How 'Bout them Dawgs? GATA.

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Welcome home, Muschamp. cola ccck, Muschamp didn't con or ruin USC. USC ruins USC.
Um no, they are a threat. but, yes, $$$$, Bama rolls THE OSU.
Falcons smell funny. Always have, always will. Always stink.
Not a good rule in my opinion. I guess they don't want them to try to get out of bounds at the end anymore... Just go for TD's?
Bowl games are lame as F now. Switch to an extended playoff format so the best teams play and leave the bowls to Madison Ave. aholes. lol
Why, yes, yes, there it is :) Learn somethin every day. thx SG!
Yes, I was incredulous...I guess there is an answer now?
There were 2-3 plays late in the game that were run out of bounds yet they continued to run the clock. How could this be missed or have the rules changed? Not trying to be snarky, I was like wtf?
SM, I saw that too, and was like, wtf. How did everyone miss that? There were at at least 2 plays on that drive that were run out of bounds yet they continued to run the clock. How could this be missed or have the rules changed?
No worries. OSU will duff it when forced to play 2 big games in a row. Bank it. Clemson was lazy and caught up in their own hype. Bama rolls that bucknut :)
I love the UGA - Clemson rivalry. Should be played every couple of years.
Sorry, but UGA was flat until the end. Cinci has a great quarterback and solid D. Should have never been this close, but it is what it is. hatip / Cinci, you have a great program, but you ain't SEC caliber yet...
There were probably some "Mama" jokes involved here...
Someone needed to get them excited... The Oline was horrible and the team was flat. They should buy the Defense a steak dinner :)
Yes, glad there was a season. Hat tip to the SEC on making it happen. Not perfect, but way better than nothing. Cheers and Happy New Year.
LOL! Naw, that troll drinks homemade hooch, rides the lawn mower to Piggy Wiggly and uses snail mail instead of e-mail. :)
Yep, I hope Florida has a field day against OU. Take'n care of business.
No game is won easily. I think the Dawgz will be ready take care of bizniz... GATA.
Ohio St will have to prove it now. We'll see.... They may not even be able to get past the covid protocol to play, so maybe Northwestern will come to the rescue. lol
Ohio State should be in...hope they get their a$$ kicked and people remember. lol A&M needs to destroy whoever they play in their bowl game and throw the middle finger. Lets hope for a better 2021. It is what it is. f*ked up.