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I couldn’t get past #2. At no point in this rambling, incoherent post was he even close to anything that could be considered a rational thought. The transfer rule is idiotic and promotes player tampering. Go back to forcing undergraduate players to sit out a year who transfer…except when a head coach leaves the program in which case the players get a free one time exception. This fixes the original issue the players complained about…coaches can leave so why can’t we? This leaves NIL alone but at least addresses the rampant corruption of it today. The expanded playoff will partially address opt outs, but bowl motivation isn’t a new issue. Non-playoff bowls will still see it, but who are we kidding…we all know the playoff won’t stop at 12. It will become 16, then 24, etc.
I think the 1 year blip comments towards Mizzou are based on how how many seniors they start. Even Mizzou fans have commented this is the year Drink was building towards for multiple years and the patience paid off. It’s a valid question as to whether or not they will be able to sustain it, especially with the end of the divisions.
I’m pretty sure his point was you SHOULD enjoy the season and it COULD get even better. Brush the chip off your shoulder.
Well now they have to win. Very deserving. Of course I couldn’t root for him during his college days, but he’s an easy person to root for in life. The world would be a better place with more people like him.
Losing to Tech is the worst. Suddenly, all their hiding fans come out of the woodwork to brag. Still our #1 rival in my book.
I know LSU’s defense has been a punching bag all year and perhaps deservedly so, but I’ve constantly wondered if their poor performance is at least partially a function of their offense. I haven’t watched enough of them to say, but I’ll ask the question: would the defense perform better if the offense SLOWED down? These 2 minute scoring drives, while entertaining and great for Daniel’s Heisman campaign, have got to be exhausting for the defense. They never get a chance to catch their breath.
Entertaining game. Obviously, the fumble was huge. Otherwise, I thought Brown offered another dimension over Mertz. Gators should have a good chance to take down the Noles without Travis next week if they play like they did today.
I see Milton doing a lot of talking and getting in the opposing players’ faces to chirp after every play instead of focusing on the next play. Opposing teams know this and bait him into it. Look for more of it next Saturday when the Dawgs come to town.
SEC teams are 1-4 the week after playing UGA so far this season. I’ll take the Vols but root for the Cats.
I think the Dawgs would still get in with an SEC championship loss for the following reasons: 1) UGA’s schedule strength will continue to climb 2) This stuff seems to work itself out, and I still think other undefeateds and one loss teams go down…hence reducing the teams that UGA is competing against for a playoff spot. 3) Don’t kid yourself that the committee wouldn’t consider a UGA three peat ratings impact. This sport is becoming more about the money everyday and we all know it.
Typical LA football…using tarps to cover sections of the stadium to disguise the pathetic attendance by your fan base. LMAO. West coast football is a joke. Please send a team to the playoffs. Please give us an easy win.
Hope Daniels is alright. That was bush league by Dallas Turner. Hopefully, the league suspends him a game.
I don’t think play calling was the issue. It seemed pretty clear to me that both QBs were struggling with the stadium shadows in the first half. You could also see the receivers losing the ball when it transitioned from light to shadow as well. Once the sun set, the passing game picked up.
Good game, Cats. Respect. Keep your heads up and go beat Tennessee next week. Believe SEC teams are now 1-4 the following week after losing to UGA.
Georgia fans didn’t like the officiating either. Missed face masks, phantom PIs, the o-line tackling our blitzers coming through the line. Good grief that was horrible.
Broke UGA hearts? Is this guy serious? Maybe Burden is a big fish in a small pond at Mizzou, but at UGA, he’d be just another player. UGA has LOTS of good ones.
Bo Nix is Goliath…until he plays Georgia (0-4). Not rooting against the Ducks although I hate Oregon as a state. Smart choice removing all the graduation requirements. Bwahaha.
I like Florida by 6 over Arky. Gators still have a lot to play for and the Hogs have looked like they’ve given up.
How does UNC stay ranked? It’s not just two losses…it’s to whom they lost.
I don’t have a problem with OSU at #3. There are very few undefeated teams left and there does seem to be more parity in college football this year. Even Washington nearly lost to a JV ASU team last night. PSU is perpetually overrated though. The statistics against ranked teams and road games against ranked teams paints a very clear picture of their performance against upper level competition. They suck.
Congrats Gators on the road win. For SCar, yikes, losing after leading by 10 with something like 5 minutes to go? That’s rough.
- Dawgs on top - aTm in a minor upset…I’m not sold on Milton yet - Bama wins big - S Cackalack, picking against the Gators until I see them play well on the road - Cats at home…especially if it’s supposed to be nasty weather like predicted - LSU over Auburn closer than predicted…Auburn shortens the game and number of possessions with their run game
Won’t read too much into it after the emotional LSU win. Ole Miss survived their let down game.