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So long “South Carolina just scored again” jokes. We had a good run.
Prolly shouldn’t tell the guy changing over to USC that Gusnis calling the game.
Did Chris Wright accidentally log in to Matt “POS” Hayes account by mistake here today?
I’m pretty sure South Carolina just scored again.
At least Georgia has opponents that can beat Tulane. You remember Tulane, right?
Didn’t they just open the 2021 season against Miami in Atlanta?
Where does one get in line to slap O’Gara? Want to make sure and get there early to get a good spot in line.
No, the Gumps lost to Georgia State. It was FU that lost to Georgia Southern.
Heck, they were almost a 7-5 team with him.
Make it sounding like, “Win in Atlanta” was gonna be just that easy. How cute.
It’s the Kiss of Death for sure.
The scary thing is, Kirby preaches this exact sentiment. There will be no reflection on the last two year’s successes in Athens.
Maybe he can take that $300 a day and open up a car dealership in Blackshear.
I don’t want to get on a soapbox, but… “1. Georgia (11-1, 7-1): Someone will get Georgia this season before the Playoff. Why not Tennessee in Knoxville?” What part of every minute of every game of the last five years makes you ask, “Why Not Tennessee?”
And how did these two gentlemen fare against the standard program when they faced them? Maybe they’re not so obvious after all.
At least O’Gara didn’t bring up “3rd & 26” like Hayes did.
Hayes sets us up for the drama in Atlanta, then lays an egg by calling it, “3rd & 26.” Well done.
I don’t want to get on a soapbox, but when will an SDS “journalist” also point out that the Gumps were a couple of plays away from going 7-5 as well.
The problem with the whole “Beat Georgia” session is that Georgia also has one of these every practice. And they have to do it against actual Georgia.
Isn’t that what we said about LSU in 2019?
Where exactly in recent history with supposedly some of the best Tennesse teams in a while should we think that for even a second?