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I'm not sure Orgeron would be an upgrade for DC. But he can recruit.
You need to get your head examined. In a situation where peoples lives were at risk you said "At least the fans are passionate".
That is the ugliest scene I have ever seen at a college football game. And your dumbazz defends it. Your an idiot.
People were getting hurt and at risk of serious injury and you said "At least the fans are passionate". You're an idiot moron.
Idiot comment. You belong down there on the Ole Miss side of the field.
Yes that fumbled pass recovery was huge. Hats off to Milton for recognizing it and making the play. Hope you guys win out.
Sorry you lost some money Corch. Almost all sports gamblers lose money in the long run.
sds1967, I think Texas UGA Fan lost some money on the game on that last score. Left a bad taste in his mouth.
I love Stetson. But I think at one point in the first half he was 5 of 10 for 65 yards. He's a good QB. But we have a better one if JT is healthy.
Trask wasn't even close to being a generational quarterback unless you're just including UF.
I disagree that Stoops is bush league. But calling the time out with 3 seconds left on the clock was weak. Kirby should make a note for next years game.
Ok here come the excuses. Mullen couldn't recruit if they gave him a billion dollar budget.
UF wants to win the right way? What was going on during the Meyer era? What's that smell? Charlie Pell? LMAO.
I read it just now. You're just a yankee who jumped on the Clemscum bandwagon. You need to stay on the ACC website.
Speaking of dumpsters. I think all the dumpsters in Gainesville are on fire!!!! LMAO
I like how Homer Blackmon referred to last year's 4 loss Gator team as "special". LMAO. Special!!!!
Homer Blackmon now questioning the coach he called an offensive genius just weeks ago. LMAO.
Mullet will open mouth and insert foot. That's what he's best at.
It's not Grantham. It's those 3 stars that Mullet recruited that are not executing. LMAO!!!
Can Richardson play some linebacker? 3rd and Grantham needs some help. LMAO.