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Hopefully we don't get our hearts broken there in a few weeks.
Don't forget they're in a different time zone, so they lose an hour. Lol. Bama is close enough that I don't think Dawgs will have a home field advantage. I hope it makes a difference cause I feel it's going to be a close game.
I agree with Saban. They should at least have a travel day, then play the game on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm sure it's hard on the kids. The good news is the season is almost over.
I don't like Herbstreit and I agree he is a Big 10 Homer. This guy asked for it. If you troll someone, you better be ready when it comes back on you.
Someone is still butt hurt about the SEC Championship.
We can now refer to the OL as the "Great Wall of Georgia"!!!!
Most of the true old school Bama fans I know don't do that. It's the bandwagoners that worry if they need to jump off that get mad when Bama doesn't dominate.
I'm good with that! UGA vs. Alabama would be a good game considering UGA is Bama 2.0 and they lost to the same team.
He's a real tough guy. Wearing pads and a helmet while sucker punching his coach.
The PAC12 has a top floor?? I thought the whole conference was basement trash.
If Auburn wins out, I think they would definitely deserve to be in the playoffs.
Mississippi State is ranked #21 and we blew them out 31-3, so ND isn't the only rank team we've beaten. The polls don't mean a whole lot right now. We just need to keep winning and go into Atlanta undefeated.
I was shot in 2010 and received a similar letter from Coach Richt. He is definitely a caring man of God.