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The all time SEC rusher is Herschel and he only played 3 years.
The thin position, Coach O admitted, is at HC. But you know what they say, the first step to getting better is admitting there is a problem.
She's looks great now but those 36DDs are already starting to sag. After a few babies and 15 years she'll be getting some professional work done on them. Fortunately they'll be able to afford it.
That's just NoCojones being himself. He doesn't try to hide who he is.
I haven't watched an episode of Jeopardy with him hosting but I don't think Aaron Rodgers has the charisma to be the host of this show. He generally comes across as an arrogant a-hole.
You Gaturds pick your timeframes to suit your argument. Let's go back 30 years and look at that. Or 40 years and include Herschel. UGA is RBU. And I'm not so sure about Bama smoking UGA in running backs over the last 15 years. Maybe better but not by much. For all those RBs that were drafted from Bama not many in the last 15 years have had much success in the NFL. Just saying.
It does mean something these days. LSU has now been declared FFU... Future Felon U.
Nice to see two rival teams at each other's throats besides the Dawgs and Gaturds.
Repost: The writer was probably ordered by the editor to publish a PC response to the question. But there’s no way the NFL will hold the draft in a city that let’s riots run amok.
The writer was probably ordered by the editor to publish a PC response to the question. But there's no way the NFL will hold the draft in a city that let's riots run amok.
Sure dude. Post you're mock NFL draft here for everybody. Then we'll mock you once the results are in.
The McDonald's bags made for a good story. Were they $1 menu, combo meal or family meal size bags? Recruits wanted to know. Lol.
Indoor tennis has a separate NC? Really? Is it ping pong?
HBC Dork Gator needs all the help he can get on recruiting. I don't think he's gonna swoop in with this new guy and steal a key recruit out of Georgia. Maybe a couple of 3 stars.
You make this sound so simple and easy for a short QB. Michael Vick is not a good reference here. He was completing about 52% of his passes most years. A joke percentage at the NFL level. Breez is a HOFer. Wilson probably as well. It sounds like you think you could be Bennett's QB coach and have him playing like these two guys. It's so easy.
"Stetson will be firmly entrenched at 4th if not lower on the depth chart". That's what they said last year. But you said if not lower? Really? Sounds like you have something personal against the guy. You would out the true freshman and a walk on in front of Bennett. That's ridiculous.
I say give Stetson Bennett a year of starting experience and he would beat a Franks team every 2 out of 3. Bennett is smart. Franks head is empty.
It's good for a program to have some attitude like that. They should have hired a coach with that mentality. I don't think Malzahn is that guy.
Crean gets one more year and then is likely out the door. Then we get to see what kind of guy our new AD is. We shall see.
I can't believe Tom Crean can't get a legacy player to transfer to UGA. And our best player just transferred out. I think Crean has one more year to get it together.