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What those jokers at ESPN thinks - I mean do you really give a crap? If you have learned anything from Gameday, they are no better or possibly worse at picking winners than most of us. They are 'fans' of the game - that's it. At the end of the day, most of believe that Bama is going to be Bama and win the West, Clemson is going to win the ACC and OSU will win the Big 10 and that Oklahoma will win the Big 12. The 4th slot will go to the SEC Champion. If Georgia is as good as their faithful (including me) hope, then it starts with Clemson. If the Dawgs beat Clemson and then either beat or play Bama very close, then they have an argument to be in over Clemson. If Bama loses a close game to Georgia and Georgia handles Clemson, then they have an argument to be in. The Top 5 will take care of itself. The two teams that I think warrant watching is LSU and USC for different reasons. That is an awfully talented bunch down in Baton Rouge. If they fix the defense and can ignore all of the off-field stuff that is coming their way, then they can be very-very good. USC is quietly building a strong program out there and finally figuring out how to recruit (including in the South East). They might be the surprise team to watch out for. And there will be a LOT of sentiment to get a Pac-12 team into the play-off.
Agree. Some of it has to do with the fan bases. I have argued for a LONG time that UF/UGA fan bases are actually very similar. And that gives it that much more intensity. Which is the beauty of rivalry's. If you have a great one; of course you believe your rivalry is the greatest. It isn't just the # of wins; it also how close the games typically are. Bama/Auburn believes that this is THE rivalry. It still is for them. Honestly, I think the top 3 in the SEC 'right now' is UGA/UF, Ole Miss/MSU and Vandy/UT. BAMA has been too dominate (you don't have to like Paul - but he's right). LSU had one big year against BAMA, but that you can't call that much of a rivalry. LSU has pretty much dominated Ole Miss for quite some time (we'll see if that changes under Kiffen). Georgia has won 12 of 15 against Auburn.
So you are using an article on a 9 year old to take a shot at Georgia? No take on just how wrong this is for a 9 year old to do. Or the fact that you do not 'commit' to high schools in this state, unless they are private. You just used it to take a shot. Maybe that is because you are more than a little concerned about that not only can you get a much better education at Georgia than Bama, but that football program is the #1 threat to your dominance in the SEC. With all of that said. I actually feel sorry for you, to be so insecure that you have to do things like this to make yourself feel better about life. Might want to work on that.
Perfectly stated sir. Glad you were able to get the vaccination. We'll see you in Jax!
Agree. It makes 'zero' sense. Florida played games in the Swamp all season. You do the same thing you did for games. It's not a money issue. Whatever the cost is - is negligible when you roll it into the over-all budget. I'm guessing that there will be an about face in Gainesville. They can ill afford for Georgia, Bama, LSU to all have Spring games and have them televised and not be on TV as well. This is part of every school's recruiting strategy. If you watch these games, the announcers are full of positives for the program they are covering that day. There will be a spring game in Gainesville folks.
Yep, it's the off-season. All hypothetical. Guess what? I don't care. There is only one ball on the field at a time and Georgia has a lot of options. That will work for and against Pickens this year. Arkansas is breaking in a new QB with fewer offensive options. That means more balls his way, but also more doubles than Pickens should see this year. Burks could be the best receiver in the SEC, but have stats at 4th or 5th, because teams will work to take away Arkansas's biggest threat. He will struggle in Tuscaloosa, he'll struggle in Athens. Will depend what he does against other teams. Either way, it looks like both receivers are NFL bound and that's there real goal with these kids. And that is where you find out just how good they are. Will wait for the best QB in the SEC article to comet next. After-all, it is the off-season.
You guys are hard to figure out. Love your coach and I think he will be pretty successful in recruiting. Just not sure if you can break through into that top tier, because of the level of recruiting done by others in the league. Time will tell...
Pretty sure A&M doesn't have rampant Sexual Assault claims or having to self-penalize to try and save themselves. LSU is in real trouble
As a Dawg fan, I have mixed emotions about Mullen. I do think that he is similar to CMR, good recruiter, just not to the level of Saban or Smart or Orgeron. He especially struggles on the LOS. Just like CMR did. And about every three four years would have enough there to go along with top notch skill players to make a run. But I do believe that Mullen is a superb play caller. Granted Trask and those receivers could make anybody better, but those are his schemes and plays, so give credit where credit is due. With that said, Mullen is the worse loser I think I've ever ran across. Quick hand shakes when he loses. Rarely credits the other team. But wants to hang out and chat when he wins and then can find a few compliments for the other side. He poisoned the Ole Miss/MSU rivalry and has damaged the UF/UGA rivalry. The Gators are our biggest rival. We owned them in the 70's and most of the 80's and they owned us for the 90's and most of the first decade of this century. Since then, it's been closer to even. Gators have had to get used to losing more than they have been winning. We get it. We did too. But as much as we do not like each other, there have(for the most part) been respect between the programs. Mullen just has this way of tearing that down. There is an integrity issue with the guy. Opens his mouth a lot behind the scenes and it gets back to people, especially other head coaches. The quirkiness of this guy and more arrogance is what tends to get him bit in the butt. I can see while UF wouldn't mind if he decided to jump ship. It's UF, they are catching up with facilities and it's a fine University. They are always going to be a tough out. We should all understand that. What some of the Gators haven't figured out yet is that you can say the same for Georgia. Their days of dominated the East are done. The best they can hope for is that they split titles and if UT ever gets it figured out, then it's a dawg-fight between the 3. One other interesting note. If Mullen leaves, that puts Saban, then Stoops, then Smart as the 3 with the longest tenure in the SEC, with the Florida job changing twice, Vandy changing twice, Missouri changing 3 times, South Carolina changing once, the Smart arrived in Athens.
Congrats to the Gators. They deserve to crow a little; after all it had been four long years before breaking the 3 game losing streak, so it's expected. As for the Ridley being snarky... Do you really care? I don't. Go Dawgs!
Exactly. If you truly believe that UF deserves to be above UGA - cool. Then put A&M at 2, UF at 3 and UGA @ 4.
No doubt. I didn't expect the 2020 Tigers to be as good as the 2019 Tigers on O or D. But nobody would expect a Bengal Tiger defense to be this bad. This is coaching - there is no way around that. You get the props when you win a National Championship for the staff you built - then get ready for the otherside when you make a really bad hire and this is a really bad hire.
I thought To'o To'o should have been right their with Rice and Ojulari. He is 'by far' the best linebacker on that UT team and 'so far' the best that UGA has seen this year. Of course, that could change rather quickly on Saturday.
If the story is fact based and it happens to turn out to be true, then it is what it is.
Congrats - your math was correct. But you are counting the first TD in the UT game against the defense. UGA airmailed the ball into the end zone and your defense fell on a gift. It's 10.
The truth came out with Mr. Wright. Most of you have convinced yourselves that it is time for a new script in the East. Your justifications center around a 5th year QB. The only way that offense is going to beat UGA is with a running game. I can only assume that the writers believe that UF will find that in the 5 star transfer from Miami that struggled against ACC defenses. Another truth.. Next year, it will be UT - not UF that is threatening UGA. They are building that team around the trenches and that is how you consistently win in the SEC. UF has struggled recruiting the d-line and o-line. Especially the interior D-line. You will see hints of that this year. It will be completely exposed next year, while UT's O-Line reaches levels close or at Bama's, LSU's and Georgia's. One more truth... Anybody playing Kentucky this year had better bring their 'A' game. They have a big, physical, veteran O-Line, a pretty solid running game and while maybe not the most talented - a tenacious defense. And they are well coached on both sides of the ball. I have them 3rd, maybe 2nd in the East. (Auburn better come ready on Saturday or they could be 0-1 and staring at traveling to Athens the next week). If they finish 4th, they will be grouped closer to the top 3 - not the bottom 3. Bama wins the West. While I think LSU is going to be awfully tough; I do think they take a step back this year. Lost too much. Watchout for A&M and who knows with Auburn. Could be vying for the title - could finish 4th. On paper, I have them 4th. But that has more to do with A&M's rise.
I give great credit to Cowherd. He has somehow stayed not only relevant, but in the forefront of Sports for decades now, while perhaps consistently offering some of the dumbest opinions you were going to hear on a daily basis. USC hasn't has been a weak sister for quite some time. Love them or hate them, ND deserves that 4th spot. How could you possibly put Oregon ahead of Tennessee? Oh wait, it's Cowherd. Nevermind.
Right now UT is 2nd in the Nation in recruiting. According to 247 - the average recruiting ranking for UT is 89.21. UF's is 90.71, UGA'S is 94.49, LSU is 93.61 and Alabama's is 92.99. Give UT a little credit, they have had a couple of good weeks, but they have done this through quantity more than quality. Last year's class average? 89.92. LY for UF? 90.7. LY for UGA? 92.96. LY for LSU? 92.84 and LY for BAMA 93.56. Last year Tennessee finished 10th, UF 9th, UGA 1st, LSU 4th and BAMA 2nd. Long way to go; but I'm guessing that when it is all said and done, the three mentioned in the Top 5 last year will be right there again. UF? UT? Remains to be seen. Way too early for anyone to be proclaiming that the VOLS are back.
Fromm was a DGD. 3-0 against UF, 3-1 against Auburn, 3-0 against UT, 2-1 against USC jr., undefeated against the rest of the East. He couldn't beat Bama and LSU. The two Bama games were very winnable - honestly Georgia went conservative in both. And both of those BAMA teams were really - really good. (Let's give some credit to the teams played). LSU game 1 - Georgia wasn't ready. Game 2 - LSU was the better the team. Completely healthy and the best QB that College Football has seen in a very long time. Best CF Team I've ever seen and that includes the Miami teams. Bottom-Line - it comes down to his Arm Strength - which is more than Fair. Should have gone higher in the draft. Absolutely.. He was a late 3rd round - early 4th round talent.
Neil, the question had 'nothing' to do with Florida. Zip... I know you want your precious Gators to be relevant in every conversation. News Flash - they are not. Kirby loses in Tuscaloosa. Beats him in Atlanta (rather soundly). This will be the first lost for Saban to an assistant.
I have nothing but respect for Saban and what he has done with Alabama. But idiots like this hurt the Bama brand. Kirby isn't 'after' Alabama. Not going to spend anytime defending it - there is nothing that has been done that requires defending.
I actually used to like Dabo, despite being a life-long Dawg. But he has turned out to quite the jerk. Nothing wrong with finding ways to motivate his team. But for the rest of us; it has become exhausting. He has become the 'Rodney Dangerfield' of College Coaches, without the punch line. I'm SEC guy first; so I'm going to root for the SEC team in the National Championship (even Florida). In the past, I would have been in Clemson's corner after that - not anymore.
Honestly, I thought this was arrogant and out of school. Here's hoping this mindset continues right up until kick-off in Atlanta. Nothing but respect for what Coach O has done. But I've picked up on this arrogance as the wins have come. The Tiger fanbase has every right to be excited about their football team. And there is nothing wrong with being confident about your outcome against my Dawgs, especially the way the offense from both schools have played. Really looking forward to the game regardless of the outcome. Enjoy the ride and we'll see you in Atlanta..
It was a good game. Give Auburn credit for not giving up and making it a heart stopper in the 4th Quarter. Auburn had two weeks to get ready for this game. To rest , to prepare, to get their heads right. They were at home and with the wind to their back. The writer wasn't too far off. Just over estimated their ability to run and Gus's ability to adjust in a game. Cherry picked his match up... Truth is - Kirby has owned Gus since the blow out in Jordan-Hare and he did it again tonight. Best of luck with the rest of the season. Iron Bowl should be an interesting football game to watch this year. Hate it for TUA
Fromm looked pretty good after the game. Walking and everything. Auburn does have a great defense and had two weeks to rest, prepare and get ready to play - still gave up 21 points, while UGA'S defense gave up 14. I actually give Auburn's D a slight tip of being better - but that "on another level" talk... I think you can stop that now...