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Is my phone the only phone that doesn't autocorrect to duck or autocorrect at all if you add punctuation behind any word you typed?
Ah, nvm. He is one of them. No wonder.
They? It's a totally different author and the other one is a comparison article. This one just flat out acts like MSU has no reason to show up or no advantages of their own other than being a 2nd half team this season. Just an easy article that repeats things he heard from some talking head.
My gosh... well I guess we are just going to lay down and let them have their way with us according to this article.
Just like your comment because you're wrong. You just came here to throw shade. SEC-ond to None and his comment below is the rumor. The kid wants to play a different position than the school he's was committed to wanted him to come & play.
Wait what happened to all the Leach to TT hype??? So dumb....
There really isn't any unreasonable takes in here from either side. I really don't see one. Quite mild all around in fact. It's probably just you hoping UK doesn't get beat so your loss to them doesn't get laughed at even more.
It's staged my guy. No one is doubting they are actually ordering 1,000 burritos lulz. But the video was faked for marketing.
Trevor Lawrence going from barely having a loss on his record since HS to possibly the worst team and most atrocious coaching situation in the NFL in quite some time.
Dude went for a mic drop and bombed immediately after. That gaze as he walks off...lulz.
Dude is taking a pick a little too seriously. Mad at the producers and crew? Who cares? Be mad at yourself for being influenced and not thinking for yourself.
So wouldn't it be fair to say that the top 5 recruiting profile is doing more of the heavy lifting than the offense? My offense would probably work at Bama. It's not even the same game and bad for the entire sport.
Why are people still tracking this guy? Even more of a waste of time writing articles about him. Guess you got my click though.
What are you talking about? Where does he elude to Jack Abraham currently being a legit contender to backup? If anything he basically says he has been MIA since spring and all we know is he is injured. He even says he's injured twice. What else do you need him to say?
We already knew Freeze was an idiot when using a phone. Old news.
I thought about swinging though and snagging a Big Mac or even just a side of fries. But of course, I decided to enjoy the Ribeye I've always wanted instead.
Lulz. "lost some close games and one not so close" Come on mane. Moral victories aren't accepted in the SEC.