How 'Bout them Dawgs? GATA.

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uga has a good chance to win the sec east again. you have to play the games. i always said what come around goes around and it has. blessings.
Except fine dining and drinks at any Ga establishment outside of Atlanta. lol
Good starting week of CF. Love the Oregon-Georgia matchup. Oregon will sport their black and red duck unis for the game. lol
Yes, it's ok to have mixed feelings. It's not a bad thing to have too many good quarterbacks. It's simple: May the best Man win that wants it. I hope JTD has tremendous success where ever he ends up next year. DGD. UGA fans love Bennett no matter what happens, but he still has to win the starting QB job for NEXT year.
Understood, but wish he would come back for one more. Would have a monster season and improve his stock immensely. Godspeed and good luck, George.
LOL gwhite sounds like a GT fan. Wouldn't be surprised...
Thanks, Vols will come back. It wasn't long ago I was getting bashed by FL fans that said UGA would NEVER have a chance again... I've always said what comes around goes around. Don't ever take anything for granted.
Would like to see the Vols step up more often, and I think they will. FL, UK, and SC are ready to as well. It's going to be a battle for sure. SweepTheLeg is correct, probably around 8-9 wins and that would be a good step in the right direction. gwhite is crazy lol. Good luck Vols.
Spurrier could possibly be yanked off his golf cart and thrust back into the Swap to restore UF greatness. ...or they may hire Bobo. lol
click bait. Dawgs be chillin and grillin :) This is not a UGA writer...obviously.
Also, why should a University pay a full paid scholarship to someone who is making $millions?
No one will be the team of the decade anymore. It will be a lottery and musical chairs just like the NFL. I fear college football is dead. Just rename it NFL A league. Enjoy. I'm glad UGA won it before college football went to heck. I hope I'm wrong, but the writing is on the wall.
This is just click bait. Dawgs are just chillin and enjoying the moment. One game at a time.
Maybe you're looking a little too closely. Players have licked the trophy in the past. Good luck to SC.
poptiger, UGA D will throw in some wrinkles for sure, but Bama was able to get the ball of really fast. It will be up to the secondary to give the line another .5 of a second to get in Young's face. Young averted so many sacks/tips/lost yardage plays...I don't know if he can do it again. If he can, Bama will win.
93, let mrtruth speak his truth. he just makes FL look even sillier. AS for 8x5, he's correct, anyone can comment and we are free to make them look bad as well :) No need for trailer comments...
Yes, Spurrier is going to single handedly change this game. Does Vegas know about this yet? GO GATORS!
Thanks, Blue. Great win y'all had over the BIG10 runner up! Great win. Keep it up!
There is no curse. What comes around goes around. All SEC teams should know this.
Correct, UGA isn't going to go balls to the wall and blitz Young blindly. I really don't think UGA will change much schematically. However, they know they must execute and shut down Young. I have watched the re-play of the Ga/Bama game twice and it's amazing what Young did. It's definitely a game of inches. If he is able to pull that off again, they probably will win. Bama, planned well offensively to get the ball out off as quickly as possible and will do so again. Dawgs have to be a step quicker this time. I think they will. GO DAWGS
Georgia fans will be fine win or lose. It's definitely better than being a Gator either way. :)
I'm sure Mr. Monken will heed your recommendation, mrtruth :) thank you!
lol, true. I don't think anyone cares about any trophies Monday night. It's all about Pride. And Pride is a powerful motivator. It will be a good game.