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Yeah even aside from all this Danielson just does not do it for me. Anyone notice how many times he praised "george perkins" for his "best attribute" his speed ? Everyone who pays even a little attention to UGA football knows speed is the least of george pickens wr abilities. Leaping, catch radius, physicality ? All day long. Speed ? Maybe for a tight end. I mean 10 times or more calling a guy the wrong name while your partner is getting it right. Maybe CBS just wants people talking about them regardless of the context.
Lifelong dawg here to to say Sweet jesus man put down the tin foil or the light bulb or whatever your smoking the crystal off of. Sleep is your friend!
Keep in mind that we as fans, nor the players and coaches, have anything to do with whats printed in articles. No we have not beat Alabama since I think 07 when Stafford throws the touchdown on the first offensive play of overtime. I was watching in my truck at the pilot in Tuscaloosa. Anyways for the most part I don't see my fellow UGA fans"claiming kingdoms" as you accused us of. I think we have A coach in place who is a top notch recruiter, and very good at "coaching them up" and teaching them discipline. I also think that his in-game decision making, while not all bad, is without a doubt hit or miss. I have also seen evidence already that he is humble enough to learn from these things. I agree with the non-UGA contingent more or less concerning Mullen. Florida will no doubt give him more everything to make it happen, and we cannot compare state's talent and what he has now. It's possible that it is a bad fit this time around Gainsville for Mullen but I think he will do well, and that excites me. I choose to enjoy this game from a different perspective, and celebrate these (for the most part ) good young men giving there all for a game we all love. I long for the days when we don't go into a season with a clear cut prediction, and then watch all year just to call a team failure because we were wrong. When the cocktail party sees two great teams give it all they have for an hour and something more than trash talk is on the line. I respect what Alabama has been and is. I respect where Florida is headed. I also feel like UGA has set itself up nicely and with the same dedication can enjoy some nice years ahead. Hell that's enough for me. sorry the long post, been a long day. ya'll stay safe. Go Dawgs!
I wonder how you will feel when the internet induced haze lifts from your eyes and behold! the vile, disgusting little creature that you can now fully see for yourself (I assure you we saw you all along for what you are) Maybe, just maybe, you will decide like all the downtrodden heroes we've watched claw their way out of the rubble that you are better than this... that your fate SHALL BE DIFFERENT! More than likely you'll grab another bag of cheetohs and slink back to your mother's basement. Meh