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I get the Shrader concern but do you think wherever Moorhead is coaching really weighs that heavily on where Shrader graduates from at this point? Would he give up being a starting SEC QB to follow a coach? Moorhead at that?
What are you talking about? I've been off the Moorhead wagon since the UT game. (I already know..... you called this last year) Good for you. You realize you haven't convinced me to feel one way or the other plus I have no clue who you are other than you try to tell everyone on this site 'I told you so'. Just more of you needing attention for some reason.
Yeah, we are lacking that heart, desire and effort no doubt. Our coach said today he is happy with the current state of the program. No wonder we suck.
Even if we get a W Saturday it's freaking Arkansas. Hardly worth saying it will help with the fanbase. Not sure what it would take for him to win the fanbase back. Winning out including Bammer???? Lulz. Riiiiiiight. The fact that we are even questioning what the outcome of this weekends game will be says enough.
He definitely like thumping his chest. He's made sure to say 'I told you so' on every article MSU has had since the game.
Why are you on every single MSU post demanding for people to give you credit for predicting something? Who cares other than your self-esteem? LilMissBucky is right. Do I think Moorhead is the guy? No. Clearly we need to part ways. I was on the "give him time side" until I saw us play UT. But the group of people in our fanbase like yourself are happier they were right about Moorhead and MSU's football team sucking this year are toxic. I wish y'all would leave along with Moorhead. All this "because I called it earlier this year", give me credit because I need attention BS is pathetic. You are jaded and not a fan. You can still support without tearing down while trying to act like you are some internet celebrity or are entitled to some pat on the back.
I'm shocked we haven't seen a coach kill over and die on the sideline from a heart-attack in this day and age. They have to be taking blood pressure medicine before games.
Where do you see edited or changed dates? They ADDED three more categories. No skewing though.
I will admit, Monday's here in TN are a little more fun in the office when UT is competing and they have some form of hope to hold on to.
I moved to TN just after the coaching search that ended with the hiring of Pruitt. I do hate I missed being in this office with all of these UT fans here and getting to point and laugh. I for one am hoping for more grumouresque type of shenanigans and nonsense to come. Fat Phil stepping in would be very anti-climactic.
Haven't made a post since this new site format. Was really hoping they added an edit feature. Of course they didn't though. Navigating on this new site is like trying to run through mud.
Seems like there are way too many moving parts and way too much money at stake just to sacrifice a season for one player. I can't imagine the players of an NFL team just laying down for the chances at Tua playing on their team the following season. Hell they may not even be playing for that same team.
What does money have to do with anything? Plenty of people who have more money than his family haven't made similar decisions as he has. Not bashing or defending him, but money isn't to blame here. I can agree with the accountability statement by ugachris, but that applies to anyone whether they are rich or poor.
Boo hoo. One good year and with the best RB KY has ever had leaving, why is it hard to accept the media is a little skeptical of a repeat. Prove them wrong again. Hell flying under the radar would be good IMO.
Huh? Guess my sarcasm didn't carry over very well maybe? Even the player found humor in the play. So what is "Not funny" about it?
Drew blood!!?!??..... yeesh. God forbid an athlete get a strawberry while playing in a game. Dude was laughing at himself in the dugout while getting a small bandage on his forehead.
Lighten up Nancy. It's obviously a joke. Try not to be such a butt hurt snowflake.
Jimbo needs to get a grip on his players when it comes to food. First crab legs. Now tacos.
FORRR-EVVVV-ERRR! The lack of coverage of the SEC Tournament on this site is a joke. They should be ashamed.
You seem to enjoy poking fun at MS and have no reason to do so really. While MS is easy and is often the butt of a lot of jokes. KY is just a bunch of inbred hillbillies that is never mentioned or really contributed anything worth anything at all. Good or bad. I guess you could hang your hat on the derby maybe? I'll give you basketball too. Who really cares about KY honestly though? And spare me racism being the only thing there is to know about MS. You're the one who is not educated if you think that is all MS is.
If Key can't pick up the offense in 2-3 years then he probably shouldn't be our QB IMO. Especially if he gets to redshirt and get to watch someone who very likely knows Moorhead's offense better than any other player in the country make it work. I have high hopes. Not for some crazy amount of wins. But someone who can pass and give our receivers a more accurate pass. Assuming he is more accurate and has more finesse than Fitz. He's definitely got size. It depends on how he wants to look at it and if he is open to redshirting and holding out another year.
Also this wasn't a knock on AU. I said it in the moment that Purifoy would struggle to be able to move past that one moment and not be haunted by it forever.