How 'Bout them Dawgs? GATA.

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Absolutely, Bama should be #2 or 3. Roll Tide. Bama vs. TX rematch.
Bama just flat out hustled us and out ran us! Hat tip to Bama...They are a really good football team.
Go Bama, I hope you win vs. Penn St in the Outback Bowl! Luckily, we got big Blue Michigan as the best team in the land! GO BLUE!!! SEC SEC SEC!
Great win, Bama! We'll both enjoy watching the weedeater bowl while all our 1st round draft picks sit out...
Luke was head coach of OleMiss. He was a great Oline coach at UGA
He is probably a AU troll... Come back here tomorrow night about the same time, BamaNation.
If Bama beats UGA tomorrow, I'm fine with UGA not going. However, Bama should.. Unless all the other unbeatens and Texas win tomorrow...which is unlikely.
I'm surprised Oregon is a 9.5 favorite. TX favored 15 over OSU seems high as well. Should be a good game tonight. Go Ducks.
Yes - That's your chance if you win ;) No way 2 SEC teams go, but 1 will. Go Dawgs.
They all wear “Us against Everybody” like everybody is wrong. Vic-tim mentality Go Iowa. That would be hilarious.
UGA has to win and remove all doubt. Expect nothing else. Go Dawgs.
Should be an epic game. GA/Bama tailgates as well! Hope the winner takes the Natty. Go Dawgs.
Yep, no win, no playoffs. 'Till the end. Go Dawgs.
And the Dawgs win! Look at the maraschino cherries falling from the sky!
He IS the all knowing football god. That is not debatable. He is RonMehico. Queen of Palestine and OG Pimp AU wankster.
I’m sure the younger fans talk tra$h, but if you’re over 30, UGA fans know a lot about humility. You have to lose a championship before you can win a championship. What comes around goes around. Go Dawgs.
He would be a good replacement for Nix at Oregon. Good luck to him, he is a great QB.
Y'all were lucky to win that one :) But, good win.
I will definitely miss CBS coverage of the SEC. They cover the replays and camera angles much better than ESPN. I used to rail on Danielson for his favoritism, but he is far better than anyone at ESPN to cover SEC football. I miss muting the tv broadcast and blaring Munson on the local radio station in the back ground, but I will also miss Verne and Danielson as the replacement. Times are changing. Oh well.
Bo Nix got rocked out of the SEC. He couldn't take it. Shows how weak the PAC?? is.
Bama can play with anyone. Georgia will take care of business this week.
LSU, Mizz or Ole Miss always gives any Big10 team a hard time.
Really? Y’all better buckle up. Cause I guarandamtee you UF is coming too play you.
Of course, UT can win... Jeez, UGA better be ready to grind. "https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEQ525-ivfs"