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Because this lying pile of garbage is trying to build some credibility by associating himself with UGA and then pretending that he turned UGA down. So the lies have to called out for what they are.
Tennessee broke the bank to get Chaney and UGA let them do it. Not only was it not a loss but was actually addition by subtraction. The Dawgs will be better without Chaney. Why does SDS continue to pretend that this "hurt" UGA? Now the Warren hire, that DID hurt the Gators.
The only coach at Alabama that nobody wants. Except Saban, apparently. Because HEY, that coffee won't brew itself.
Another publicity stunt by UK...just like Matt Jones' original fabrication. Congrats on beating UGA in basketball Kentucky! Nobody saw THAT coming. Gran couldn't do it WITH Benny Snell. He's sure as heck not gonna do it without him.
Dawgs own the East. But if SDS needs an excuse to proclaim that Kentucky and Tennessee are "winners" at something football-related then I suppose this steaming pile of hot garbage will do. The Gran story was obviously a PR stunt perpetrated by a homer posing as a news guy. How heartbroken and whipped is Kentucky after what the Dawgs did to them? lol As for Tennessee, come on. It's hilarious to see them taking a victory lap after wildly over-spending on a guy they laughed out of town a few years ago. But hey, good for them, I guess.
You're the one choosing to believe fake news. That's delusional.
There's no reason to believe the story is accurate at all, including the alleged money figure. The entire story is BS. It's a grandstanding stunt, facilitated by a Kentucky homer posing as a news person.
Neidermeyer! I didn't realize there were any Butch Jones hires still on the staff. Weird.
How desperate are Gator homers these days? More clown takes from the Swamp. Not a good look.
Even minutes after Georgia beat the Gators down, they began pretending that it didn't actually happen. That the Gators were the better team. And that nonsense was farted out by the head coach himself and his players followed suit. So perhaps we shouldn't be surprised that a homer like you feeds from the same bucket of BS.
The "eye test" should have been good enough. Just like it was last year for Alabama. Or how about the basic "common sense test?"
It's about win-loss record, apparently. So who cares about quality of wins? Obviously strength of schedule doesn't actually matter, either. Because if it did, UGA gets in.
Then it's not about the "four best teams" (as they falsely claim) but rather the win-loss record and championships. Then, um, WHY won't the committee let UCF into the playoffs?
The playoff committee needs to stop with their "four best teams" BS. Obviously it's NOT the four best teams, because if it was then the Dawgs would be in. As for Notre Dame playing 10 P5 teams, so what? Would it make any difference to UGA's record if the Dawgs played Kansas, Indiana and Rutgers instead of Austin-Peay, Middle Tennessee and UMass? Nope. Notre Dame's signature victory just got flushed down the toilet with Michigan getting drubbed by Florida. So, you can point out UGA's 2 losses all you want, but that doesn't speak to the stated criteria of "the four best" teams. Who did Notre Dame play in the regular season that even compares with LSU or Alabama? Would Notre Dame be 12-0 if they'd played those teams? Of course not. The "four best teams" was the excuse for letting divisional also-ran Alabama get into the playoffs last year. This year the criteria was all about participation trophies for teams that looked just okay while struggling to beat Vanderbilt at home.
"I don't know a lot of teams that would lining up to play us right now," Dan Mullen said. Besides Georgia, Kentucky and Missouri? #Eastside
No. Whipping Notre Dame by 3+ touchdowns will be bang enough. I do like the idea of wearing the black jerseys against cupcakes. Just to make sure that everybody knows that it's a style thing, NOT a fake juice motivational gimmick.
He also conveniently forgot to mention that UGA has the #2 class in the nation. Slipshod writing, which unfortunately ISN'T particularly surprising.
Who could turn down a free trip to New Orleans, amirite? "...Rolling with our twos." lol
LOL! Settle down, Jimbo. You can keep your 3-star QB. Kirby decided to take OSU's 4-star QB instead.
Hopefully Otis Reese has been talkin' up the Dawgs! Time to come home.