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I mean, when you recruit the No. 1 team every other year, there's not going to be a whole lot of drop off on any level. To be honest, neither Zues nor Cook ever lived up to our high running back heritage, but I believe McIntosh will change that this year. I'm personally more excited to see what Stetson and Bowers will do in 2022 than anything else, the kid is just exciting to watch and never drops a single pass, something Georgia hasn't seen since Murray was in Athens.
You need to find a hobby or something lol. No way I'm reading even 10% of that.
Yeah about that lol. A lot of changes in the past 5 days. All that talent + no schedule means Bama is out of the top 4. We've all seen this story before, sit at home, enjoy the Conference game, get rested up, get a guaranteed playoff spot and come back rested and steam roll through the CFP.
The fact that they are playing the top 4 teams in the nation in one year is no excuse not to beat at least 2 of those 4 given a) Jimbos salary and b) Jimbos buyout. It's not looking good for College Station if they can't manage even 1 of those.
You're going to get slaughtered this season, just like last year and the year before. 78-24 the last two games, that is what you need to focus on this season.
Until Irish Springs gets woke and goes broke banning all sales in Georgia.. I honestly wouldn't be surprised one bit.
Way too deep for most Georgia fans man, c'mon lol. I'm glad you're pulling for us for real.
You should show everyone YOUR 2016 non-conference schedule while you're at there Tide Roll.
You know, they had the same "players only" meetings when Butch Jones was in town. Therein lies the problem, Jeremy hasn't changed the culture, hasn't taken control of the team, it's still players calling the shots in Knoxville if you want to know the truth. As long as that is the standard your seasons are going to continue to be poor, and that is almost giving you a compliment at this point. I mean, when one of your biggest rivals is starting to hope for some kind of change in Rocky Top, and there's a lot of us, you know it's bad.
I don't know if I'd call 0 points in the last 38 minutes of the game "humming", more like simmering. But a win is a win, and anytime TN loses to Georgia, with or without a suffix, is a good week for me. But seriously, I was actually pulling for Jeremy to get the Florida or TN job and sure enough he did, but I saw rather quickly he wasn't going to bring about the culture change the TN program needed, and why do I even care? Well it's simple, a competitive TN means a more competitive Georgia program, the East needs to reestablish its dominance in the SEC, but this is NOT how you go about doing it. I hate to say it, but it's not going to be a good year again in Knoxville, y'all need to start by firing the entire top 10% of the University, if you want to see real change, maybe even 25% because it seems deep.
Anything that starts with an M and ends with an ississippi State is the last fan base that should be posting comments on college football.
I think a closer comparison would be another Cam Newton. His speed and that arm are just amazing. Will be interesting to see how 2019 pans out between Fromm and Fields.
Early in the season I came to the conclusion that whatever QB it takes for us to be successful then that's the QB I want in the game. This time last year, I didn't even want Eason to come in for cleanup duty because I was sold on Fromm that much. In many ways, I still believe in him. But I think with TN we finally saw that Fields can bring a dynamic that Jeremy Pruitt just wasn't prepared for and we got two easy scores on a pretty stout DF. So with that, that same TN DF was making our OL look like chumps most of the day, this whole "human eclipse" is really bs and it means nothing if you are 6'6 or 7'1, if you can't protect the QB then you might as well be 4'8. So I think Fromm at least deserves the benefit of the doubt in that regard.
We live in the age of instant gratification and these kids that are playing are the first generation that's playing who grew up that way. It's either their way or no way at all. In Bryant's case. I feel that it's maybe a little different seeing as how he only lost 2 games in 2 seasons, much like Hurts, and honestly if I had put in all that work just to be told we're benching idk how I would react to that myself.
SDS will acknowledge anything that doesn't involve Georgia in the statement being considered "good" or "worthy". Whether we are the "premier" match up for Saban isn't important. We ARE the match up he faces in Atlanta this year and that SEC Championship game is of far greater importance than any regular season game Saban will coach. If Saban drops the A&M game, which he won't, he still has 7 more games to recover, if he drops the SEC game, there probably won't be a playoff in Bamas schedule. Oh wait, all he has to do is appear on ESPN and plead Alabamas case (after getting a month to rest) and they will come in at number 4.
Not sure how that would fix anything. If anything, giving a team like SC that is better at running their mouths than winning football games, you would get a lot of freebies when they would be coached how to not look "malicious".
South Carolina is an upset game, Mizzou is an upset game, Florida is an upset game, Tennessee is an upset game, LSU is an upset game, Auburn is an upset game.. SDS makes mockery of the Georgia fan base week in and week out and will continue to do so all year.
From what I've seen of Auburn your DF looks just as deadly as last year when they shut Georgia's run game down the first meeting. I didn't watch the LSU game, but I know that by the time we meet again in Athens it's not going to be an easy task to run or pass on Kevin Steele's guys. Auburn to me is the one team this year I would say is going to give us the most trouble, and I just can't imagine y'all only going 8-4.
After last seasons outburst, Herb has finally accepted that there's not only two dominant SEC teams, but both can (in fact) be top 4 teams as well. Alabama is looking intimidating, but tell me a season that they haven't in the past 10 years? Our Georgia defense is still finding its identity, our running game hasn't really got the crazy traction it had last year (yet), the two QBs work great together and both have qualities that will serve us well in big games against LSU, Auburn, and hopefully against Alabama in Atlanta. And we finally have, for the first time since the big loss to Alabama in 2012, an elite group of wide outs. We're talking a full 6 seasons since Georgia could catch a ball as well as we have this season. Mecole Hardman has really impressed thus far and I can't wait to see what he does against Mizzou next week.
Every yard he runs is a yard RBU could have ran farther, a pass that could have went down field. I believe there is a time and place for it, but we have elite receivers and some of the best backs in the country.
There is a lot of truth to what he is saying. Clemson goes into an unranked Aggie game and pulls off a 3 pt win, Georgia steam rolls No. 24 South Carolina and no change in the polls? Yes Georgia is number 3, I got it, but what is the metric being used for where the teams stand? I'm surprised no one is even mentioning the fact there is .001% disparity between the Coaches Poll and AP Polls, surely they can't be seeing the same thing week after week? If they are going to mimic each other then why not just combine them. With that being said, you will see the top 4 flipped on its head come October because they definitely do NOT want another all SEC Title game, which is exactly why a 4 team playoff makes zero sense to begin with.
Muschamp is looking more and more like a toxic leader anywhere he goes, and that is reflecting on his players. Nothing wrong with some good ol' fashioned smack talk before a big game, but some of the comments from the GCs players were just plain out unprofessional.
Kirby Smart 8-5 first season, that would be considered above average in Gainesville these days. From what I saw Saturday night from Mullen, he isn't going to have time to make those changes with that kind of play calling, just saying.
Wow, sounds more like Mr. Roger's than a head ball coach.. I'm just glad this goofball isn't in Athens because I'd have to become a Gator fan or something. If you guys think the fun and gun is going to work in 2018 well then by all means keep it up! Your top back got 7 touches through 3 qtrs.. Try explaining that one.
We can go back and forth over whether he is wrong or right, sure. At the end of the day you are talking about a program that was banned from bowl games not even a decade ago. So with that being said, do we honestly expect them to do the right thing? This isn't just an Urban Meyer issue, it's a THE Ohio State Buckeyes overall problem that shows no restraint in how far they will go to win a NT. We already know come tomorrow night Meyer is going to be showing the whole world how "grateful he is to still be a buckeye and made a dumb decision" in other words we are ranked 2nd in the nation and we ain't about to throw that away over a domestic..
Pretty sure that was intentional no way you can make that kind of error.
ESPN dedicated thousands of hours of television coverage to this hack, all the while half of America already knew he would flop in the NFL. Now he's on the worst team in the CFL, just as he was in the NFL, and still can't maintain a starting position,just as he couldn't in the NFL. In other words, why are we still seeing any kind of news related to him?
No one can argue with those numbers, and no reasonably minded person will ever say Saban is a bad coach, but even the staunchest of Tide fans know something big is brewing in Athens, GA. It's just a matter of time.
By all calculations, we stand to obliterate last seasons total haul of 323.3,and Florida's 2010 323.7, by at least 10 points.