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Cant wait for the season to start I love some State baseball!
Lane Kiffin is the coach at Ole Miss wolfman. State hired Mike Leach. Hope the kid plays well for Mizzou but we have plenty of talented players on the D line. Im with Rob lets go get a transfer WR so whoever is our qb has someone that can catch a ball.
What by cheating again? That would be a very dumb move by OM to bring him back.
I didn't know they established a rule saying coaches had no control over where players transferred now..... So you're sayin there's a chance!
I really hope JoMo still has some pull with him but would Smart really give the ok to let him go to another SEC school? Even if it is unlikely that State and UGA play in the near future.
Last time State was ranked higher than Kentucky in basketball?
No way Kirby lets him transfer to an SEC school but a fan base can dream cant they?
Hopefully we can bring him back onboard
So i just found out that Dylan Favre is qbin for UT-Martin these days