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I will admit, Monday's here in TN are a little more fun in the office when UT is competing and they have some form of hope to hold on to.
I moved to TN just after the coaching search that ended with the hiring of Pruitt. I do hate I missed being in this office with all of these UT fans here and getting to point and laugh. I for one am hoping for more grumouresque type of shenanigans and nonsense to come. Fat Phil stepping in would be very anti-climactic.
Haven't made a post since this new site format. Was really hoping they added an edit feature. Of course they didn't though. Navigating on this new site is like trying to run through mud.
Seems like there are way too many moving parts and way too much money at stake just to sacrifice a season for one player. I can't imagine the players of an NFL team just laying down for the chances at Tua playing on their team the following season. Hell they may not even be playing for that same team.
What does money have to do with anything? Plenty of people who have more money than his family haven't made similar decisions as he has. Not bashing or defending him, but money isn't to blame here. I can agree with the accountability statement by ugachris, but that applies to anyone whether they are rich or poor.
Boo hoo. One good year and with the best RB KY has ever had leaving, why is it hard to accept the media is a little skeptical of a repeat. Prove them wrong again. Hell flying under the radar would be good IMO.
Huh? Guess my sarcasm didn't carry over very well maybe? Even the player found humor in the play. So what is "Not funny" about it?
Drew blood!!?!??..... yeesh. God forbid an athlete get a strawberry while playing in a game. Dude was laughing at himself in the dugout while getting a small bandage on his forehead.
Lighten up Nancy. It's obviously a joke. Try not to be such a butt hurt snowflake.
Jimbo needs to get a grip on his players when it comes to food. First crab legs. Now tacos.
FORRR-EVVVV-ERRR! The lack of coverage of the SEC Tournament on this site is a joke. They should be ashamed.
You seem to enjoy poking fun at MS and have no reason to do so really. While MS is easy and is often the butt of a lot of jokes. KY is just a bunch of inbred hillbillies that is never mentioned or really contributed anything worth anything at all. Good or bad. I guess you could hang your hat on the derby maybe? I'll give you basketball too. Who really cares about KY honestly though? And spare me racism being the only thing there is to know about MS. You're the one who is not educated if you think that is all MS is.
If Key can't pick up the offense in 2-3 years then he probably shouldn't be our QB IMO. Especially if he gets to redshirt and get to watch someone who very likely knows Moorhead's offense better than any other player in the country make it work. I have high hopes. Not for some crazy amount of wins. But someone who can pass and give our receivers a more accurate pass. Assuming he is more accurate and has more finesse than Fitz. He's definitely got size. It depends on how he wants to look at it and if he is open to redshirting and holding out another year.
Also this wasn't a knock on AU. I said it in the moment that Purifoy would struggle to be able to move past that one moment and not be haunted by it forever.
Yes, this is true. And unfortunate. I was 100% pulling for AU. I think it's fair to say the overwhelming majority of spectators didn't notice the double dribble until after the game was over and it was pointed out in replays. Claiming "They cheated us" months later still is a pretty pitiful look though. To each his own. You win some, you lose some. It's sucks that's the way it all worked out and the refs didn't call a perfect game.
It was a foul. Sucked and that will forever be engrained in his memory. But it was a foul.
Man we got stomped in that series. Was brutal to watch. Here's to hoping we can redeem ourselves if we meet them again.
Where did I say trash talk is bad for the game? I haven't. Considering it's May and there is this much parody around football, I'm not complaining one bit. I find it funny to watch play out and just glad MSU isn't caught up in it this time. I can just sit back and watch. But claiming one rival fanbase is obsessed with the other is dumb knowing good and well that UGA fans are right on cue with their trolling now that the tables have turned. That works both ways. Quit pretending. Whether it was Mullen or McElwain, UGA or any other fanbase in this situation would be doing the exact same thing to their rival.
And that is in response to you saying a 7 or 8 win team shouldn't hang with a playoff contender.
Joe, did you watch much of Clemson football last year. You know, the playoff winner.
Haha. So defensive Joe. Calm down. You can't deny everything I said is fact. Didn't see that response coming either.... At least it's not claiming we are also obsessed. You're somewhat original today in my book Joe. Congrats. Hey look, I won't deny Mullen is a great coach and did MSU very well. His system is hard for any coach to come in and achieve what he could have. Just like any coach their first year at a school. That is one of the things that makes Mullen such a great, unique coach. Kudos on having him back at the Swamp. We went to heights never achieved under Mullen. He's a good coach and will be missed to an extent. His mouth won't be. I do miss certain things Mullen did but he had long been shopping himself around. And that's understandable. Anything you say about what coulda shoulda for MSU with Mullen in 2018 is purely speculative so we'll just ignore that and we can move on to the next topic. As you know, the first round draft picks were on Defense which didn't struggle a bit. So yeah, our offense struggled but don't pretend like having 3 first round picks that played on defense (that lived up to expectations) would've helped us offensively. Nice try though. It's true, the offense was abysmal. The defense did what they were supposed to do and did it well. I commend them for that. As far as squandering the talent, our offensive players aren't Joe's players he needs IMO. I'm patient enough to give Joe time to plug his pieces in. What we had was geared towards Mullens playbook specifically, not Moorheads. Good for you standing by Mullen, just know that he will put you true fans in this very situation of defending your program while chewing on that big foot in his mouth. Confidence goes a long way... when you're a player... on the field you know. Either way, all of your flaming is quite funny to watch. Keep feeding the trolls though.
Just an observation of a now outsider looking in after once dealing with it first hand. Enjoy UGA. Lulz. He's almost making it too easy. And the blows just keep on coming for UF.
Yeah, it's almost as "refreshing" as seeing another Florida fan with the same tired beat down comment of UGA being obsessed. That's the only response UF fans have at the moment. While yes, UGA fans are pouring it on thick, it's a rivalry and Mullen did more than his fair share of stirring the pot. Just like he did with MSU and OM. Creating a very toxic rivalry especially in the past few years. Now UF fans can't rebuttal with anything new because their coach painted them in a corner and brought all of this on himself and the fanbase.
This was hinted well before the Steele situation. This kid was once committed to MSU, then Ole Miss and then UF. This was known with this kid from well over a year ago. Mullen pulled strings to get him into IMG but doesn't appear it made the difference that was necessary. I wish Diwun the best. Just from stories and articles read, he has come a long way. Hope he can make it back to the playing field for a D1 team some day.
Megan and the kids are going to have to start grocery shopping in Orlando again.