knows what's best he will do exactly that!
Just can't stand it, can you Connor? BIG!0 sucks balls compared to the SEC and you particularly like to pick on GA because they had an outstanding season. Go back from whence you came, and write where you will be happy.
Everything is relative and one's perspective changes after you made it to the big time. I don't think he is comparing apples to apples, though. If he'd look back to a leaner money time in his life, he was probably wishing he had the money he has now.
Way to go, Nick! I know the school was very appreciative of your thoughtfulness and generosity!
Wow! What a great glimpse of behind the scenes of the draft back then! Don't hold anything back, Hunter! Say what you feel! lol
Butch was great entertainment last year! I always looked forward to hear his insight and explanations!! LOL
Non throwing hand is being reported along with it being treated like a bone bruise. He will be fine and ready to go. Calm down SDS.
Conner, you just don't get it. Go back from whence you came, son. You plainly don't understand SEC football or the fans.
The NFL network with their series and old games, has kept me occupied. Those two D-bags on HGTV could disappear forever and it'd be fine by me! NO conference compares to the SEC! GO DAWGS!
Wow. How sad for you that you have to live in the past so far back. 41-0, dude, along with the biggest failure of a season in TN history. Didn't even make it to a Toilet Bowl. Throw in TN having the biggest coaching fiasco ever! You need to go take a seat and stay quiet.