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Josh Heupel post game response - Duhhh....dar...slobber.....duhh....slobber....mouth breathe....dar...dar...drool...mouth breathe.....duhhhh!!
The best chance UT has to win the game is to dress out in all orange. Orange helmuts, orange jerseys, orange britches, and orange shoes. That amount of vomit-inducing orange may cause some disorientation with the Dawgs.
Back in the day when we played UT early in the season, I think the Viles would have won that matchup as the Dawgs were going through some growing pains. Now the Dawgs are getting healthy again on offense, specifically the RB room, UGA has a real good chance of ending the day with a W. Even so, UGA must avoid turnovers and limit penalties.
I think the Dawgs are fortunate that this game wasn't a week 2 or week 3 matchup. The Vols may have beaten UGA earlier in the year when the Dawgs were going through some growing pains. Now the Dawgs are getting healthy again on offense and they'll be bringing the Napa Nightmare with them. Don't care if we win by 1 point as long as we get the W. And no injuries!!
The CFP Committee will keep UGA at #2 because Michigan State has a Top-20 coffee bar.
Hey Tennessee.....You're next. Mwahahahahaha!!!
That's a nice three-headed monster Ole Miss has in Dart, Judkins, and Harris. Terrifying to be honest. But I think the difference will be the Rebs' defense. Not quite as prolific as their offense. Thinking the Dawgs will score a few more points than Ole Miss as a result. Looking like 25% chance of rain and 55 degrees at kick-off.
Thank you Todd Monken for modernizing the UGA offense.
...."drives of punt, downs, fumble, safety, punt, punt, punt and downs — until it’s 36-7".... Wow. Didn't expect it to be like that. Only thing missing is an interception.
Kirby Smart is constantly telling the team not to play with their food.
Think this ties Steve Superior's mark at Florida for a 24-game SEC regular season win streak.
Thank goodness we bought those stolen Gator signals from Michigan.
Put the Hurtz on Mertz! The Dawgs gonna make Mertz look like a 5-dolla ho because he's gonna spend the entire game on his back. Calm down Gator fans. I don't really want to hurt your QB but I do hope he has a terrible game. Etiene and Pearsall....Those two are going to be trouble. Can't wait to see how we contain them. GO DAWGS!!
I wondered what they said off-camera and behind the scenes.
Heard or read somewhere that the Dawgs would like to see Lawson Luckie do his best Brock Bowers impression. Supposedly a very talented Luckie had been pushing hard for playing time until he got dinged.
I think Oregon could have won that game. The Ducks should have punted instead of going for it on 4th down. That would have forced the Huskies into a long field with about 2 minutes left. So I'm not quite as high on Washington because of that.
As it stands right now, the Dawgs schedule has them playing a Neutral-Site game (UF), then the #20 team (Mizzou), then the #13 team (Ole Miss), then the #17 team (UT), then at The Insects who just beat then #17 Miami. I disagree when people say UGA's schedule is soft.
Put Vanderbilt higher!!!
Well that was a forgettable game. WTF! Get the MASH unit ready in Athens - Incoming! How did Vandy lose those other five games? Coach Lea seems to have them focused.
Thank you Todd Monken for modernizing our offense.
Good to see Kentucky stay in the Top 25. Even though it was a blow-out, losing to number 1 shouldn't have hurt their rankings adversely.
Well that was different. We actually caught fire in the 1st quarter and not the 4th.
Searching for our identity? That's dumb! The only search UGA has going on is the search to get all its players healthy. Don't know who we are as a team? Even dumber. Kirby and Company know exactly what the situation is in Athens.
Pre-SB4: UGA will never win with that walk-on at QB. Post-SB4: UGA will never win without that walk-on at QB.
Agree that at this juncture, Bowers' name should be part of the Heisman conversation. But alas, the Heisman voters are easily hypnotized by stats and Bowers won't have the same stats as some of the QB's out there. The Heisman voters will see a QB with 4,000 yards and vote for that.
Thought for sure the Dawgs would lose that #1 spot.
Good to see Javon Bullard back. He was our savior in the 1st quarter when AU was about to send UGA into a black-hole never to recover.
I think the Dawgs will lose their #1 ranking. At this point in the season I don't care as long as UGA is #1 in the CFP poll at the end of the season.