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I thought about swinging though and snagging a Big Mac or even just a side of fries. But of course, I decided to enjoy the Ribeye I've always wanted instead.
Lulz. "lost some close games and one not so close" Come on mane. Moral victories aren't accepted in the SEC.
Definitely sucks for the guy. Hopefully, other players will take note and reconsider putting "me" first and finishing it out.
Why do teams keep pitching to him? Walk him and make him run to clog up the bases. Walking in one run would've been better than giving up 4.
If we win the series this weekend I don't see us jumping Arkansas for #1 when they swept us a few weeks ago. I also don't see Vandy jumping Arkansas if yall win the series this weekend. Or until Arkansas gives them a reason to drop them.
What a complete waste of your time even typing all of that out. No way anyone reads that.
Dude has been nothing but drama since being there. He has taken the effort his players put in to get a W away with this bogus witch hunt. It's all about Deion. No legit D1 school wants him and the things that he would bring. He is proving that on a daily basis.
I get what you're saying, but what does "today's youth" have to do with it? Fights and/or bar fights aren't something new or limited to kids.
You're being willfully ignorant. Consistency with a coaching staff is almost always a plus unless the staff just sucks. If Bama could've kept the same staff does that mean they have no room for improvement?
In all honesty there currently a lot of announcers I enjoy listening to. CBS would pull the ultimate FU and replace Danielson with Beth Mowins and everyone would be begging to have Danielson back.
I don't think Gary hates on particular teams necessarily. But he can go on and on and on about a certain player or team and sound obsessed and almost like a fanboy. It just gets old hearing him drool over certain players and teams and breaking down the thought process or what a QB or other player is thinking as if he just interviewed them in the huddle. Just talk a little less instead of fabricating stuff and it wouldn't require muting the TV.
Why would you want to "experience" crap weather frequently? Maybe if you're in CO so you can ski or something. Adding snow in MS is about as beneficial as having it in MO.
Not a good look? So now a big hit in a football game is a bad look?
But it's close enough that I can't tell if it's intentional or not.
No one has said he was wrong about what he said. Calm down Nancy. Just that he can dish it but can't take it.
Lolz. Swinney throwing shade but whines when someone does the same about his team playing in an S&!T conference. But, I will be pulling for Clemson to make an example out of the media's pride and joy.
He deserved it. Lots of jawing going on last night between two crappy teams.
What exactly has he changed here? It clearly suggests that this is new. Not that he is making some bold change to anything. Pretty sure Adidas played a larger role in the gold jersey's than Mullen at MSU.
You're using Bama's yearly roster turnover as the bar to compare MSU's roster turnover this year with????