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Get that $hit out of here. Perfect example of one in denial. What do "my own words" have to do with anything other than you trying to setup a platform to get on your high horse and spew the same garbage your administration has fed your fans. The ruling has been made. I had no part in any of the investigation so what I have to say about the violations doesn't matter. All that matters are facts. Like when Tunsil admitted to being paid for playing. And that wasn't even in the investigation! I've already said in the past on here that I don't know how much juice there is to anything Leo or Kobe testified about and that after the 1st NOA investigation was wrapping up the NCAA had no choice but to drop the hammer and open another investigation after draft night. The first one was all but done (track & basketball) until draft night. NCAA couldn't allow themselves to go down like that, then y'all mocked them essentially. Poking the bear. How on Earth Bjork still has a job bewilders me.
His receiving corp. is the biggest plus and benefit for him that would help make any improvement. Not what he may have learned over the off-season. Moorhead would have to work a miracle to get him to be a truly accurate passer IMO. He's just not the passer that would set him apart from every other QB in the nation. He's still a force to be reckoned with. Especially with a more tested and experienced backfield to counter him and take some pressure off. I'm also assuming Moorhead will be able to come up with more than a draw up the middle when he get's in a tough spot.
I just don't see him being able to pull it off. He doesn't seem cut out to be a HC.
Yeah I don't agree with 50%. I do think it will be a noticeable difference compared to the previous two years but I don't think he will even be sniffing 3,000.
I really haven't seen many State fans claiming MSU was squeaky clean. I believe under the table benefits are rampant in SEC football. Like MaroonDawg said, it's just funny to us that y'all got put on blast because y'all pushed the envelope a little to far to go unnoticed. And majority of OM fans are still in denial and have bought into your crooked ass administration's coverup. I'm more looking forward to hearing the butt hurt from those OM fans still in denial. What will be the next lie they spin in their heads to cope.
Assuming UGA beats FL (which I also do), the East would still be USC's to take in your scenario. It really wouldn't be that off the wall for them to upset some one (UGA) and lose two others they should've won.
Sooner the better ha. Dude's a beast. No denying that either.
Pretty sure the huge homecoming loss is all any one remembers about home games at Death Valley last year.
Yeah but now they can come after it if you don't pay taxes on it.
Why ban or not allow state lottery in MS? They generate tons of tax revenue that could go into Mississippi's school systems that are consistently on the bottom (literally) and are always struggling financially.
Just going ahead and laying the ground work for his excuses when State does beat that A$$
With a name like Eli, and being from MS I'm sure he never even considered any other school. 18 years is right on target for when Eli was at OM.
And the Tunsil incident on draft night is just forgotten about? Yes, I know it wasn't part of the investigation but that second NOA came out shortly behind draft night. After that debacle I feel like the NCAA had to make something stick or they would've looked like fools. I'm not justifying Leo and Kobe's testimony because I don't know enough specifics and I'm not really trying to argue about this. Every ones opinions on all sides are formed. It's not a court of law though. The NCAA can do what they want behind their closed doors in this instance. It could've been much worse IMO but I agree with Rebel4Ever, this administration is poison and there doesn't seem to be much concern from majority of OM fans.
Seems like you are the one still caught up and got feelings hurt by me bringing up bandwagon fans. Not me. And there is no denying what I said is true. I wasn't the State fan(s) complaining about number of articles and SDS not doing one on the spring game. Doesn't make a difference to me. I just knew what you were referring to and was one of the fans you lumped into the same basket. There are plenty of other sites beside SDS that can fill me in on what I missed. I can let you be the king of SDS if that is what you need or want to get through your day. And I never claimed that MSU has ever been better than Bama. I even said Bama will still always be a solid bet. I was just pointing out that you don't see Bama fans reactions to losing often. It will be glorious to see more of that once Saban retires. If anything that is a compliment for what they currently have. Quit being insecure.
So you can call out other fanbases and lump all of them into one basket (your first and third post) but now you say if some one says something about your beloved fanbase, you get butt hurt and can't help but be arrogant and talk $hit? You are further proving anything that people conclude about Bama fans such as being obnoxious and above all else with those exact posts. Every team on here has a few terrible posters and I'm just as quick to call out a dumb comment by a State fan. You just seem to be chomping at the bit to get your .02 in. It is going to be glorious to watch all the Bama fans squirm once Saban is out and they get knocked down a peg or two. Not saying Bama won't always be a solid bet, but the days are numbered. Keep posting on our article though, maybe us po' ole MS folk will get a new article today because of all your generous posts you've blessed us with.
Coming from a fan who's team has more bandwagon fans and Wal-Mart sports apparel for sale than probably any other team. By your theory, thanks for the comment then. But to expect there to be as many State fans commenting as Bama fans is pretty dumb to begin with. I seriously doubt SDS doles out number of articles written per team based on how many comments that team receives. They already have plenty of click-bait articles spread all around for that.
Think the comments you are referring to were about not getting a follow up on our spring game. This article is hardly a story. Moorhead announcing captains is more interesting than this. Kick rocks troll.
Any of you arm chair quarterbacks that act like they wouldn't wear the hell out of that ring are lying through your teeth.
I could've completed the flea flicker against MSU. Our secondary was beyond burned and we had zero pressure on Fromm.
Because he can get away with 8-10 win seasons in Starkville. It's no secret he shopped himself around for the last few years at MSU. He is great at coaching players up and great with QB's. But, if he can't get a give his offensive coordinator the reins and continues to go conservative and tuck his tail between his legs at any sort of challenge in a game or if he gets down 13+ points he will look exactly the same as he did at MSU and always lose the one that counts. Wonder if he is going to run the QB up the middle as much at UF.
Considering I don't work for you and you know nothing about me personally you haven't proven anything. You sound just as dumb as the coach. He is blaming the fact that they were born between a certain set of years. Not the fact that they don't watch film. Essentially that's what he blames. The year they were born is irrelevant. The generation before you said the same thing about y'all. They just didn't have Internet and cell phones to blame it on also. Technology changes people and generations. That shouldn't be a groundbreaking revelation. You sound old.
Hahaha. Yet here you are writing the longest response on this article while I'm assuming you are at work working so hard and tirelessly. Quit blaming others douche and get off your high horse. Your experience is of no value to a single person on here. Kick rocks. Have fun getting old while young people screw you. Who are you actually mad at? Millennials or the writer or yourself?
But... but.. but... that was all done by Houston Nutt while he was there.
It's coming from an MSU fan that checks a SEC website. Get over yourself... and you accuse me of acting high and mighty. That's laughable. I check multiple schools. But that's the exact response I would expect from an OM fan. I don't deny we paid him nor have I ever insinuated that it's not going on rampantly at schools all across the country. It's not unique to just OM. That's the difference between me and you is I'm not in denial and feel like I'm getting picked on. Poor pitiful you. That kind of attitude is exactly what got y'all in the situation y'all are in. Zero responsibility accepted for it. Since this isn't a court of law, you playing the lack of evidence card is moot. Tunsil on draft night is all any single fan of college football needed to be able to laugh at OM and watch the network crumble and say I told you so. Bottom line. Kick rocks.
Yeah it's not like one of their players was in an interview post draft and said "I'd have to say yeah" after he was asked if he accepted money FROM A COACH. OM defenders never seem to mention that and just point the finger at Leo. And that wasn't even in the investigation is what is so confusing about it. What more proof do you need? What about the same exact player driving a car from a booster owned dealership off the books. Get real man. No one except OM fans were blind to it. Sorry y'all got caught and denied it and rubbed it in the NCAA's face. Most schools take the slap on the wrist and go on instead of poking the bear. Keep believing Freeze's lies though. Look where it got you.
But telling the players that there is no bowl ban or penalties coming and that there is nothing to see with the ongoing investigation is ok? Night and day difference from telling them they have a chance to go to the NFL. That is more up to the player than the coach 99% of the time. Terrible comparison. OM got off light. What a joke to say these penalties were severe. Freeze knew what was going on. That's called covering up. Keep your head buried in the sand though.
And the reason we lost to Bama is plain and simple because of Ridley and our soft ass secondary. Had we not given up multiple huge plays to him then we would've won.
We get it. We didn't have receivers. You don't have to say that after every comment. I'm definitely a Fitz fan here but get real if you think he is an elite passer. Dude might as well be blindfolded if he is passing 20+ yards. Maybe Moorhead can teach him some stuff but I would think that he would've figured it out by now if he was going to be an elite passer. I fully expect to have a dual QB system this coming year.
That logic makes no sense. He had an official visit to Bama. Not to visit Pruitt.