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Well put @bamabone. CKS Cant do anything about carter or Stetson but what he can do is suspend dumas-Johnson and put out the expectation that anyone who drinks and drives or races will be penalized by getting kicked off the team after 2 offenses or suspended after 1. Varying on how bad the offense is.
I don’t even read his messages anymore the amount of capitals and exclamation points will tell you the psychoticness of the comment. He’s an embarrassment to us all. Kind of the Gwhite of Georgia fans
From what farming corn? Raiola is going toward the direction of Nebraska but once he realizes Georgia is still shooting up and Nebraska is a bust I think he’ll favor us a bit more.
I came back to this comment section just to see a string of TN and Bama fans going at it. 10-2 as a ceiling for TN is great and realistic. Ya ain’t winning 11 games but in a few years 11 wins could be a ceiling for TN. Best of luck
Last I checked 247 crystal ball still had him with 50% going to UGA bad like a 37% going to the cornhuskers. We have a stacked QB room and I believe have a 4 star lined up for 2024 but it would be a huge loss. Nothing life changing though.
CURRENTLY I would give Kirby a slight edge or have Kirby and Saban 1A and 1B just cause going back to back makes it so Kirby deserves #1 of some sort.
Said he’s 100% for the dawgs! Huge pickup for us. Need more guys like Arian smith.
We already got some good Wr and the #1 TE for 2024. I assume if he does sign he’ll play that slot receiver fast guy role
Georgia is losing 3-4 guys if Nolan decides to leave. Sure Kelee and Chris and carter are big losses but you saw that a lot of freshman and sophomores made bigger plays than the 3 veterans just named. I suspect Nolan comes back as you saw it hurt him to not be a part of the chip and he’ll want redemption. If he comes back he’ll be a dangerous man for sure
If TN plays a harder fought game in Athens they’re in the convo. But they didn’t, they got beat down and coulda got score 40+ on em if we didn’t throw the ball 4 times in the second half. I think the game in Knoxville will be a good close battle but I see why pawl says it’s not.
Kirby is accustomed to the Saban train. Find a team that can build u a dynasty and put your name on the map and you stay with them. Idk why Kirby would leave if he was 2-4 more championships. Wouldn’t he stay to try to earn the goat status? Same thing with monken. They’ve both found a team in a spot in their careers where it wouldn’t make sense to just up and leave a program that pays higher than NFL and gives you more success probability than any team in the NFL. I love Paul but he’s an idiot for this one.
He turned down the Purdue job I don’t see why he leaves if another chip is brought home…I think in the next two years he’s gone. Max.
Ya I love the rain argument when that was the only thing keeping them from getting beat by 3 TDs. We were up like 24-6 at half. Stetson out played hooker so bad that that day the heisman finalists were Alr decided?not serious on that one but there so called heisman QB got beat out by a walk on by A LOT!
Gwhite…I see your back with your takes. All the QBs should have been there over hooker but Stroud. Unimpressive year from him. Stetson has the best stats against top 25 teams and has led 2 national championship level teams. The only way hooker gets in is if the committee realised Stroud isn’t that good.
I would say yes since we’ve gotten like 3 4 stars that are all good sized and speedy. With bowers and Adonai Mitchell still there too. As well as Oscar delp and maybe even lad he should have enough talent and he has a great arm. Reminds me of hooker a bit.
It’s great to see a overconfident fan base be brought down to earth…I’ve learned as a Georgia fan nothing is for sure and easy games can turn into tragedies…even the Kentucky game this week was god awful for Georgia. I’m so glad I won’t have to listen to gwhites statistics on how TN is gonna come back and stomp georgia on the neutral field. Great year 2 but something has got me feeling that this was probably TN best chance. Not saying they can’t do it but they lose a lot of talent and don’t have a top 5 recruiting class coming up. But I think heupel has put them in a spot where if they do recruit like good ole Saban and Kirby they will be a force to be reckoned with for times to come. Go dawgs and come out of your cave gwhite!
I love a good old true and proud CFB fan…great opinion dude. I think even TN would have a closer game but would still lose. It wasn’t a bout the crowd or an off day for TN as much as it was just Kirby having the gameplab to destroy the offense and dominate in the trenches…nothing but physical domination and we should continue that
Dude I was at the game and the score coulda looked a ton different if we didn’t run 14 times in a row and only throw like 4 times the whole second half…it was a complete domination and I think it was Reece davis thay said there isn’t a ton of difference between that game and the Oregon game…the #1 offense got held to 13 points and their heisman had 1 INT and no TDS