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To be clear, I think Bama would deserve to go. But firmly believe that there will be a big effort to keep the SEC out. Once it goes to 12, the rest of the conferences will struggle to win a Natty. Be careful what you asked for; you just might get it and they are about to find out what that means.
Take your Bulldog and Crimson Tide glasses off and this is what you should see. The greatest coach of all time is Nick Saban. What he has done at Alabama is nothing short of awesome. If you are a 'Tide' fan, you should be incredibly proud and appreciative of the run you have been a part of. Kirby Smart learned from this best and then went and applied the key learnings from that at his Alma Mater. And he has continued to learn and adapt since being back in Athens. For the longest time, everyone talked about Georgia's underachieving. Kirby fixed that. And if you are a Dawg, then you should also enjoy and appreciate the level that Kirby has taken you to and remind yourself, that Kirby has been at Georgia 8 years now that he only turns 48 on December 23rd. (So burnout will likely get him before Father Time does). If Alabama wins on Saturday - a tip of the hat to Bama. If Georgia wins on Saturday - a tip of the hat to the Dawgs. Both fan bases should respect what the other has done, regardless of who wins. It is impressive. Congrats to Alabama on a great season and Go Dawgs!
After this year. If Georgia beats Alabama on Saturday, that will pretty much put an end to this dynasty stuff. That will mean, at a minimum, that Georgia, not Alabama won the last two Natty's with another one on the line, that Georgia, not Alabama won the SEC for the 2nd year in a row, defeating LSU and now Alabama. The talk will shift to Georgia coming to Tuscaloosa next year - revenge, everything will be different then, etc. But the part of 'dynasty' will be left off by most, except the most ardent Bama fan. But that starts with Georgia winning this game - we should all expect a good one from both teams - respect.
The kid should take his time and look around, with the first order of business, being an offense that 1) needs a QB, 2) has a system friendly to his strengths, 3). Has an offensive line that can block, and he does not spend the season running for his life. He's a talented QB and seems to be a great kid and a great leader.
I've never understood the hate thrown at Danielson. He isn't perfect, but I've always thought he was solid. I'll miss the game being on CBS. Giving everything to Mickey Mouse is concerning to me. Especially to a corporation that has no soul, and will sell about anything for a price.
Last year, USC led the country in turnover rate +21. This year they are not even in the Top 50. Number 50 is a plus 1. This is the only stat you have to look at. They had a great QB and the ball bounced their way "a lot" last year. I just laughed when I saw all of these pundits picking them to make the playoffs this year. Especially knowing what Washington and Oregon both had coming back and Utah's ownership of USC. No one should be surprised with where USC sits. Other offenses caught up with Riley 3 or 4 years ago. And he still cannot get the defensive side right. I think he is out after year 4 - latest.
You could argue that Bama doesn't have stars on offense because they are more balanced in how they score. Georgia's 2021 team did not have a 1,000-yard rusher or receiver, but they averaged over 41 points a game. Saban's alreayd touched on how this team coes into the locker room happy verses relieved. The 'expectation' burden is real and something that the Dawgs now run into. The SEC Championship should be a great game. But I hope Hayes is right and that Georgia wins this decidedly. I do know this - there are plenty of people around the country that would love to see Bama beat Georgia and neither of them get into the Top 4.
I think Napier is a good guy and really do believe he is building it the right way. The Gators could have just rolled over in Columbia. That is a tough/physical Missouri team. Instead, they went up there and fought tooth and nail and even after losing their starting QB were in a position to win the game. That tells you that the team is bought in. With that said Oklahoma and Texas coming into the league, getting away from divisions, where the Gators could end up toward the back end of the Top 10 next year - maybe even further back (the schedule is brutal) - I"'m not sure the fans will give him time. Good luck against FSU.
Not sure why; but I think it is the perfect place for Dabo to land; provided he embraces NIL and lets that oil money work for him there. Could see him embracing the culture, using his 'aw shucks' personality to work for him. And it will give him juice. Finally betting into the SEC (because Bama's not calling him) and feeding his ego. He's a very good coach. He is not a great coach and he has to have a GREAT - not good QB to get to the mountain top. That's fact - look at his history. Kiffin is the other obvious choice. I think he loves it at Ole Miss. -but that ego wants a Natty - and it's not going to happen in Oxford.
Give them credit. All we had to do is knock it down. And if our player keeps his helmet on during the celebration - it's 10 yards out of the end zone.
Thank you Ranger37. The argument that Georgia could have kept Oklahoma as a one-off, gives you an idea of just how ignorant the writer is of Big Time College Football. Georgia did not decide to drop Oklahoma. SEC did not decide to drop Oklahoma. Who stands to gain the most and who stands to lose the most, if Georgia plays that game at Oklahoma in 2023? Fox Sports. It's the Big Noon Kick-Off Game. It's a preview of the future. It's the two-time defending champion at one of the Blue Bloods home fields. RATINGS GALORE! Now who loses? ESPN and that's who picked up the field and asked for a 'favor' from the SEC front office. The game was dropped and it was strongly suggested that Georgia not treat this game as a one-off. Now, if Georgia loses and they are not part of the four - ok. SEC fatigue is real. Georgia fatigue is already here; nobody wants another Alabama-like dominating run and it wouldn't surprise me if they kept both out if Bama wins. I've already resigned myself to that fact. Keep your head up and best of luck the rest of the season.
So they are putting it on the LB Coach? Better make sure that walking out the door package is a good one with a NDA attached to it. Not buying this BS for one second.
This is a character game for the Vols. It would be easy to roll over here, call it a season, beat Vandy and go to a bowl game in the sun. or They can show up and just make this one whale of a game from start to finish. Kirby does a pretty good job of ensuring that no team is overlooked. UT is very different at home vs the road. I know I"'m not looking by them. Believe Georgia wins, but that this thing is a game until about mid-way through the 4th quarter, with Georgia up two scores and then takes the ball on the ground and pounds it out.
I expect UT to look very different than last week. They have proven to be a weak road team, but a very strong home team. Hoping for a few early mistakes by the home side that can help put this away early. Take that crowd out of it and it should lead to a long night for the Vols. I don't think the fan base is looking past this game. UT hits a couple of big plays and opens up the running game, it could be the last one with the ball wins. Let's pray that isn't the case. Oh, one last thing. Ethan, Georgia played Ole Miss last weekend.
All 3 are deserving. Heart says Smart. But when you look at the job at Missouri - I think Coach Drink deserves the award, provided they win out and with Florida and Arkansas left - they should.
I think you could make an argument for all 3. Being a Dawg, my hear says Smart. But a college football fan - I think Drink deserves it.
:). Smart Alabama fan. They need us to perfect. If they do beat us - they can say they beat an undefeated Georgia and that helps get them in. Get it. If I were in AFan's shoes, I would be rotting for them too.
Oh, not just the class coming in. The back door stuff will start with the players on the team 'right now'. Portal could devastate this team.
Sounds like a not so subtle message to Booby as well.
Meyer is a bad guy. One thing is for sure, lot of guys on that list are about to get paid.
You think? Ohio State's signature wins - 3 loss Notre Dame and 2 loss Penn State. Penn State's signature win? 8-2 Iowa. Iowa does not have a win against a team with more than 6 wins. The average won/loss of the teams Penn State has beaten? Around 5. Top 25 team - yes, maybe between 18-25. Top 10 - stop it. And Michigan's signature win? Penn State - LOL! Maybe Heather will go back and re-evaluate those schedules now - LOL. Then again, she's Big 10 through and through. Ohio State and Michigan's conference schedule is identical - with the best team they play is each other and then a Penn State team that is ranked. No other team they play in the conference is ranked. Georgia? Signature Wins - Ole Miss (who beat LSU and the only other loss is to Alabama) & Missouri, who is one of the better teams in college football this year.
Hmmm... Coming from an Alabama fan stating that being #1 is not a birth rite, might be a 'learned' statement? It's coachspeak - not sure why people get caught up in that stuff. Saban doesn't go two/three games without making a comment that draws a chuckle. With the above said; I personally believe that they are the two best teams in the SEC and also believe that the committee and media will make darn sure that only one gets into the playoff. May the best team win - no excuses from either side.
Felt that it would be Alabama and Georgia in the end. Right now, both teams still have some football in front of them. Ole Miss is no slouch and as Bama knows, Knoxville can be tricky. So no point in getting the cart before the horse. Kentucky's QB looks like he has figured out the forward pass again and Kentucky matches up better with Bama, say a UT. That game will be physical The type that injuries come out of. And Bama has Auburn on the Plains, where they tend to struggle. So neither team should be too much 'crowing' right now. As a college football fan, I love Milroe. He's come so far this year and the kid appears to do everything the right way. Georgia's biggest weakness is not the secondary (sorry dude - you are so far off of the mark there), it is giving up big runs to QBs when rushing. He could kill us if Georgia does not stay home and make sure the right 'spy' is in place. Alabama, on the other hand, does struggle in the secondary and Georgia throws the ball well. If they both get there, I'm expecting an outstanding game from two teams pretty even across the board. Both fan bases should be excited.
Personally, I like Brewer. Can't wish him too much success for obvious reasons. But I think you guys have the right guy.