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I was thinking the same thing...are they not supposed to be? Maybe because I grew up with Munson but I like it that way.
Sometimes it felt like I was the only one lol. Great game. Go Dawgs!
I thought it was an incomplete pass due to the hit. Either way, anyone who throws anything on the field is a moron.
Also the mailman delivered. Proud that I didn’t turn on him like so many fans did. Go Dawgs!!!
Great game to Bama. Prayers for Williams. I turned 42 in November. Been waiting my entire life. Now Florida fans will have to say 2021 instead of 1980 lol. Go Dawgs!!!
I know there are a lot of Stetson Bennett haters and doubters, but how can he not be on this list??
Congrats to you Bama fans too. I hope the outcome of the rematch is different, but either way SEC, SEC, SEC!! It just means more! Go Dawgs and Happy New Year to all!
Good thing Georgia is just a little less terrible I guess ‍♂️
Yeah but play calling getting vanilla now. Better not let up yet.
So you recommend we start running our country like China?
I’m obviously not a Tennessee fan, but I try to pull for the SEC most games. Either way, Tennessee got screwed.
I'm glad some fans still use common sense. Even if CMR was pushed out, there is no one better to take the job. Especially this year with so many jobs open. We should be thankful of what we have and what CMR has built, especially on Thanksgiving!
Agreed. Anytime we have a loss the fire Bobo and CMR fans come out of the closet. These fans are the ones that need to move on not the coaches. At some point the players have to take some blame too. CMR has done a great job keeping the team motivated the last two games on the road with turmoil surrounding the team. And Bobo has consistently had one of the highest scoring offenses in the SEC for years. We had a bad game and Florida had a great game. I'll take three out of four in Jacksonville...
Never understood how you could have more than capacity I mean capacity is full....Either way UGA always reports 92,746 for any sellout. Never seen it as more than that.
First of all, I have not seen a reply from any UGA fans. But, if you want to pick on Gurley, I guess you're right. Got to be better to smoke weed than make money off of one's own name.....
Agreed. CMR is far from perfect but I really dread the day he leaves. He actually has morals and is a devout Christian. Something this country needs a lot more of.
No offense to the War Eagle crowd, but Updyke poisoned a tree. This person threatened to blow up a stadium and decapitate someone. That is terrorism....