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I could give a flip about what Tech does. Why is this posted under the Georgia page? Tech is inconsequential.
I sure hope he gets/keeps his life together. He seemed to be on a path of self-destruction. Keep taking your meds, Johnny.
It's about human trafficking. The 'spa' was busted for that. He happened to go into a place that was under investigation. He's an idiot for going to that place to begin with. Make that he's a cheap, idiot. With his money he could have done better than supporting human trafficking. He could have women everywhere to take care of things for him.
I sure hope things work out for him. He has a great career ahead of him if he can stay healthy.
In other words, you've got a year to find another job, McStingy. Either that, or retire.
I'd love to see a show featuring Coach O. I'd wonder how he speaks to his wife? Is it all mumbles except for a few English words we might recognize? Does she really understand everything he says? Enquiring minds want to know!
I don't why he is being so pissy about it and I don't really care what his opinion is. I enjoyed it and will continue to watch it.
YES! I will be tuned in! It will help with my withdrawals. It's definitely worth a look!
Welcome to Dawgnation, George Pickens! You'll look great in Red and Black!
More football with former UGA players? Yes, please! I hope this new league works out for all the players. I know they are counting on it.
Unless you've been in the homes of recruits with Kirby, and know for a fact what he has said, I suggest you keep your trap shut. UGA players have all said everyone competes for the job they want and the best one wins. Easy to throw rocks at a team that is a so far ahead of yours isn't it?
What UGARMYRet says is true. UGA fans are not upset about Chaney leaving. I, personally, am glad he is gone. SDS still is stirring the pot so they can have something to post. If you're glad Chaney is back, then enjoy him, the struggle your team is trying to straighten out, and all the debt TN football program is in because of all the buyouts. SDS doesn't write about that though.
Only if you knew he was an alum, otherwise, how would you know?
DGD! I hope for nothing but the best for him! Sic 'em, Terry!
We were not 'hurt' that Chaney is gone.
I think we will be seeing him playing a lot on Sundays in the near future! Best of luck to him. I hope he is very successful (unless playing against UGA).
Dawg fans do! Go back to the AL page if you don't want to read about DGDs!
What Weagle99 says! The more excited he gets the higher his voice goes. Maybe when he does finally get some, he will calm down. Best of luck to both of them!