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Anyway I love the Georgia Bulldogs win or lose but if this team wants to win a championship the coaches and players gotta step up. Kirby and Coley got to open up the offense if Jake Fromm can't handle the offense give stedman a chance
Well when you have players like he has you beat teams like SC by 21 like your suppose to. Alabama beat them by 40. Georgia lost by 3 so
Hate to agree with you cocky but Kirby is sure as starting to look just like him.
Jake Fromm is the worst quarterback in the east. But he is all the Dawgs have an that's why between him and Kirby's decisions Georgia will not be In CFB playoffs again. Until Kirby changes his philosophy on offense an opens it an gets a quarterback that can run a high scoring offense they will lose to tough teams.
Yeah Kirby's got to change his offensive philosophy or he's gonna be coaching some where else in a couple years
Well with the offensive scheme Kirby chooses to run and Jake Fromm at Quarterback the offense will never be score slot of points on a good defense. Then you throw in there Kirby's decisions in critical situations an the Dawgs gonna lose a lot games.
Hey crybaby Gus wanted Georgia off the schedule completely
Crybaby Gus and Auburn got they're way again with SEC. I'm not sure what they have over the heads of the commissioner but since they wanted to change the weekend the game was traditionally played why keep playing it that month at all. So Georgia moved it to where it benefited their schedule.