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You know, it always can be someone else's year. Just like it was Clemson's this year.
True, but it's an argument that nobody can win until the end of next season.
Damn! This post has caused a lot of whining and crying! The SEC has a lot of talented RB's and the best best tandem could be any of the top 5. Just let them play this coming season and see who comes out on top. Who really gives a sh*t who has the most yards. The main stat is W's.
I totally agree, I think he will improve a lot by the start of the season. If he hasn't improved much by mid season he better watch out for Frome. I think he will be alright bc he will have a lot of time in the film room.
Most freshman qb's are not dynamic. Hopefully that will happen this fall.
I can't argue that, the Dawgs have underachieved. Hopefully Kirby will eventually coach as good as he recruits. I am old enough to remember a time when Georgia dominated Florida. It's been rough for me and my fellow dawg fans for the past 20 some odd years. Even after all the losses during this time frame the Dawgs still lead the series by a handful of games. As a life long dawg all I hope for is to make it respectful again.
As you know, those were Georgia teams that were really not that good. I stand behind my wishes.
Thanks to their defense they did manage to win the east. However, with the departure of good talent, unproven qb and the lack of incoming quality recruits I don't think they will be able to continue that advantage. Coach Mac is hurting Florida almost as bad as Dooley did Tennessee. Well maybe not that bad but you get my drift.
Bottom line is that he is not a good coach and can't even give a decent interview. He won the east 2 yrs in a row bc he had Muschamps defense. Also, the east has been at its worst the last few yrs. Coach Mac is the reason for the bad recruiting year simply because he is in way over his head at UF. He is way overrated but I personally hope they hold on to him for a while longer because after all I AM A GATOR HATER! Just being honest 👹
He really didn't get to play until his senior yr because he played behind David Greene. Great is stretching it but he did lead the Dawgs to an SEC championship. I think he could have been great if he had been able to play more.
It was actually 8 win Kirby and you know exactly how the Hail Mary tasted...just like a hob nail boot! 💩
Not only a very talented football player but a humble spirited young man. Good luck in the NFL Zach!
i think because he has enough confidence in his abilities to win the starting job by his sophomore year. He's not afraid of a challenge.
Not a surprise, he was a stud all season. I watched about 3 Vandy games and he was always all over the field making plays.
Take it easy bro, this poll means nothing. We won't if UGA that type of ranking until next year. Obviously they're basing it on who UGA has returning. I'm feeling good about UGA year but I have a Missouri attitude aw well....in other words "Show Me".
Why y'all whining about UGA? Getting worried maybe? Lol
What? Do you think Florida is like Brigham Young or something?
I played football, I didn't suck and I showered with the team. However I never grabbed or fondled a teammates junk and nobody did that to me. Also, this guy was not his teammate. It's stupid sh** to do when you're supposed to be a grown man!
We all know that Bama is the favorite to win it all again and more than likely will. However, Clemson is good enough to beat Bama but only if Bama doesn't beat themselves.
I think it's more difficult to replace Meyer than Tebow. Coach Mac can't touch Meyer. Florida will eventually develop a good qb.
I was hoping for at least 8 or 9 wins this season due to having a freshman qb and a whole new coaching staff. We did get 8 and should have won possibly 2 or 3 more. We have a good shot at winning the east next year with everyone that is returning. Most of all I think we need the passion and unity to get the job done. Also, if Chaney is still the OC he is going to have to do a better job. Did he perform this bad when he was at UT?