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The punishment is some what steep. But just because it happened years ago isn't an excuse to not have to face consequences. We all know Mizzou wasn't going to make the playoffs regardless next year. May miss out on a crap bowl.
Why are you trying to come in and be some hero being all defensive ha? You don't even have a dog in this hunt.
Exactly. Just let one media outlet take that and run with it and the rest will follow suit. Raising hell and leaving the NCAA with the choice of saying he is lying about it and just wants out or granting immediate play and letting sweeping it under the rug to avoid major race related PR problems.
Yeah I'm sure they would like to keep some sort of backbone too but they have been failing miserably at doing that in recent years. Thomas Mars (his lawyer) has been pretty successful at battling the NCAA here lately.
Yeah but do you really see the NCAA wanting to touch anything dealing with a racial issue with a ten foot pole or telling him they don't believe he was or isn't still offended by the racial slur?
Yeah having a firearm while possessing illegal drugs steps the charges up significantly.
He has already removed his name from the Akron coach search.
Was thinking the same thing about the back and forth only to come down and see the first comment from an aggie claiming it was well written.
Are you saying you're shocked A&M lost some games?
I was going to ask if that actually happened. Didn't remember seeing that live but definitely noticed it in this.
Unfortunately, social media has given everybody what they think is a platform to announce mere opinions as fact.
Their strength of schedule for the foreseeable future is a joke. The level of difficulty the next three years doesn't change one bit. The addition of Houston may be their toughest opponent.
Cool story bro. Pretty easy to say Mullen would probably be in the playoffs now. He would've probably choked on the one game that would've put is in a NY6 bowl too. Get over it and quit whining on here. We get it, you're pissed that your expectations got the best of you.
Pretty fair to assume that a 1 loss team would still be well in the mix of making an expanded playoff system. Even if you aren't Bama.
Because he defends Bama and holds them up as if they can do no wrong. No $hit it happens every game, not sure where you are getting that I didn't think calls were missed. Especially considering the entire first paragraph of my comment. Continue making dumb comments like you normally do though.
And ND doesn't even participate in a Conference Championship. That's even worse than the SEC teams playing cupcakes this weekend.
So you're using an SEC news board to try to open people's eyes? Good luck with that. All you're doing is repeating yourself on every article.
I'm not saying the refs beat us by any means. We never had a chance because State's offense couldn't move the ball. Score should be 24-7. Still an ass whooping. Period. That said, you do realize that Gary Danielson is dying to get on his knees and take a huge load to the face from any Alabama player or coach. He couldn't be more of a fanboy than if a sidewalk Bammer fan got to sit in the booth and call a game.
No doubt. Wish we could add one for this coming class though. I'll gladly take these three though.
He'll find a few diamonds in the rough and develop them like you said though.
If it filled up this time then I doubt Mullen would've complained about it.
This is it. Bottomline their schedule is garbage and remains trash for the foreseeable future. Nobody's fault but their own. Yeah, their conference sucks but they could easily schedule one P5 team that is worth a crap and maybe have something to hang their hat on. It would still only be one win or loss though. Still not impressive if they just beat one quality team the entire season.
?? I didn't say enjoy the white sandy beaches man. What if I rent a cabin in the middle of the woods and go stay hours away from my home? It's no "mecca", but it's still a vacation.
Yeah not sure why anyone would expect him not to pursue players he had been in contact with. That said, have a good vacation to Florida. Pickering is still a Bulldog through and through.
Worst case he sucks it up and gets paid. I mean, look at Saban now ha. Not like Dabo wouldn't have an open door to most any major college that wanted him. Hell, I would love for this to happen and Saban retire from coaching while he was in the NFL so they couldn't pull him from Clemson to Bammer.
Meh... probably due to the fact that we have no recent highlights.