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Last season we lost by 1 touchdown. There was a Bama player who made a cut went out of bounds, state player was closely defending. Sideline Umpire marked that he was an ineligible receiver by throwing his hat down. He came back in Hurts made the pass to him and you run down to the 2. This set up a td. They reviewed it and said he was pushed out of bounds. It was the kinda push you saw on the phantom block in the back call this year. Last year we had yall on the ropes. In my opinion that one we could have won. EVERYTIME we play yall it happens. This year I felt that the score should have been 17-7 worse case and 14-7 best case. Had we not been pressured to go for it on 4th down and given Bama a short field it wouldn't have set up a field goal. But I have to give it to your kicker for making a 49 yard field goal for once. Lol