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UGA, Tenn, Clemson all loses. Don't see how you gonna get 10 wins this up coming season
Auburn can continue recruiting the way they want. They can come in and take players out of the state of GEORGIA but they can't take a win from Georgia-9 for 11 bitches
LSU and Georgia was both big winners but they aren't going to say that. This site is beginning to become biased!!
Sounds to me he is trying to blow the whistle on Muschamp about offering πŸ’°
Haters will always hate. Have you ever seen a hater doing better then who they are hating on?
I love how so many people can Turn. So quickly on a 18 year old kid. Do you think he wanted to lose? He had that game win for 59:59. I'm sorry that Clemson was the better team lastnight. To point the finger at him is ludicrous. Now you sound like the team fans that lose to Alabama often. Sucks when the shoe is on the other foot !! I'm not a fan of either team but remember the feeling in the dome in 2012 when the time ran out on Georgia against Bama . I'm glad that Bama fans got to feel how I felt that night. No doubt Bama will be back but it was great seeing them dethroned even if it was only for one night. " ROLL TEARS ROLL"
Calm Down!!! You always have Kentucky basketball to cheer forπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ–•
I guess bamtards are a little butthurt this morning. Now go back to your miserable life's. but wait, we have won .... many over this many years... but not this year. Bahabahahaha
Sounds like Bama fans feeling the pressure. How do you think your team has been winning titles ? Uh by winning at recruiting. But hey we all understand that come Tuesday you won't be watching what goes on in the recruiting as your eyes will. Be on the Kentucky basketball team
Yep , that's how he does it. πŸ’― agree with him
Most of these kids do it for show. I like the Dabo Sweeney aproach. Don't commit to us until you are ready. Once you do we lock you in at that spot. If you choose to go to another school to take a official visit after we lock you in then we will begin to look in other directions as well and pull your offer. That is the way it should be done. #GO DAWGS
Win is a win. 10 years from now when you look at the overall record it won't say oh but they should have lost
Had the hailmary against Tennessee fell incomplete I believe that would have been the launching point of Rileys career here st at Georgia. Next year will be. He and Wims started coming on late for the Dawgs and a full year under their belt we will have weapons out the wazzoo next season. I also met this young man at a resteraunt here in Athens earlier in the year. What a great young man!! Best of luck to you Riley
Saban can't recruit in the NFL. He can't intimidate men that make more then he does so I doubt he will go back to the NFL
At the same time without the school these kids wouldn't get the exposure, 250,000 education, training, food , and anything else they want is far from getting nothing . I've also heard that some people are calling it modern day slavery. Last I checked no one holds a gun to these kids head and make them play football. It's a give in take world. Let me ask you something. Does your job make money off of you? If not either you own your own business or they haven't figured out you aren't carrying your own weight and when they do your will be gone!!!
Carter was set to be a EE but we didn't have but one spot and I think Gibbs is a silent commit so they are taking him. If Carter would wait til spring he would have a slot if what I'm hearing is true
No but In about 10 days The title will be Georgia loses the other RB form the class along with a 4* WR to penn st
I can't wait for someone to dethrone these bamtards !! They are as cocky as their ball gobbling head coach!!!
πŸ‘€ I bet you are waiting on your Kentucky basketball jersey for Christmas I bet too!!
The kid had better stats then when Woodson won it!! I would say he is worthy of the Award. Until a QB catches his own passes I think it's a shame that most heisman finalist are QB's
Come on John you know you want Kiffin back on rocky top!!!
In others words it means I will take my talents to UA and ride the pine for 3to 4 years