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After reading the article; wanted to read through the notes. And pretty much got what I thought I would. Truth - GOAT is Saban Truth - best on the field coach I ever saw 'Darth Visor' at UF Truth - a second Death Star has been built in the SEC - it's at Georgia - so there is not Bama taking for granted that they will win the SEC or a National Championship and winning the East gets tougher every year that Kirby is in Athens. Truth - Urban Meyer will never coach in the SEC again, unless Auburn gets that desperate and if they do - they will one day to regret that move to. Truth/Opinion - Kentucky is rock solid - but will likely never win the East (as long as their is an East), much less the SEC Opinion - Heupel will not last his contract at Tennessee.
Lot of people do not realize that he will graduate this year, which means he can transfer and play the upcoming year - anywhere. This is not a shot at Auburn; it's just fact. O-Line will not stand up and the receiver group isn't very good. And... He's playing the SEC West, getting Georgia on the other side. Nope... Not a good idea. If Tennessee had lost their QB; THAT was the place to go. JT is a very very smart QB and will pick up the offense quickly. Any offense that lines up quickly and lets him make the call at the line is an offense that he will thrive in. I think Ole Miss was his first choice. That went away. I like the kid and really want him to get a good shot somewhere. Hopefully that means a place where the line can block and a solid receiver group is in place.
LOL... Napier is a good guy. Too early to see if you and the Gator faithful have someone that can build out a top level program. But I think we can all agree that he is a complete upgrade on the character side of things. Auburn missed out on Kirby and regret that to this day. Will be interesting to see if they look back on Napier with the same regret.
Thought the same thing. I think they'll do alright; but Bama, Georgia and company will continue to pull some kids.
Yup, Georgia has a large recruiting support team, basically it's a marketing department that is well staffed with smart/aggressive coaches and support folks. He took a lot of it from the Bama model and then added his own ideas. A&M now has staff members from that group, Arkansas has staff members from that Georgia group, and Florida grabbed a kid that had just come over from UL the previous year, basically going back to work for her old boss. Everybody ups their game and steals ideas from everyone else. This is one of the things that Georgia does best, so you will lose people; especially when you have coaches leave for HC jobs. Look at what Fisher is doing wit NIL at A&M. In my opinion, they have upped the stakes on everybody. It will force Saban and Smart to watch this closely and if it begins to consistently impact recruiting, they'll have no choice but to begin paying almost every player that comes into the program.
It's a nice pick up for the Tide. Congrats. He's a great kid; does everything right. Our loss - your gain.
Yep, I think the Hawgs will literally run over Cincinnati, much like Alabama did, except Cincinnati doesn't have near the defense that they fielded in the play-offs.
Could be. I think we had all pay attention to LSU. That is going to be one of the most interesting stories of the season. Even with all the attrition, there is still loads of talent on that team.
I think all Dawg fans are a little touchy about this MB Stadium thing. Lost in OT to Alabama - National Championship Game. Lost to Alabama (who came from behind) - SEC Championship Game Lost to LSU - maybe the best team at that time of the season to play college football - SEC Championship Game Beat Cinci - who was playing like it was the National Championship - where Georgia honestly didn't want to be there. Lost to Alabama - who was just better than the Dawgs on that day to redeem a month later. I'm not worried about the venue. It's been the quality of the team. With that said, I honestly do not know what to make of Oregon. They have added some pieces, but also lost some significant pieces and it usually takes a year for a program to get the right vibe going with a new coach. Lanning obviously has all of the advantages, knowing Georgia so well inside and out.
Agree. Honestly, he is the perfect QB for UT. He is a true student of the game, with the ball coming out of his hand quickly. If Stetson stays, I suspect he'll had to UCLA , maybe even Oregon. If Stetson rides off into the sunset, he'll stay and take over as the starter. Watch for Vandergriff, reports are that the lights really came on during bowl practices. He's a duel purpose QB, with size and a big arm. Beck (who is much better than people realize) leaves. Hard to transfer to UF from Georgia or Vice-Versa, though the Gators just grabbed a very good player (Kimber) out of the portal that was close to starting (injuries got him). My guess - FSU.
Would be a good hire. Just wasn't a good fit at MSU.
MSU belongs in front of UT. Heck, the other Bulldogs are a really bad call (by SEC refs) against Memphis and a couple of missed FG'S of being 8-2. Looks like the good MSU is showing up more than the bad MSU and that should scare just bout anybody they play. I hope they draw a Big 10 Blue Blood in a bowl game and just smoke them... Arkansas beat A&M on a neutral field. I do not know how this can be ignored. You actually take the win over Bama and use that as the factor of how they are better than the Razorbacks? I don't think so. A&M was exposed by Ole Miss this weekend, a team that was thumped by Alabama on that same field. Just like you have to put UT in front of Kentucky. (What in the world has happened to Kentucky?) With the rise of Ole Miss and MSU, their style of play and the personality of their coaches - the Egg Bowl has become must see TV... Happy for both of those programs and their fan bases... Mullen absolutely poisoned this rivalry... Considering all that is going on in Florida now - he's finally being viewed in a little different light. (Oh, and they should enjoy it while they can. That little comment about still owning a home I South Florida by Lane wasn't an off the cup remark. The Miami job comes open - he gone... The Florida job comes open and he's offered - he gone.).
Yeah - no... Georgia is fortunate to have him. He is a superb QB2. But when QB1 gets back, which should be UF, along with the receivers that have been out, it will be the equivalent of LSU'S defense getting healthy, just as the 2nd part of the season started in 2019. Love Stetson. Appreciate Stetson. But if UGA is to win it all, it's JT that needs to leading the team.
Yeah, until my Dawgs beat Alabama, I've got nothing to say. That's still a very talented and well coach group over there. Last time I looked they were the reigning national champs. I think this will finally put an end to that Kirby cannot develop players narrative that is out there. The defense speaks for itself. What the writer and people are still missing on is that Georgia still isn't healthy at the receiver position. They just got Washington back at Tight End, which makes Bowers more dangerous, Blaylock still isn't back, Smith still isn't back, Rosemy-Jack Saint was out again against Auburn. Not counting Pickens They won the Auburn game with a low 3 star Slot receiver playing outside, along with another Freshmen receiver, Freshmen Tight End (Bowers) and RS Freshmen TE (Washington) Georgia finally has an O.C. who knows how to move the football. Georgia rotates it's backs and for the most part it has kept them fresh, though injuries still happen. We have been down at last one back in the last three games. The beauty of that being that they could have played, if needed, but they were not needed. Dawgs should be a LOT healthier by the time Florida gets here. Bottom-line, if Georgia handles Kentucky, and I think they will. (That line is out there at 25 for a reason). It gives them a week off to continue to get healthy and to reset for the 2nd half. Beat Florida in Gainesville and that leaves Missouri at home, UT Away, CC Charleston Southern and at Georgia Tech. Have to watch UT a little - games are about match ups and UT throws the ball all over the place - so that games a different cat. That defense is pretty bad though and they haven't played a team with a pulse since Pittsburg. In fact, looking for Bama to put them in their place. Auburn kind of did us a favor by inviting on moving the game to October. Schedule is much friendlier with the game on the Plains behind the Dawgs. Just got to get over the UF hump.
After looking pretty darn good on the road, to look like that at home? SEC Refs get an assist in this one. Ball was clearly incomplete. Thats three games in the last two years, where the refs have help save Auburn. 3-1 is where most of us expected Auburn to be - so who's left. Doesn't matter how they got there. At LSU at night - this will be a fascinating game. I don't think any of us really know where either of these programs are. You have lean LSU right now though - right? Georgia - Auburn almost always plays Georgia tough at home - lack of success against the Dawgs or not. Guessing that Auburn will be underdogs in both of these games - but this is their chance to change the program's trajectory. At Arkansas - beginning of the season, guessing that most Auburn folks had this not just penciled in - but inked in as a "W". Not anymore. Ole Miss - last I saw, Auburn was dead last in pass defense. And Ole Miss can flat throw the ball. AT A*M - similar to LSU right now - QB play likely to decide this one. MSU - should be a W @ South Carolina - should be a W - but Beamer has those kids playing hard. Isn't as easy as it looks BAMA - Right now, they still have the #1, 2 and 8 ranked teams in the country - so if we chalk those up to losses - that puts Auburn at 3-4. That leaves Ole Miss, A&M, South Carolina, A&M and LSU. Assuming no upsets of the three top 10 teams - you need 3 wins out of this group to get to .500. Like LSUSMC said - It's getting interesting on the Plains quickly for the new coach. Welcome to the SEC.
Liking these choppy comments from the Mizzou crowd. Good for you! Usually y'all go out of your way to see all sides. Nice to see you fight for your own. I think Doty might be the most underrated in the group. He was was under duress all night last weekend and put nice touch on some balls. I think this guy will rise in the rankings as the year goes on.
There were a lot of people questioning this hire. Not Dawgnation. We understood what we were losing and what Arkansas was getting. He's a quality coach, a quality human being and he 'gets it'. His players LOVE him and so do the coaches. Arkansas has a gem in a coach. Congrats to the Razorbacks. He should have the team he wants just about the time Oklahoma and Texas land in the SEC.
I think this kid is the starter after the Bama game. You feel bad for a QB that has been in the program that long, has done everything the right way, to lose the job that quickly after waiting for his turn. But at the end of the day, it's about winning. If UF wants a real shot at beating Georgia, they have to make the change early enough to give the kid a chance to grow. Otherwise, you are likely looking at a similar situation that we saw last Saturday, except Georgia's offense will be much healthier and far less anemic against a defense that cannot touch Clemson's. Logic says - after getting soundly beaten by Bama, that Mullen will make the change. Really, he'll have no choice. Not sure why you would put your future out on the field risking injury. Jones is a very athletic football player himself. I would switch their roles and give Jones a chance to develop at another position. He could help the school and help himself maybe have a shot in the NFL. He seems to be a good kid on too of all of this. Yeah, I want to beat UF into the ground, but recognize the work and dedication and would like to see do well (except in Jax). Oh, and watch out for Kentucky. There is a good chance that UF has one conference loss, with Kentucky either with one loss to Missouri or undefeated in conference play. I know the Gators have owned Kentucky, but this could be the biggest game to be played in front of their fan base in a long-long time. This is a game that we should all pay attention to. Georgia gets them two weeks later before the week off before the Dawgs and Gators meet. Rest of the East is just bad.
TFK_Fanboy is not a Dawg. He is a Vol. Pretty clear too see. A smart Dawg will always take note of what UT is up to, because UT can always be a threat. They are just as committed to facilities, etc. that UGA and UF are. And they are finally developing the type of instate talent (Nashville area) that can help them have a solid base to begin with, just by fencing in the state. The problem UT has is that it is recruiting kids for 2022 that were born around 2003, 2004. By the time they were old enough to begin to pay attention to football, they have watch UT goes 66-70 since 2010, with most of those wins being against cupcakes. Get to .500 and put a 'fun' product on the field. Because they are throwing it all over the place, maybe they do get a big upset win, if the other team doesn't come to play and the Vols hit on some big plays. It absolutely could happen. Problem is that in an offense like this, you can also lose to teams you shouldn't lose to for the very same reason. This type of offense puts a lot of pressure on your defense and the Vols do not have the type of defense that can get other offense off the field quickly. And as the game goes on, the Vols do not have depth, if they are running their defense out there too early to often. Better teams will wear them down. Example: Hang with Kentucky for a half, maybe three quarters, but the defense finally just collapses from being on the field too long. If I were a Vol fan, my expectations would be to be entertained this year. Fast pace, fun and gun environment and a lot of ups and downs (likely more downs), but something I can at least go and enjoy some wide open football verses 3 yards and a cloud of dust. As for the new coach. We'll see. He actually win backwards with each season he spent at Central Florida. I pay little attention to Central Florida football, so there could be solid reasons as to why that happened, starting with injures. Still have to ride through what-ever probation looks like (would feel a little optimistic, considering the hand-slap Baylor just received), and you need optimism. Not only within the program, but at fan-level. Not crazy talk - but optimism. With that said, I get that a fan is going to be optimistic about their team. They should. And this was an optimistic article. And let's be honest. UT hasn't been mediocre for the last 12 years or so. UT has been bad for most of those years. And that is partly because of lack of patience within the fan base and the rise of Georgia. I get that too. In the 90's Georgia fans still thought they are National Contenders, even as UT and UF dominated the East. It takes a while for reality to hit a proud fan base with a proud tradition. Truth is, right now, it is UGA and Florida, then Kentucky (watch out for the Cats this year), then Missouri and UT, USC and Vandy. Win the bottom group, get on a par with Missouri, then Kentucky and position yourself to compete with the other two. By then, there will likely be no East, UT will can then at least be in the mix of being in the Top 8 and you work it from there. The SEC just got tougher. Oklahoma and Texas will make it that much more difficult to win this league. (Don't kid yourself - Sark will make Texas a winner and now he can recruit kids to play in the best league in the country and not leave the state - just like A*M - who is tracking for another Top 5 recruiting class). Bottom-line: Vol fans need to give this guy a chance to at least get you to being competitive on a consistent basis. Hope for him to be your Mark Richt that will get that base-line up and then down the road find your Kirby Smart. Patience is what is needed in Knoxville. Something the Vol Nation has shown little of in the past decade plus.
Strong group - no doubt. Agree on Milton... With that said, O-Lines are going to decide who the top 3 or 4 are. As good as Bixby is, that is a middle of the road O-line at Auburn. Bobo is going to have to scheme up 'in space' opportunities for this kid. Love the A&M kid too... He is special. Harris is a stud - no doubt! And the kid from Kentucky... That wll depend on the new O.C. If he can open things up, I think the kid has a great opportunity. If not, then everybody will load the box and make it tough sledding...
I don't see UF losing to UT or USC; but the team that every team in the East needs to be wary of is Missouri. Rock solid coach... Really like what he has going on in Columbia. He's a little down on talent, but as of a couple of days ago, had the #15 class in 247 rankings for the upcoming class. Lot of time between now in then, but nobody had better over look the Tigers.
Well let's see... He's had a pretty good coach over at Alabama that has stopped him twice. And the best team LSU has ever fielded stop him once. Didn't have a QB last year. I think we'll learn a lot more about UGA this year. If this team stumbles with a couple of unexplainable losses, then I think you can make that argument.
Wow... You would think this was written by a guy who went to the University of Florida... Oh wait... It was.. LOL
So going to enjoy this season. Especially the game in Gainesville.