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By all reports, Eric Stokes always took care of his business and gave 100%. His family can be very proud of the man they raised. This is just another sign as he takes care of his family. DGD, and I look forward to cheering for him at the next level.
DGD! I believe I understand his situation, and he believes he needs to move on to get playing time. He wants to play as well as practice. I wish him well. This is a weird year timing wise. This would normally be the week of the SEC Championship and the season would be over. Teams are working on their rosters for next year (early signing is this month) so he wants to let teams know he is available.
Many bowls need fans in the stands or they lose money. It is clear most will have empty stands, so expect more cancellations.
The other issue to consider is that Georgia's rules for counting ballots and allowing military ballots to come in late, have been law for a while. As a former member of the Confederacy, those laws must be approved by the U.S. Dept. of Justice. They have until next Friday to certify the final count.
I agree with everything except this behavior was reported nationally. It sounds like coach Vrabel is holding out the olive branch, and I hope Mr. Wilson gets things straightened out. I loved to watch him at UGA, but this behavior has the potential to derail or end his NFL career. There is too much potential to go to waste.
I've watched a lot of SEC players over the years and Franks competes hard and gives his all. He has gotten better over time, and he now has another opportunity to improve and lead a team. By all reports he is a great teammate and person. Best wishes to him.
A dealer plate may mean a temporary plate issued by the dealer when a person purchases a car. So, these are time limited and officers check the expiration date when they see them. Students in Georgia that are from out of state do not need to obtain a Georgia driver's license unless they want to move their place of residence to Georgia. Most keep their residence where their parent(s) live, so not having a Georgia license isn't an issue. Driving with an expired license is a crime. Driving without having proof of insurance is a crime. Neither is going to get Cook in too much trouble unless he lies about it. He needs to get his license and insurance straightened out, pay his fine, take his punishment, and move on.