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I'm not buying anything that has Rocky Flop on it. Just sayin'.
Stoops is way over paid. I don't have a problem with NIL as long as it's actually legit and not a booster who is just handing over money to get them to sign with or stay with the school.
I always use an ad blocker on this site. The Brave browser has a built-in ad block. Or download AdBlock. Both are free and work well on this site.
Trick or Treat uni's. I say Rattler servers up a nasty trick to the Vols.
Boochie, you really hate the Dawgs don't you.
So SC is a high school opponent? What was the final of UT versus SC last year? 63-38. LMAO.
Nobody owes Billy an apology. But Door Matt "I'm in a" Haze needs to apologize for writing farticles like this.
At this point Zirkel deserves a shot. The freshman may be great at practice but he chokes in front of the crowd.
The freshman kicker needs to sit. Give Zirkel a shot.
LMAO. gwhite says Tennessee lost this one on purpose to set up the greatest season comeback ever!!!
You can't spell Citrus without UT.
Predictably the hillbilly cockroaches that usually overrun this site have scattered. LMAO.
Wright and his clowns don't deserve to be compensated for this tripe. That's why I always use the Brave browser on this site. It has a built-in ad blocker on it that works well. And it's well documented that ad blockers do have a financial impact on websites.
Fields never won a Natty. Look at him in the NFL now. He's a bust.
It's only week 3 and well, there goes your season. Up in smoke. Lol.
No Natty this year? Maybe a Citrus Bowl win will keep them hillbillies frothing at the mouth. Lol.
The Gator fans joked off season about the "Mertzinator" but apparently he is pretty good.