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Col., you act like MSU celebrates that or that we take pride in what Simmons did. I'm sure he regrets it in more ways than you could imagine. Never have you seen a MSU fan defend what he did.
Disproves what? That the defense not getting a break leads to them getting wore out faster?
Ha, they really couldn't find a pic of dude where he wasn't looking down at his phone??
Not a fan of all this pre-season hype. We'll be good and all but I wish it would die down.
I'm hoping Auburn because I have to be around a bunch of Barn fans that day.
We will beat either LSU or Auburn IMO. Don't know about getting both of them. I agree with the rest of your post.
Soooooo.... to sum this up he wasn't charged with a felony because they didn't find a gun like I said. Only part of one. Also a gun backstrap is a part of a gun. He basically had an incomplete gun. Not the holster which is what one would wear to hold a firearm. I'm not defending him by any means. He very well may have just gotten away with hiding the other part and them not finding it. Still one of the bigger wastes of talent in a long time.
This really shouldn't be all that surprising with the WR's they have that can burn secondary.
Yeah but so is every other HC in the nation. He tended to tie up a few lose ends at the end of the recruiting cycle. Definitely could pull some stuff out last second and get his class in the top 20. But at this point, he could stumble if he doesn't have a good season. Doubt he has a bad season though. What would the minimum number of wins be that would be acceptable for year one with the 2019 class the way it is now?
He better hope he can finish big games. Never was something he managed to pull off at MSU. Definitely took our program to new heights. Just seemed like he never could bust through that ceiling. I think this UF job will show every one what type of all around coach Mullen is. A lot of the points VolzDeep made sound awfully familiar of Mullen to a MSU fan.
Are you for real? What does it matter how she got the mace in her hand? He may have held her down and hit her and she got loose and reached her mace then sprayed. Either way, I really doubt there is much grey area here. Dude is scum and doesn't deserve the opportunity to be playing football for any school. Are you really trying to rationalize this being ok?
So the only college football games you watch are Bammer games? What a sad, small little world you live in. Spare me your "Those are the only game that matter" comments.
Can't even read this article because I read it hearing Gary Danielson's voice. Worst commentator in the business and it's not even close IMO.
I must've missed those years when Vandy "came out of the cellar"
The first two are the only ones that even seem slightly interesting.
I meant listed in your post above not in your article. I doubt the battle for Pickering is over by any means. But he does have a relative on the roster at MSU. I'm sure that carries some weight in his decision. And I haven't seen anyone argue that Moorhead was handed a good roster. You keep bringing that up for some reason. I think the bulk of that roster being so solid is the fact that it is returning so many players more so than talent. Yeah talent is there, but it's not loaded with 5* recruits like UF is used to getting. Yes Mullen has a great eye for lower rated talent and developing them but he hasn't had great success with highly touted recruits who are being pulled at from elite teams in every direction. There are plenty of stories of recruits passing on Mullen and his staff because of their attitude and just not putting in the time other schools did. Just ask A.J. Brown straight out of his back yard while at MSU.
Yet Mullen can't even get one of those guy's you've listed that he recruited to pledge their commitment? Even with such strong relationships? Jarrian Jones is probably working harder recruiting players for MSU than Mullen and his staff are to UF. Remember, Jarrian didn't flip from OU to UF.
Like what? I'm sure he'll go through college at Bama just like he would've at UGA just fine. It's not like he is teetering on receiving an offer or anything.
Seems like if it came down to Bama & UGA in the SECCG that would be the decider for the SEC representative. No way the committee will stick two SEC teams in the playoff in back-to-back years if there is an undefeated Wisco type team out there. There was too much butt hurt from Pac-12 and Big 10 who just feel like they deserve a spot just for being a P5 conference.
That Arky game play came to mind when I was scrolling through these. Not the AU one.
Not gonna lie that loss to Bama last year hurt worse than the one in 2014 IMO. Last years wasn't as devastating I guess to the season but can't say I was shocked really.
I'll take back my accusation of you being a troll I guess. You are just a miserable "fan". Yes, realistic with your point of the ups and downs that come with MS football. But every college besides Bama pretty much faces that. Also again, you put words in my mouth by acting like I said we are on our way to be a juggernaut. It's MS and we are already in an uphill battle trying to recruit to the state that is last in anything good and first in any statistic you don't want to lead. You should try to not hate on people and the team you pull for and enjoy the success they do have. Do you really think I'm a believer that MSU's name should be or will soon be tossed around with the likes of Bama, Notre Dame, Miami, Florida or USC? Quit taking anything I say to the most extreme possible. We haven't had sustained success like we've had the past decade ever really. So why deny that our program has risen from the bottom to a better place? Notice I didn't say to the top or anything that is impossible to actually believe. Your argument with me doesn't even make sense. It just comes across as you hating to be a MSU fan.
Go ahead and think becoming a legit contender happens overnight. Again. I've never even once said any of the stuff you keep typing about beating LSU or appearing in major bowl games. I haven't acted like we are elite or deserving of any sort of recognition for anything we have accomplished recently. I have said that we are on the rise and believe we are one of the better teams right now. To think that recruits and other teams don't notice is naive. Have fun with your luminous dark cloud.
It's not like teams go in and accidentally beat the Alabamas of football. WIth your mindset MSU will always be repeat Gator Bowl champs and always be mediocre. And you asked for some one to dispute your "facts". Pretty much laid it all out for you of why I made my initial comment. Still more negativity from you. You're the type of fan that sucks to be around whether it's at a game or watching a game on TV.
You are the most negative MSU poster I've seen and I would say over 75% of your posts are bashing MSU. You are even worse than the guy that used to argue with BunkerBuster constantly making MSU look like idiots and out of touch with reality. I get that there are a ton of pessimistic MSU fans and a lot that are out of touch with reality but you really take the cake when it comes to raising doubt and hating. Hence troll accusations. You are literally complaining about our 3 very legit commits we got over the weekend. We are on a roll recruiting and have 7 four star commits right now and almost every post since they committed is how they are going to be busts. Whatever that means. I'm sure this rating system is just made up numbers. I don't doubt we lose one or two of these guys and one gets flipped to a better school. That's recruiting. We may flip some of our own. No where have I said we are gonna win the SEC Champ or even appear, much less beat Bama or win a Natty. But instead of enjoying what we do currently have going on with the MSU program, you call us bottom feeders. I think the only people that would argue that MSU is on an incline and not a decline would be OM fans. God forbid you read to far into that and think I'm saying we are the next Bama. There is a difference in reality and denial if you aren't a troll. Wake up. It's a good time to be a bulldog. Don't act like losing Mullen was the end of our existence because have you looked at how UF recruiting is going? Mullen had been checked out and we haven't seen recruiting like we have now since?????? When?