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Gotta give credit to the defense of the Vandy Boys this weekend, especially from Holton & Vaz yesterday. Great plays kept the Dawgs off the base path all weekend long.
“In the history of Mississippi State football, only 5 Bulldog has been taken in the top 10.” When’s the last time an SDS article was properly proofread before publication?
This comment is so bad I think it gave me cancer.
Two sports…I believe you’re forgetting about the 4-time national championship winning women’s bowling team.
Well, I guess we’re even now for taking Grantham off our hands.
The best coach for the job just lost the SEC Tournament Final in Nashville last weekend. I’d take Dawn Staley over any of those guys, hands down. We need a coach that will light a fire under this program’s backside, not just the next big mid-major name out there as an up and coming hire. I know that’s not necessarily a realistic expectation, if for no other reason that it’s a less than lateral move for Coach Staley, but there is absolutely no one else out there that I am even the least bit interested in bringing in here. I stand by my previous statement that we should shelve basketball for a few years and try wrestling, volleyball, hockey, etc… Of course, if we had Metchie or Williams…
Well, this article didn’t age well. If only Auburn had Metchie & Williams…
If only we’d had Metchie & Williams, we could’ve won the national championship!
Is it possible for us to just put basketball on the shelf for a few years and try something else? Maybe we don’t know what we’re missing by not having hockey or wrestling or gymnastics, or hell, I’d even take bowling.
Colt McCoy is on line 2. He’s like to talk to you about 2009.
Probably as concerned of what Lincoln Riley was building at OU?
Just ask Colt McCoy how hard it is to win a title without your best player, right?
Anytime a grown ass man uses the phrase, “It’s about to blow up” you can bet that it is not, in fact, about to, “blow up.”
That’s Nazareth. J. Geils said, “Love Stinks.” And so does domestic violence.
I’m of the opinion that if your team stinks for a long enough period of time, that you should be able to vote for a new sport to take it’s place while they sit in the corner and think about what they’ve done (or haven’t done).
This just in…Lincoln’s probably in that rich category.