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And Georgia is lower than a 4 loss Auburn team that they beat the snot out of
I'm pretty sure these guys survived an abortion
I'm talking about y'alls cheerleaders not your football team
I honestly have no clue as to how Arkansas fans decided that they were a force to be reckoned with
This season has caused me to dislike Mississippi State quite a bit. Their fans are so cocky for being a constant SEC bottom-dweller. It makes me feel bad For Ole Miss fans for having to share a state with them
My point was that you have to win something before you become the REAL of anything. You don't get that title by beating an overrated A&M team, a bad LSU, and Auburn team that hasn't proven anything yet.
Also your real bulldogs are 6-17 against what you consider the fake bulldogs
So the "REAL Bulldogs" are the ones who haven't won an SEC championship since 1941? That's a bold statement
I think what GoTide said can apply to Mississippi state too. If not more so
I'd feel bad for the guy who'd have to paint Florida's endzone
Yeah let's count on the Mississippi guy to do math...