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The school is Samford. Sanford is the stadium where the Dawgs play and where the UGA/UF game should be played every other year.
BamaTime got tarred and feathered and run out of SDS town. But he's come back for more. Lol.
The guy was obviously naive and gullible as a college student. I felt sorry for the kid when that crap happened. After seeing your post I googled it and Manti Te'o is still playing in the NFL and has earned over $10 million in his career. I also checked out some pics of his wife and she is smoking hot. Good for him.
Loganville? Where's Loganville? Anybody remember that one? It's just a short drive from Athens. Welcome aboard big man.
Yes FFG I am special but I wasn't aware of the history of Burns and LSU. Seems like one of those classic love-hate relationships. Lol.
Wait a minute... I completely missed you said LSU pulled Smith's scholarship. Tykee Smith was never at LSU. Wake up dude. UGA got Tykee Smith from West Virginia AND then we signed Arik Gilbert away from Coach Clueless. AND on top of that we signed Derion Kendrick from Clemson.
So you didn't have room for Smith but you did have room for Burns? If that's the way they do math at LSU then Coach 0 needs to turn in his calculator. Lol.
UsmcDawg is right. Spurrier quit on his team mid-season at SC. I didn't respect him much before that. The guy is a complete jerk. But when he quit on his team mid-season... Well that puts him right up there with Bobby Petrino. Spurrier sucked as an NFL QB, sucked as an NFL head coach and under-performed as an HC at Florida with all of the talent he had. But in his own mind he was a legend.
Yeah Ray Goff should have never been made HC at UGA much less kept around for 7 years.
Spurrier was a classless jerk with a weak work ethic. He always preferred boozing it up out on the golf course. My favorite quip was when the Auburn library caught fire and Spurrier said "It's a shame. All those books and they never even got collored in".
Can Meyer and Tebow please stop the charade. It was a joke from the outset.
3 stars can be picked up on signing day to fill out a class if necessary. The UGA staff obviously see's something in the kid or they wouldn't have offered him this early.
With that said UF will beat LSU this year. I hope I'm wrong but LSU's coaching staff quality has completely plunged. Just saying.
LimpMajesty is just joking. He said "Dan Mullen has created a well oiled machine at Florida that manages to reload every year and put up high quality teams every year, unlike Ed O’s LSU". In the year UF HBC Dork Gator was supposed to make it to the playoff, he wound up losing 4 games. What a well-oiled machine. LMAO.
Burns hit the transfer portal a few weeks after UGA signed Tykee Smith. Burns saw the writing on the wall. He didn't want to compete against Smith for the starting job. That says a lot about the kid. Also says a lot about him that UGA went out and heavily pursued Smith. I don't think a movie is justified just yet. Just saying.
I think darthA is correct in this case. As far as lawsuits against the college players for NIL money, that's very possible. Getting 10k or 20k for being shoved or punched in a bar altercation is a lot of money for some people. These NIL kids could become the new sitting ducks much like the pro athletes.
Yeah toothlessTiger, if I owned the apartment I would want the back rent paid up. But 8k is a drop in the bucket compared to what so many dead beat grown men owe to their landlords in this ridiculous covid driven everything is free economy.
The UF coach is a complete embarassment to the university. If he was HC at UGA I would have demanded he be $hit-canned immediately after the Halloween debacle. What a complete jacka$$ b!tch.
Will the UF HBC Dork Gator start a riot at a game when things aren't going his way? Will he show up to a press conference in a Bozo costume? Will he completely shart himself again if he has another chance at the CFB playoffs? The answer to all of the above is HELL YES he will.
The SEC should be looking to dump both programs from Ten-uh-c with the addition of these new programs that actually can compete.
Typical that NoClassOrCojones shows up talking trash about a kid owing a few thousand bucks. No room to talk with all the criminals coming out of UF.
eboomdoo is an idiot moron troll that is most likely a UF fan.
Ohio State and especially Clemson get a virtual free ride to the playoff every year. Clemson has no competition in the ACC. Ohio State has a little more competition than Clemson but not much. It's a joke. If they expand the playoff to 12 you won't see Clemson or OSU in the finals very often.
CFB is in a massive upheaval. In 10 years it may not look anything like the game we grew up with.
It's a joke the schedule that Clemson gets to play. It's a virtual automatic playoff birth. Just like FSU back when they joined the ACC and won the conference 14 years straight. Hell Clemson may do better than 14. There loooks to be no one in the ACC that will challenge them any time soon.
They wrote "The SEC would then be set to become the first 16-team Super Conference in college football". Well the SEC is already the first Super Conference. We would just be adding two more good teams. With that said I'm not sure it would be in the best interest of adding two more great programs to the SEC. Money wise I'm sure it would pay off. But it would put the SEC teams at a disadvantage to playing that much more of a difficult schedule compared to other conferences.
I may say some things you don't agree with and talk trash about your weird, disrespectful, arrogant HC when you UF fans post about his genius for the game. But there is nothing delusional about any of my posts. Just saying.
The Vegas over/under on USC wins this year is three and a half. Anybody here betting the over?