How 'Bout them Dawgs? GATA.

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Define a CA tailgating… A pre-arranged Alain Ducasse “food truck” airlifted to SoFi stadium where silicone valley millionaires and billionaires gather to discuss their angst whether UCLA or USC will ring the “Victory Bell”? Go Dawgs. Tailgate anyway.
Great wins for UGA and TCU. I like how these 2 teams match up. Should be a good game. Go Dawgs.
What is up with a "boat race" between every college football game now? And yes, I have a boat and 2 jet skis.
hahaha. yep. same here - Didn't even notice 2023 had kicked in. Crazy game. Happy New Year!
Vegas just reeling in the dummies. It will drop. I have and will never bet on a GA football game. Go Dawgs.
True. I was worried for this game. OSU had a ton of motivation. TCU looked great in their game. Their D had fight. Go Dawgs.
Someone commented that all the defenses that played yesterday had the GatorAde spiked with LSD. I think they were right. haha
This is a disgrace against biscuits. They make their biscuits out of acorns in Ohio :)
There's so many gut wrenching late loses we have endured as Georgia fans over the years. Losing back to back Sugar Bowls in 82 and 83 late in the game were brutal and seemed to kind of set the tone for a while.
Hats off to OSU. I knew they would come in fired up and they showed why they deserved to be there. Stroud is a beast. Glad the Dawgs never gave up to come back and pull it off. TCU/UM game was great too. TCU played angry. Go Dawgs.
Hard fought game. Great grit from UGA. Hat tip to OSU. I knew they would show up. Stroud is an outstanding QB. It's nice to be on the winning end once in a while of these kind of games. Go Dawgs.
It's silly Carter has to answer questions about one reporter's anonymous comments. Release the Beasts! Show 'em who's boss. Go Dawgs.
Note: There are hundreds of cameras around the ATL and the Benz. osu has no chance.
zzzz...a rumor from an osu grad to an ajc reporter... Has ESPN jumped on this yet?
This is a very dangerous game for UGA. OSU must be crazy mad after getting embarased on their home field in front of the entire nation against their biggest rival... Motivation Go Dawgs Be ready.
wow - only "xmas" is allowed here. Any other variation is put into moderation. geez.
Good win for the Beavs. Y’all don’t like to visit Vegas?
Carter should have put him over his knee and spanked his behind instead. Then you can throw the flag.
UF's second string should be able to keep it close. UF decided not to show up.
Why they put these two teams together in a bowl game is silly. Did they even sell out the stadium?
McShay who? Who cares? Maybe he should say it to Carter's face. hahahaha
I can't see Richardson going in the first through third rounds in this year's draft as a QB. Might not get drafted. Who knows. If he isn't guaranteed a 1st or 2nd round pick, he should come back and prove it.
Dawgs better be angry. Because the OSU wants nothing more than to get back and avenge Mich. Dawgs better be HANGRY! Go Dawgs.