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Well in the coaches poll UGA only moved up 2 spots from #13 to #11. In the AP poll they moved up 4 spots from #16 to #12. I would assume its because FSU got blow out along with Texas and Oklahoma also losing. Vols struggled with another bad team while UGA got a SEC win on the road. Seems pretty reasonable to me.
I can almost guarantee the author read a joke on twitter and thought he could stretch it into an entire satire article. Sad attempt fails miserably.
Think I read the officer didnt ask for his ID but just grabbed it from him before he began talking to him.
How bout Greyson Lambert breaks NCAA all time completion percentage record. (96%)
Greyson Lambert has two years of eligibility left.
Who has more SEC championships, USCjr or Vandy? Heres the answer if you didnt know. Both have ZERO! lol