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He donated something more valuable than money, he donated his time. If I had to bet I would think that he donated too but being a humble man doesn't want it publicized. Well done Najee!
He is a beast, he can line up as a receiver as well as a end. He will go 1st round.
Hummmmmmmmmmmmmm looks like SDS had the wrong SECE team picked for their upset alert yesterday, just sayin'. Great game Tigers, you shocked the world, I know it did me.
I agree on Johnson, leaving UF as OC and going to Vandy as HC is a step down in most fans minds. He needs to wait on a better offer with a greater opportunity for wins.
Y'all had your season (and an awesome season it was) but check out the Saban/Bama era and tell me they aren't king, any rational person with no SEC ties would say that they are.
Exactly, Bama is on a historic run and until they are beaten, no one in the SEC should crow about how they are the best in the SEC (are you listening Florida?)
Yep, Cade squandered his chance to win the SEC or possibly more.
Don't forget the greatest event in golf - The Masters.
Nauta should be in this top 10, he had a great Freshman year and then last year was a solid blocker. You can't catch passes if the ball is not being thrown to you.
That quote from Lb Griffin is so funny, the L by their schedule is a "self declared" national championship and his challenge for someone to take away something they don't even have is hilarious.
1. The sophomore slump is real. Look it up. Bleacher Report's own Scott Kacsmar has done plenty of work on this topic both for B/R and for another outlet—Cold Hard Football Facts. For the latter, he wrote last offseason, "The research process was difficult, but we emerged with the definitive proof that the quarterback sophomore slump is a myth. Oh, it used to be real, but that was over 30 years ago." 2. Do not take a sack in over-time. Happens all of the time, as 96 states Tua took an even bigger sack. 3. You are Georgia. Which is an awesome place to be right now, I know deep down you wish UT and UGA could swap places right now but that ain't happening. UT fans got very obnoxious very fast with those 2 lucky wins against us in a row. I suggest you savor them for a while because y'all have a long way to go to be competitive again.
When I read this I wondered if JC checked out the Dawgs at the Notre Dame and Vandy games, many of the media estimated those crowds at 50/50. "The neutral-site nature of the matchup is unique, too. Fromm is yet to experience the 50-50 crowd he’ll see at EverBank Field."
I guess they mean in one season as this appears in the UGA record books. 1. 283 - Herschel Walker vs. Vanderbilt, 1980 2. 265 - Herschel Walker vs. Ole Miss, 1981
CKS pull up too soon and started playing not to lose, we know how often that turns out bad. Rookie mistake.
I think you are spot on with the losing ugly to UF the last two years but he did not lose to SC most of the time, he was 8-6 against them. I believe the loss to GT last year was really the one that pushed it to the brink of his being gone and then the losses you mention this year along with the total ineptness of the offense were what caused the "mutual decision" to move on.
Until he leaves Coach Richt will be the face of the University of Georgia. He is a much loved and respected man. God Bless!
CMR is still undefeated at Mark Richt Field in Atlanta. Go Dawgs!
The refs got us on a very similar hit last week, I hate the targeting rule, it is not called often but when they do the refs stick to their guns no matter if they are right or not.
I believe CMR when he stated that the full team rushing out was not his intent. I also believe that CUM showed what a total D*ck he is when he called the TO the next year to get his petty revenge. That says a lot about the quality of the two men IMO.
Stay classy Esec & wolfman, finger pointing has a way of coming back at you.
You might want to edit this line in the Grading Offense section "Scoring three points in the first half for the second-straight week isn’t all that appealing, either." There was a game at Knoxville in between IIRC.
Speedy & full recovery is my wish, we need you next year Reggie.
With all of your chest bumping you do realize that UF is still not a complete team? Enjoy your ride as you will be going down soon enough. I hate I even bothered to answer this troll post but yours is beyond arrogant IMO.
Bama should have never lost to Ole Miss, 5 TOs and a fluke TD pass and still you were in it. Y'all are as good as any team CNS has had. I believe Bama to be the best team in the nation right now. Congrats on the impressive win.
You sir are a wise man, congrats on your win and good luck the rest of the way. The folks belittling Chubb are crazy. Chubb, Fournette & Henry are the 3 best backs in the country IMO and trying to talk trash against any of them just makes the person talking that trash look stupid.