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We were not 'hurt' that Chaney is gone.
I think we will be seeing him playing a lot on Sundays in the near future! Best of luck to him. I hope he is very successful (unless playing against UGA).
Dawg fans do! Go back to the AL page if you don't want to read about DGDs!
What Weagle99 says! The more excited he gets the higher his voice goes. Maybe when he does finally get some, he will calm down. Best of luck to both of them!
SDS once again tries to pass off the Little Debbie comment as trolling, and it is not.
LOL! Get use to it! It happens all over. Every school goes after the talent.
You don't McGarity the AD, or you would never of said that. They wouldn't and didn't offer him that.
Basketball? Yeah, basketball really takes the place of SEC football. No it doesn't. We are talking football, son. Take your basketball and go elsewhere. 38-12
No Mel didn't suck. I was sorry to see him leave. Chaney, not so much for the reasons jay mentioned. No adjustments were made when they needed to be made. Plus, Chaney had a LOT of grade A+++++ talent playing for him which made him look good. At rocky flop, not so much.
I admire his composure on and off the field and wish him nothing but the best wherever he decides to go.
SDS has to write about something, so here's their latest grasp. At least this article wasn't made up off a comment on Twitter like they usually write about.
Chaney was not stolen from GA. Get a grip. If GA had wanted him to stay, he would have. Sounds like no love lost to me.
GA did not offer him a huge raise. If they had wanted him to stay, they would have done so.
That is not trolling. Geez. If anything, it shows they were thinking of him. I would say something about your UT degree right about now, but won't.
Bad move by Swann. You can't and shouldn't try to control someone else's life. I think Swann's power has gone to his head which is a shame. He was a great player.
So glad Hot Rod is staying another year! Thank you, Rodrigo!
Nah. Kirby has been down that road with you boy and neither of them seem to care for it.
How awful. I surely hope the circumstances were not like the poor Marilyn player.
Fields was not the best QB. If he had been, he would have been playing. He had trouble reading defense. I was glad he was a Dawg, but he definitely was not ready to take over the team. I wish him well at Ohio, but the grass is not always greener.