Dawg in FL

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Don't get too complacent, AL fans. The NC game was not a lopsided win. Keep resting and don't worry about the Dawgs! Keep telling yourselves that!
Keep on keepin on, Sony! We are pulling for you and will be watching on Sundays!
Way to go, ZO! Great things are in your future and we are thrilled for you! We will be watching!
I'm right there with you on that, Matt. You don't go against your team, work or not. No loyalty, no support from me!
I agree with you, Mountain Dog. Kirbs needs to mix it up with the black.
I'd call this guy a piece of crap, but that would be an insult to crap.
I hope for the best for you and your future!
Herschel understands that playing pro ball is a JOB. The basic concepts of being employed get lost at times among the big time money makers, as they seem to think they are above it and they are not replaceable. WRONG. Herschel has a great work ethic. DGD!
LMAO! The Browns know exactly what they are doing. They want Baker to learn from Nick how to be a professional player. Pay attention if you know what's good for you, Baker. Your ego and antics need to get in check.
You need to stop, 'i love my dawgs'. Everyone knows you're a TN troll. Go away.
Yeah, NO. Nice dig by leaving Fromm out. A true Freshman who leads his team to the National title and no mention from Adam Spencer. Jealous much or trolling to get comments? I'm going with jealous.
Sorry, Connor, you won't be hearing from Fields even if he plays a game. Kirby doesn't allow Freshman to talk to the press.
Sounds like Kirby has learned his lesson from the Natty game! Good! I'm sure Chaney has been put on notice as well. Lights out, all the time! GO DAWGS!
DGD! Wish you all the best for your bright future! GO DAWGS!
Zamir is going great and you trolls need to go back to your pages. 41-0
Tru-troll, you should worm your way back over the the 41-0 board and stay out of here.
Unfortunately, there are TN trolls with fake UGA accounts. Trudawg is one and this is probably another account of his. His way of dealing with 41-0. Please don't think it's us!
Trudawg is a TN troll using a fake account. He has several, so if you see a comment that is whack, it's him using one of several fake accounts.
Tru-Troll, go back under your TN rock. "Trudawg' is Tn troll using a fake account. Don't even bother reading his comments. It's a waste of time.
I loved Butch! His picture should stay in recognition for all the entertainment he provided! If he goes to AL, Nickie will stifle him!
Come on out of the closet, TruTroll. We know you want to be a DAWG fan. 41-0