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And yet, Greg McElroy says Fields isn't ready. He's always a second late and takes too long to read what's going on.
You hit the nail on the head, dawg88. By the way, Les, Dawgs are winning this game.
What pos thought this up and what pos approved it? How horrible. It's sickening the direction our society has gone for something like this to be even thought of much less carried out.
They are raising money for his family. The school doesn't pay for their food, gas, and lodging expenses.
Chill, Wilcat1337, ride the wave for as long as you can and enjoy!!
Nothing but positive vibes for this young man, his teammates, family and friends.
I hope the Dawgs wake up sooner than later and get it together! Go Dawgs!
I hope he will be ok. I hate to see any player or any team get hurt.
How traumatic for you to have a little kid jump out at you and bark!
Good old Leonard's Losers! We'll be back next week with another bunch of losers!
Uga V took a leap at Auburn's Robert Baker's crotch in 1996, so Smokey is not alone in trying to bite players. Don't be fooled by Uga just because he is laid-back!
No way GA doesn't blow out TN. They aren't mentally or physically ready and they haven't bought into Pruitt.
vitualkelly, you won't find a lot of football academics on this blog. There are a few, but mostly its testosterone driven, with a Trudawg troll thrown in for that extra special annoying factor. Keep casting out your comments. Someone with a lot of football knowledge will take your bait and eventually answer you!
Our Connor is growing up! Sooner than later you will be completely SEC immersed! Keep attending different schools tailgating experiences! Good stuff!