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Lets just hope his Grandmother's health improves and lets hope the kid figures it all out. Relax about UGA... We are the least of your problems right now...
Wow! This kids dad needs to reel himself in and then reel his boy in. Texas has a good team, but you are not going to win them all, he may as well learn that lesson right now. And the profanity at that age - no excuse - none.. Serious parental FAIL
Hmmm.... Trying to decide if this was just intentional click bait or if the writer actually believes this stuff. But just so I've got this right. Smart recruited in two 5 Star QB'S and a 4 Star QB and the 4 Star QB beats them both out. They both leave, one to his home state and the local Power House and the other to Ohio State, that has recruited at a level very close to Georgia. They play their first games against teams that would struggle with the State of Georgia's best High School Teams and he hints that Georgia should have kept one or both over Fromm and if they have great years - there will be hell to play. FROMM is projected to be one of the first QB'S off the Board next Spring. How is that not developing a QB. In fact, he developed the 4 Star so well, the vaunted 5 Star couldn't get him off the field (twice). Just curious.... Alabama had two 5 Star QB'S, where one bailed out the other in a NCS and SEC Championship game to beat Georgia. The one that decided to stay had a solid game against Duke, the other looked liked the best QB on the planet against Baylor. So if Jalen takes Oklahoma to the Final Four and Bama doesn't make the Final Four, will there be Hell to pay for Saban? Just found it interesting you brought up one and not the other. I lost IQ points for reading this.
Hmmm... I've got them 2nd in the East. I think they'll beat Kentucky and catch UF late enough in the season that they'll get them too. Gator's had a +12 turn over rate last year and 17 of 21 returning starters. Thin in a rebuilding line and thin in the secondary. USCjr. is a better/deeper team - but you never know. Will be UT and Vandy, Ole Miss and Arkansas. I think West Virginia will be a tough game. 9-3 feels about right with a nice bowl
Saban isn't going anywhee. Why on God's Green Earth would he leave Bama to start over? Ego? Well if it's ego, then why stay where you are and make your legendary run untouchable. And to leave no doubt that the 2nd greatest coach in Bama history is Bear Bryant. Saban isn't going anywhere. And for the record... Nothing but respect for what Saban has done and... we'll see you in Atlanta next December. :)
Saban - he replaced just about his entire coaching staff and they haven't missed a beat. They are undefeated and have another top ranked class coming in. And I say that being a 'Dawg'. We'll end up right be hind them in class rankings (by the way). But I also get Stoops... Amazing job there and I understand Pruitt. But Mullen? You people have to make your mind up. Before the season, Florida would challenge Georgia, getting all of the suspended (I believe it was 11) players back from the previous year. And we Mullen being the QB whisperer and super coach, it was supposed to neck and neck. Dawgs lost one; while the Gators got whipped by Kentucky, Georgia and Missouri and his present recruiting class is # 24 in the country behind Alabama, Texas A&M, Georgia, LSU, Auburn, UT, Arkansas, Ole Miss, Mississippi State, and South Carolina in front of them.
Will simply point out that after Georgia's win over Tech at Grant Field for the 9th Straight time, Georgia celebrated with their fans and walked off the field. CKS made it clear that there would be no more of that going forward. All McGarity did was get the other side to agree to what had already been implemented by his football coach. Honestly, I do not think it will be any time soon that Georgia will have to be concerned about the conduct of the Yellow Jackets after a win in Sanford Stadium.
Really... Is anyone who has read this seriously worried about Bama's running game? With that line and that stable of backs? Stop it... This team may average 50 points a game during the season and it all will not come from passing. Right now they are simply taking what the defense gives them. When they run up against a better defense, they'll run it more and do just fine doing so. Fromm... Some clown said he wouldn't even be drafted when he comes out a few days ago. Barring injury, this kid will find the NFL. Solid arm strength, allowing himself to grow within the system and taking what the defense gives him. He does need to find the middle of the field a little more, especially since Georgia is LOADED at this position and it tends to open up the middle to the run.
I was exhausted from all of the smack talk coming out of Columbia. And I'm not one to talk a lot of smack... But to the Carolina fans... That's 5 out of the last 6 - 4 in a row... Get use to it... Here's the truth... The entire conference was pulling for South Carolina. Everybody in the East, because they were hoping that Georgia wasn't as good as they appeared to be. Well hope isn't a strategy... The West, because they do not want to have to play another Alabama in the championship game - if they some how get by Alabama. And especially Auburn, who has to play Georgia and Alabama every year (and so does UT by the way). For both of those programs, you have to wonder what are the odds of even coming out with a split? Think about the Vols... They can dramatically improve and still lose two SEC games each year. This was South Carolina's best opportunity to beat Georgia in the near and maybe long-term future. The Dawgs are one more signing class away (currently ranked 1st) to this unit being as complete as Alabama. One last thought... While not perfect, it is so nice to see disciplined football played game in and game out. Georgia hurt themselves a few times - but nothing compared to the past... It is GREAT to be a Georgia Bulldog!
The Tide - sorry... Typing too fast.
It really is okay to dream... Enjoy your week... :)
I thought Alabama looked really-really good; but... They can be thrown on. I expect Ole Miss to score 24, maybe 31 points on the Tide. Problem is - they tied will put up 45 or 52. I think Miami might be an 8 win team. LSU isn't quite as good as they looked; but they can and I think 'will' build off of this. Auburn did just enough against a good team. Auburn's problem? O-Line and lack of depth at that position. They need to be very 'lucky' with the injury bug and get enough of a run game going to keep their QB upright. There 'D' was a good as advertised. UT - looks like they may have some Jekyll and Hyde moments this season. One thing is for sure - they had better tighten up that secondary or they are going to get scored on early and often by Auburn, Bama and Georgia. As for the rest of the conference - cupcakes - who knows...
ESPN was interviewing UGA linebackers and defensive backs before the Rose Bowl. They were talking to them about Chubb and Michel. Ask who did they hate to face in practice. Pretty much in one voice "Holyfield"... Swift and Holyfield, Herrien and Cook... You are going to be shocked at just how good Georgia's backfield is. And with a much more dangerous passing game...
Until you beat the champ, your cannot proclaim yourselves as champions. Georgia came close, but that's it - close. The team is deeper and more talented, but still very young in some places. I do believe that their is a big gap between UGA and the rest of the East, with the exception of maybe UF. But after the first 11 on defense, the talent Gap is massive and on the offensive side of the ball, the O-Line is middle of the road at best. I don't care what kind of QB whisperer you are; he can throw it if he's running for his life or on his back. What the East will be is a much more physical division. With Pruitt, Muschamp and Mullen and Smart - you are going to going to be in a lot of hard hitting games. That is where the depth part of this will come into play and where UGA has a massive advantage. As for beating Bama. We'll see. I think we have some strengths they do not and vice-versa. Georgia seems to be set up for 2019, with a full compliment of players completely through the system that can match any team in the country, including the Tide. But might just be deep enough this year to pull it off. Lot of football between now and then. Y'all have fun this season and let's hope all the kids playing can avoid a major injury.
Yep...The UGA line will be the difference maker for the Dawgs this year. Which, by the way, will be the same line that gives Georgia time when the QB'S have the ball in their hands, throwing to a more talented group of receivers, while being supported by a better running back core than UF'S. The line is so deep, I wouldn't be surprised to see line rotations during games as they jell... No disrespect meant to the Gators. I expect Mullen to get them there, but like the article started out; UGA is more talented and deeper than the Gators. It's going to take time for UF to catch up. With that said, I expect the series to nothing short of fantastic starting around 2020.
Hopefully he will teach him that on the last play of the game, all you have to do is knock the ball down. :)
Dude, I can't stop laughing... I'm sorry, I do not keep up with UT... Which ex-coach would that be? The one that was fired? The one that was on CMR's staff and made the mistake of following BoBo to CSU or the coach that got a big promotion and a LOT of money? What would you expect a new coach to say? National Championship game loss in overtime against Alabama - yeah, ok, we're soooo embarrassed. We had two juniors declare for the draft. UT has 3. QB - how awful... A 5 Star gets beat out by a 4 Star that leads them to the SEC East Championship, SEC Championship and the National Championship game. And also faced with the #2 or #1 player (not just QB) - player in the country coming in to push for time. Coaches taking the plunge - for promotions... That is what happens to successful programs. But you couldn't relate, being that UT is on it's 4th coach in 10 years. Recruits - ? Use your head. Look at the players that have decommitted. Look at where they fell in the pecking order and the timing. They were encourage 'early enough' in the recruiting process to go find a sure thing. Georgia didn't have the room. Recruiting Ranking - yep, it's awful... OSU moved in front of Georgia in the 247 ranking. They may keep it - they may not. UGA is still number one according to ESPN. They may keep it - they may not. It's terrible... By the way, UT is #16 and #20 with the same two services. Gurley - Yes, he is so embarrassed to be a Dawg. Making several trips back to Athens and hanging with the team out in LA. during the Rose Bowl For what it's worth, I think CJP will work hard to make UT relevant again. But it's a much tougher task than it used to be. UF will come up much faster than UT (sorry, they have the instate talent to make it happen quicker). UGA isn't going anywhere. South Carolina is greatly improved and Kentucky is no longer that 'easy out' they were in the past. Add to it, the UT has to play UF and UGA and Alabama 'every year' - it just makes it a very difficult path to get back to Atlanta. (Back in the Fulmer days, UT only had to get by Florida and hold their own against a much weaker Bama program). Rules are very different now.. Not to mention the recruiting disadvantage that UT has verses UGA and UF- maybe even USC. Maybe this was written just to 'tweak' the Dawg Nation or maybe you really are just this stupid... Either way, it appears that you still are not 'getting' what is going on at UGA. Last 3 classes 10, 3 and either 2 or 1... Look for a consistent top '5' recruiting class landing in Athens with a superb coaching staff, more $ invested in support staff than any other SEC school (Including Alabama) and with facilities that take a back seat to no one. And in a 'talent rich' football state. UGA could never leave the state and recruit quite well. I'll take my Dawgs over your Vols year in and year out... "Friends don't let Friends wear Orange"
Frankly, I think that 7 year contract will prove to be the biggest mistake Auburn Athletics has made in years. Auburn lost 3/4's of their O-Line and their core of their running backs. Georgia and LSU proved that if you take their running game away that they are venerable to getting beat and potentially beaten badly. Auburn has lost 7 out of their last 10 to both Alabama and Georgia. And 10 out of their 15 to Georgia. They are at Georgia and at Alabama next year. They have Washington, Texas A*M, LSU and MSU on their schedule next year. Conclusion: He must be beating the drum for 2019 or later, but I really do not see Alabama or Georgia weakening anytime soon, while LSU and A*M will both likely get much better.
Replace UGA with UT and your statement has a much higher chance of actually coming true.
Nobody should hang their heads after this game. Proud of the University, Proud of this team, proud of the coaching staff and proud of the fan base... This is just the beginning...
I was gonna light you up; but your just a punk kid... So we'll keep it at "thank you for your service to your country"
Congrats to the Tide Nation. Great game. Speaks well of the team to come back from a 13-0 deficit at the half. Thought we might just pull it out when it was 2nd and 26th in Overtime. Enjoy the win. Well deserved... Guessing we'll be seeing each other again in about 11 months...
It will take a couple of years; but the SEC got a LOT better with the coaching changes. With that said, CKS really is turning UGA into the 'monster' that the talent in this state has always given it the potential to be. Go Dawgs!
I think Auburn's D will keep it within reason. Defense is emotional and UA has a LOT of kids on that team from the state of Georgia. And they are talented and well coached. But they also are a little undisciplined at times and when you add in emotion, personal fouls, etc. tend to pop up. Will look similar to the South Carolina game from a week ago.... Nothing but respect for the Tigers; but this Georgia team is not a CMR team. It is focused, disciplined and talented and well coached. In the past, UGA would likely lose a game of this magnitude (even with winning 9 of the last 11 against Auburn). But not this team. Georgia will move the ball. I hope they continue to under estimate Fromm, like everyone else. I would not be surprised to see a balanced attack that chews clock. I think Auburn will hit on the occasional big play, but will struggle to move the ball consistently and I expect at least two turn overs from their offense. Special Teams are pretty even... UGA 24 Auburn 14 or 17.
Mizzou has consistently gotten better over the last four or five games. I wouldn't be surprised to see the Tigers win this game With this said, they do have three things going against them. (1) Change in Coach - this can go good or bad, but Randy Shannon is the right personality to make this into a positive. (2) Games are about match ups... Mizzou's strength is their passing game, and it happens to be right up against Florida's stength - defense against the pass...
BamaTime - do not confused this team with MSU... UGA is much deeper in talent and has much better High School talent than Mississippi or Alabama. Nothing but respect for what Saban has done at Bama. The program deserves all the accolades it receives. I even understand the arrogance that tends to come from most Tide Alumni and Fans - but the MSU reference indicates a 'big time' misunderstanding between the two programs. We'll see what happens this year (plenty of games still to play) - but you might want to get used to Georgia pushing Alabama for the top spot... Have a great week!
dvhill100 hit it... All this talk about who is number one doesn't matter. Both have to keep winning and if they do, they'll likely be 1 and 2 when meeting in Atlanta. Even if they are 1 and 3 or 1 and 4 or 2 and 3 (all unlikely if they both win out - meaning 1 and 2) - the winner moves to 1. CKS has the right approach - like Saban - one game at a time. One game at a time... And Auburn is a very talented football team getting UGA and Bama at home. MSU appears to be the best 'other threat' for Bama - Tech for Georgia. But the road to a shot at a National Championship really does run through Auburn first for both... Regardless of how this shakes out; UGA is on the trajectory we had all hoped for with Coach Smart. This year needed to be a very good to great year to help the recruiting momentum. Top 5 class (with more kids being added) with the number 1 QB, number 1 and number 3 running backs in the nation coming in. Finally consistently getting elite O-Linemen (and that's what has really been missing), you have to work hard to quickly get to 'reload' mode. This class just might allow UGA to do just that...
UF Coaches have their own problems. Miami and FSU are sucking up a LOT of the in state talent. He's going to have t win that battle first...
But I will say this. USC will likely beat UF this year...