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I can't blame the O-line either, because when you run the same running play on 1st and 2nd downs 9 consecutive times, 5 guys just ain't gonna block 8 or 10 that are stacking the box. Horrible play-calling.
Everybody see the stats of this game? We dominated every aspect of the game except turnovers, 0-4. The strangest looking box score I've ever seen...
Very classy, Justin Fields. Congrats on your season thus far.
The SEC has the worst officials in the country. They all want to get on TV...
I do believe Pruitt has y'all headed in the right direction. UT was more physical, and I saw more good athletes than in the past 2 seasons.
Did you have the Dawgs winning big at the Sugar Bowl? At LSU? I just don't get how unprepared they look at least once a season.
How on earth did Kirby NOT have them ready to destroy Texas? That still sticks in my craw.
Auburn was paying Cam (and surely others), so is it really hard to think they could have paid off the refs in that game?
Don't forget 6'5" Charlie Woerner, and George Pickens...
Pretty much agree with you, except regarding Woerner. Charlie is athletic, a good blocker, and faster, bigger and taller than Nauta. Charlie's biggest problem has been injuries - high ankle sprain as a freshman, then, broken foot after a great start vs OK in the Rose Bowl in year 2. Then yet another leg injury last season. I believe if Charley Woerner stays injury free, he will have a great senior season.
We've had too many injuries this season, with mostly freshmen and sophomores replacing the injured. It's gotten so bad that we lost our best ILB last week in WARMUPS. Our O-line and front 7 don't resemble the ones that beat up on SC a couple months ago. Sadly the SECCG will probably be similar to the LSU game. Men vs Boys. 2019 will be MEN VS Men.