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The initial hit was on the out-of-bounds line. Barely. Close enough that it was not called a penalty. I've seen them get called both ways on plays like that. Did he rip the Vandy player's helmet off? Can't tell from the replay angle, but it looks like he might have right at the end. Again, can't tell for sure. Did he stomp on the guy's head? Yup. Sure did. He feels for where the kid's face is, then proceeds to step right there. He should be suspended for the bowl game.
The story literally said, "Todd holds offers from Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Tennessee and other big-name programs . . . "
When the intended receiver is pushed down midway into his route, I can't imagine why only Auburn players were positioned to catch the ball.
It's clear you cover Auburn football rather than Georgia. How else would you overlook the 2007 Blackout game in Athens? How else do you select four Auburn wins even though Auburn has only won SIX games against UGA since the 2000s started? Come on.