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We made it back last year! Just game planned for a rb playing qb and when they put an actual qb in they came back and won! Exact opposite happened this year! Ironically it was the same 2 guys in reverse roles!
Thats why bama got in over conference champ ohio st last year right?
BamaRulesSEC makes about as much sense as not winning your division and not even playing in your conference championship game and getting in! You willing to vacate your last "NC" on your own premise?
So if Fl beat us this year and our only loss was to LSU! By your logic UGA should have watched the SEC championship game from home with 1 loss then we wouldve been in!? That's exactly how Bama got in last year! Considering the "committee" is never supposed to look at history or the previous years, that wouldve worked out better for GA too huh?
Bama also didnt get to play in their conference championship game last year! GA did this year
Yes Ralph Webb is in the top 10 all time rushing yards in the SEC and he did it at Vandy!
After 4 years, everyone knows Webb is who you have to stop to dominate Vanda. That's why he's had a down year, plus it's Vandy's offensive line against the best defenses in the country as a conference for the most part
Ralph Webb would be a star at any of the SEC power schools, for him to do what he has done at Vandy is nothing short of astonishing! He will be a great back in the NFL, IF he gets the chance!
If Chubb had 75% off UGA's carries, I'm sure he would have way more than 15 TDs
If Drew Lock were on UGA Auburn or Bama's roster, none of them would lose a game for the 3 years they had him with the defenses they always have