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They also have a history with OM and live in Louisiana. I find it hard to believe he would follow Cutcliffe to an ACC school over very likely being able to name his school.
Some what untested in college ranks but was also buried behind 3 first round picks so this could be a huge pickup in a position we can take all the help we can get in. Nice job by the staff.
They can be and are loaded to the gills with 4* & 5* talent and still can't get it done. This isn't unique to Kirby either.
You're the one that came in here talking about Mike Leach and hype. Along with all of the talking heads on the networks. Most MSU fans are cautiously optimistic going into this. Pipe down and go troll a Gata thread since yall are obsessed.
Although, the NCAA will likely show how toothless it has become.
:facepalm "both of you are from out of town" ???? What does this have to do with anything? So are many of our players. You must live in a tiny tiny world.
Lulz. This comment is a good one. The competition is never equal when one party always has a card in their back pocket to whip out and will end any possibility of a discussion.
Nice deflection I guess. But I wasn't hating on UT. I live in TN so I kind of cheer for them in the East. If you read the post I was replying to the first point he is trying to make is media is overhyping. Again in this case, the AD isn't the media nor does Double O ever mention the AD. There aren't many MSU fans who will defend our performance this past year. And in fact, the UT loss was the straw that broke the camels back for our fanbase and the patience with Moorhead. State has played the role of upsetting a team and heating up the opposing coaches seat. It's usually a sign your program as a whole isn't "Back". Congrats though. A thorough embarrassing ass-whooping it was in Knoxville. Not as bad as the one you received in Starkville a few years ago. I expect it is a similar feeling as losing to Georgia State and BYU though.
Your own AD was the "hype man" here. No media. Your AD. The article (from the media) even says this is a premature "We Back"
Yeah, we still have players playing for us this coming year that are from FL and Mullen signed. Just simply wrong. In fact, his last two recruiting classes had multiple Florida kids. I thought the obsession of the Egg Bowl rivalry between the MS teams was bad at times. Especially here recently. But since Mullen has gotten back to Gata, this back and forth between UGA fans and Gata fans is on another level of obsession with each other. But both adamant they aren't obsessed with each other. 'It's the other who is obsessed.'
No worries, they will probably donate to the children's hospital as their charity and get it funneled back to them.
I wasn't talking about OM but whatever. Not sure many actually expect that. And if you think OM won't be more competitive with Kiffin than they have been in recent years it's wishful thinking.
Exactly. I don't get where all these other school's fans are concluding that MSU fans are claiming we are gonna win the SEC next year. Or something "significant". Yes, the media has lapped this hire up and are certainly hyping it. Just like this article has done. Most all MSU fans understand the challenges we will face running the Air Raid. MSU has never been known as a pass-heavy team. At least since I've been alive. It's going to be a huge change but we have the athletes already in house. It's not a complete rebuild by any means. That doesn't mean there want be growing pains. Most rational fans are extremely excited about the shakeup, but at the same time cautiously optimistic.
No one is acting like he is going to come I to the West and burn it down. There is nothing wrong with being excited about a hire. Especially one as fun as Leach. Getting Leach was a big step up for MSU but we aren’t claiming he is going to take us to the promised land or anything. It is going to be interesting to see how this plays out. But I’m willing to roll the dice and see. It should be fun. We aren’t the ones who have unrealistic expectations. I think vols fans have finally found their place in the pecking order and it’s not where they thought it was anymore.
No reason to. People just getting upset to get upset and create faux outrage. Then a pile on. Without even reading his explanation it's clear it's to wake that player and team up.
The majority of his articles are crap. Not just this one.
Just because they want it bad enough doesn't mean it's going to happen. To give our administration that much credit, especially after the decisions or lack thereof the past month, I will believe it when I see it. I don't expect Napier anymore even though he was my top candidate.
"I don’t know if Moorehead was warned or what was said that led up to this" Then clearly you are out of touch with the entire situation. In business, you also don't continue to let underperformers leach off your company. You fire them. See how that works both ways?
There is absolutely no MSU fan claiming to have the next Saban in waiting. We just knew what we had wasn't cutting it. No claiming we will see UGA in the next SEC championship. All we have said is we needed a new coach.
I'm glad he is gone too but this is just dumb to think. Maybe not the sole reason but very well may be a very large reason why we may have been in the door with some players.
You're being sarcastic right? That's not even on the table and you're naive if you actually think it is.