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They beat a hurt UGA team without a QB, wed win a rematch. If anyone should be fired, its Ed turning a blind eye to rape.
Actually they will be SEC East co-champs after UGA beats Vandy. They go to Atl, because of head to head. But still, Co-Champs. Ha! What a throw!
-13.5 UGA. 85% win probability. That's not a close game. UT should bet the trailer.
Bad? Rather bold statement with the DB's you have, and our No. 2 WR just put up 150 yards, and we're 4 deep in RB's, with a good OLine of our own. UGA -13.5. Look up the win % for road dogs with that spread, 15%. I like our chances.
Has the SEC ever signed off on a transfer within the conference?
This aged well. Still whipping UT, still whipping UF. Coley failed, here's to Monken.