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That logic makes no sense. He had an official visit to Bama. Not to visit Pruitt.
You're comparing MSU to UF. Starkville to Gainseville. Just stop. They are a juggernaut of a program. I think it was a combo of Mullen and Starkville. Players waiting to see who their head coach will be before de-committing isn't unique to this hire or recruiting good players in general. Why would that come as a surprise? Not to mention the coaching changes that have come about in the state of FL alone.And what players are you referring to as far as MSU losing players to FL. The ones we should be most concerned about have reestablished their commitments to the bulldog family via twitter in the past week.Mullen was a lazy recruiter. Great eye and all for players. But lazy. He let AJ slip away and he is from Starkville. Starkville's HS coach even said that Mullen basically just asked him to send players his way just because of location without putting anymore effort than that. I don't think Florida fans will be pleased with the effort Mullen puts forward in recruiting and Hevesey & Gonzo are probably worse off. They can have all three of them.
Not sure what your point is.Mullen is changing the offensive scheme that was used at FL. Seems like a lot of those players de-committing don't fit Mullen's mold. Makes perfect sense a pro-style QB doesn't see his place in Mullen's scheme. I wouldn't be freaking out too much if I were a FL fan. They are still loaded and honestly can afford to have a "down" year of recruiting (to UF's standards). I do think it reflects on Mullen's recruiting that he is trying to recruit MS kids still while at FL of all places. I am not going to miss Gonzo and Hevsey's laziness on the recruiting trail.MSU fans need to stop living in Mullen's shadow and using his success or failures as a measuring stick for State.
Jesus... those teeth are almost as yellow as his hat.
Yeah..... good one man. You got me. Claiming to hurt some ones feelings seems like your go to comment after some one responds in a way you don't like to one of your posts. You gonna try to whip out some psychology article on me that isn't relevant again?And you're telling people to get a life claiming to crunch numbers for a "study" you conducted on this site. Again....dumb.Enjoy AJ and him never being able to take you to a bowl before he leaves.
Hard to classify that a study honestly. Just a huge waste of time really.I guess y'all are relishing in finally getting some articles written on here about y'all. Enjoy.
It's not like some one formerly on your team announced on National TV during the draft that yes, they did receive money from coaches when asked.What option did the NCAA have. The investigation of the first NOA was all but wrapped up. They Tunsil dropped this bomb.But keep hanging your hat on beating Bama twice if that makes you feel better about all of this.
Correct. Whether any one has or hasn't. That wasn't part of the investigation and there is nothing to hold that up or this would be a whole different investigation to begin with.
What about the players who have retained Mars? Think he said more than 3 but less that 11. Whatever that means. Wasn't your Safety that was just granted transfer from Luke from a more recent signing class claiming he was lied to about his recruitment and the investigation? I think that your post above makes sense and is fair. But what stops the others that have hired mars to represent them from transferring?
That is what Bunker Buster and Bulldawgrock are for. They'll for sure fight over this article (obviously) and every other one that mentions either OM or MSU.
I'm sure a lot of schools are also using the fact that they are suing former recruits against them too. Why wouldn't they do it to others?
At least Verne is gone. I hoped Gary would be out the door with him.
No one is asking for a 68 team football playoff. If you win your conference championship (power 5 at least), you get a bid to the overall tournament.Having 4 teams cuts out one of the power 5 conferences to hear some conference fanbase complain about how it's unfair. And what about Notre Dame? They don't even play in a conference championship. That's basically a bye. If 8 teams were allowed to enter playoffs, that could include the power 5 champs and 3 wild cards. Why would you not want to extend football season another week?
Cohen and Moorhead got it under control. No way they drop the ball now. We're straight.We aren't going to hire another Sirmon. Our D isn't going any where.
They would show incompetent they are even more so if they threw 10 mil at Mullen. Or any available coach for that matter. Dumb figure to even toss around whether it's true or not.
Nothing even changed for either team in this weeks poll. It's just week of the game. Of course they are excited.
So why should they be pissed? They aren't even in the running. That's probably why they aren't even mentioned in the article.There is probably a list of reasons other conferences rejected them. There strength of schedule is 69. MSU's is 13. It's more than obvious your logic doesn't add up. Who cares if they are undefeated?Their strength of schedule is ranked 69.
Yeah. There is no vote or committee to decide that. Head to head goes to Aub if they win. Blowout or not. Clemson might as well be Troy when it comes down to that.
UCF? Really? Get real.Would you actually like to see them in the playoffs? What a waste of space and entire afternoon of playoff games.
So you're saying strength of schedule doesn't matter or factor in at all then, right? Strictly W-L. Is that all we are capable of looking at and expected to go by?Are you saying you would rather watch Wisconsin, who hasn't been tested yet (maybe once), get curb stomped by an actual elite team. Do you think Wisconsin would stand a chance against your Dawgs? Bama? Barn? (Please think about your answer before you post) They'll play a total of 2 ranked teams the entire regular season. Last weeks team being ranked #23. And that was questionable. Only one team in their division besides them is actually above .500.If they can make it through their conference championship, I'll eat crow.
When do UT fans stop using the Bama game as a measuring stick for their season?That shouldn't even be considered a rivalry anymore. It's not like it helps you win the East. That would be my end goal for now if I were a UT fan. Then you probably get two shots at Bama a year.
You don't know a thing. Quit pretending to know the ins and outs of each program and players and their recruitment.And as a matter of fact, UGA has lead the SEC in arrests every year since 2014. There is something y'all can stay at number 1 at for a long stretch.Too bad your team never can seem to get that pill down and always choke when it matters... feels like the Richt days again I bet.