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Yeah if we can't run it, it's gonna be a long game.
Didn't he say something just like this last year or the year before?
Stidham can throw the ball at least and your coach will at least still try the run even without an established RB like AU normally has. We have a proven 1,000 yard season rusher sharing 12 total touches in a game.
Is the title of this article implying that there has been improvement in Moorhead's system by Fitz since the beginning of the season?
Yeah, the road ahead isn't getting any easier. Something needs to change but doesn't sound like any one is changing what we are doing unfortunately. Just saying it's gonna get better doesn't make it actually happen.
I think this is about as accurate as it can get right now.
I get what your saying and there is definitely truth to that. But, if anything he has regressed since last year. He used to welcome a DB to meet him and tackle him so he could lower his shoulder and plow into him. His mobility isn't the same since ankle injury. He's not the same player as he was pre-injury. Personally, I'd rather get our backup in and have as many reps as he can and prepare for next year. If this season was supposed to be special, it has quickly lost it's luster. In my eyes, I want Key to start learning this offense if he will be the one playing it next year. Probably not the most popular opinion. It doesn't all fall on Fitz by any means at all. The OL looks like they are playing with lead shoes. There are way too many things and people (coaches and players) to blame for the crap that has taken the field the past two games though. I'm also not in the MSU camp that Moorhead should be fired after only 5 games into his tenure. Fans have absolutely no clue what goes on behind close doors or in the locker rooms. I still think he can be successful at MSU. Those that are ready to jump ship and start pointing fingers are half the problem with a lot of the MSU fanbase.
Fitz should be benched and let the backup start getting reps.
Might as well let Key play the rest of the season and get some reps in. Can't be any worse than Fitz back there.
If the ref it trying to get "even" from something he didn't do correctly earlier, the problem is still in the ref.
Ouch. Huge cloud over College Station right now.
What are you talking about Rupert? Large percentage of UGA fans who wish Kirby never showed up? I haven't seen any of these Georgia fans.
Col., you act like MSU celebrates that or that we take pride in what Simmons did. I'm sure he regrets it in more ways than you could imagine. Never have you seen a MSU fan defend what he did.
Disproves what? That the defense not getting a break leads to them getting wore out faster?
Ha, they really couldn't find a pic of dude where he wasn't looking down at his phone??
Not a fan of all this pre-season hype. We'll be good and all but I wish it would die down.
I'm hoping Auburn because I have to be around a bunch of Barn fans that day.
We will beat either LSU or Auburn IMO. Don't know about getting both of them. I agree with the rest of your post.
Soooooo.... to sum this up he wasn't charged with a felony because they didn't find a gun like I said. Only part of one. Also a gun backstrap is a part of a gun. He basically had an incomplete gun. Not the holster which is what one would wear to hold a firearm. I'm not defending him by any means. He very well may have just gotten away with hiding the other part and them not finding it. Still one of the bigger wastes of talent in a long time.
This really shouldn't be all that surprising with the WR's they have that can burn secondary.
Yeah but so is every other HC in the nation. He tended to tie up a few lose ends at the end of the recruiting cycle. Definitely could pull some stuff out last second and get his class in the top 20. But at this point, he could stumble if he doesn't have a good season. Doubt he has a bad season though. What would the minimum number of wins be that would be acceptable for year one with the 2019 class the way it is now?
He better hope he can finish big games. Never was something he managed to pull off at MSU. Definitely took our program to new heights. Just seemed like he never could bust through that ceiling. I think this UF job will show every one what type of all around coach Mullen is. A lot of the points VolzDeep made sound awfully familiar of Mullen to a MSU fan.
Are you for real? What does it matter how she got the mace in her hand? He may have held her down and hit her and she got loose and reached her mace then sprayed. Either way, I really doubt there is much grey area here. Dude is scum and doesn't deserve the opportunity to be playing football for any school. Are you really trying to rationalize this being ok?
So the only college football games you watch are Bammer games? What a sad, small little world you live in. Spare me your "Those are the only game that matter" comments.
Can't even read this article because I read it hearing Gary Danielson's voice. Worst commentator in the business and it's not even close IMO.