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You're overrating the talent in Florida by a long shot. Mostly referring to your coaching staff but also your statement about more talent than GA, LA, and AL. Alabama doesn't produce much HS football talent but per capita GA and LA out produce FL. Look it up Queenie.
I didn't say that about Bryce Young. You did. But Jones should have started to realize his potential after 3 years with the QB Whisperer. Yep, coaching 'em up.
After all these years this kid should be leaving with a PHD or two by now. Do football players actually attend classes at UF?
truthless, Bobo coached offenses at UGA beat UF three years running in 2011 thru 2013. Go spread your lies somewhere else.
Emory Jones was billed as the next great UF QB when he signed. He got beat out by a 2 star QB. He's done next to nothing. Yet he's ranked #4? Just the UF writers on SDS being UF homers as usual. Journalists? I don't think so.
Richt was offered the Dolphins job before Saban took it. He wanted to stay at UGA.
I think the only step down for UT at this point would be to get SMU'ed. I know that's not going to happen but from my view that's about the only floor left on their elevator that only goes down.
Specifically "It’s UGA fan’s like you that is likely one of the reasons UGA hasn’t won a NC in 40 years".
I had to stop by when I saw that headline for this story: "...and Florida Struggles". Lol.
Tidefan, amazing how you dismiss the times Malzahn beat Bama. It "didn't really matter"? I bet it mattered to Saban.
Spurrier = Laziest successful coach of all time.
An LSU fan who is almost as dumb as his head coach shows up first to comment. Lol. Coach O would be lucky if he could hire Muschamp as a DC. Nobody wants the DC job at LSU because they know the ship is sinking fast.
Need him back? If I'm not mistaken he hasn't been at UGA since he was a player.
Actually it's twelve years since UF's last SECC but this year there is 0% chance of an SECC for UF. So let's make it 13 and we'll round up to the nearest half decade mark because 2022/23 not looking good either once Mullet leaves for the NFL. LMAO.
Bahahahaha!!!! Next time you Gaturds post 1980 I'm posting "No SECC in 15 = Irrelevant".
Says the Gaturd who's head coach just got slapped with a NCAA show cause.
Most of the media "information" is heavily biased trash. Basically just propaganda for the MSM left wingers.
So you take cheap shots at people when they're down? That was a Twitter post by UF not some SDS comment. Classless. No defending that. The Mullet clown virus is spreading rapidly at UF.
Spurrier was quoted saying "He'll get his ass kicked in the NFL just like I did. He won't be willing to put in the work. After 2 or 3 seasons of losing he'll say he's retiring for health reasons".
Schumann knows a sinking ship when he sees one. He's not leaving for LSU with the roof about to cave in.
Coach O won the lottery last year. Now the clown is looking at EOC (end of career). I don't think anyone with any talent wants to jump on the sinking ship.