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Actually no, because not only did we throttle you last year, but we also throttled them! Glad to clear up the obvious confusion... thinking can be hard!
I seriously agree with you! How in the world can that be assumed? Tua > Hurts, anybody who has watched a football play in their life knows that. The more and more I think about it, I reeeeaally wish y'all had beaten Auburn ...
Your comment is so spot on, that it hurts even more knowing this article is just so far off. "Without Tua Tagovailoa’s second half, we’re spending the summer talking about Hurts’ Heisman Trophy chances instead of his possible transfer destinations." No, without Tua's second half, we are talking about whether or not Georgia repeats as national champions. Hurts is out. Gone. He's not even close to being a good enough passer to lead any inferior program to the playoff. I think I need it explained to me how Jalen Hurts would make Louisville a national title contender if Lamar Jackson couldnt.
Not that I'm predicting a win, but if you think your offense is gonna show up randomly after its last two pathetic outings, you might be mistaken dude.
Saban never gets blown out. But the offense against Auburn should be a red flag. Clemson probably is the closest thing to auburn in the country in terms of front 7 personel
Is it really a diss if the exact same question applies to you? What happens if the Bama team that played Auburn the first time showed up? Also him saying he feels we have the easier opponent isn't even an insult to Alabama. I would much rather be playing Oklahoma than Clemson just fyi. Get your panties out of a wad
have any of you writers ever been in a bar on an SEC campus? Or a game at Bryant Denny? This song and these exact lyrics echo like the thousands of drunk college kids who sing them. Sheesh... everyone knows this song, and each college has their own "inserted lyrics" that they use... "Bulletin Board material" lol
What an awful article.. so Alabama has the 3rd easiest bowl game in the conference? In what fantasy world? And you think Auburn is going to lose lol... makes me wonder if this dude actually watches the games
And the actual spread is Michigan by 7.5 so actually you’re wrong
Yeah pal, evidently I’m a Georgia fan. You caught me. But if you think these cycles are one year in, one year the next you need to open your eyes. I’m not wrong at all in saying that the Georgia program is in much much better shape than the Tennessee one. We have a coach who just won the SEC in his second year and has the most talent coming in out of any team in the SEC. If you think the Tennessee Georgia game is going to be approaching next year with y’all “coming on” and us “not looking so good” then you’re living in a fantasy world.
Some of these Tennessee fans are unbelievable. Acting like he had an obligation to go to Tenn cause of his daddy? This kid owes nothing to Tennessee. Just because it pisses you off because he went to a rival doesn’t make him an awful kid. Why would any recruit care at all about rivalries? They are looking at SCHOOL that they think they would fit in at. “Well if they decommit from Tennessee they shouldn’t go to Georgia because they are rivals!! He should know better!” What a load of Bs. Why would any recruit give a damn. So as not to upset the loyal vol fans? Also, why would any recruit pick Tennessee over Georgia right now? One program is a dumpster fire and the other is rising as fast as possible. Can’t believe some Tennessee people on here are so delusional
Hello folks. Above you can see firsthand what a delusion fan looks like: while they may appear scary, do not fear. They are in fact harmless, just a little crazy.
No reason in the world Bama should get in cause they're "bama." It'll be one versus 2 and if they're both undefeated they should still probably both get in
Penn State loses to a one loss #6 team in the country. Whoever loses the SEC championship will probably have just lost to the #1 or #2 team in the country, both undefeated, and in their conference championship. (Assuming the Dawgs can beat Auburn which still scares me for obvious reasons). No reason at all Penn St should get in over Georgia.
Question: to root for or against Penn State? If they lose, Ohio State will be back into the top 5 (because they got their embarrassing loss out of the way early before their streak of cupcakes), but if Penn St wins, they will essentially be a lock for the playoff. What to do?
This is obviously never ok. And obviously in the south college football is a religion but still I mean people's families? What is wrong with some people
And now for my last act, I'm going to make Auburn's title chances.... dissappear!
The reality is Malzahn gets exposed year in and year out as being an average coach. With incredible talent this year, he's managed to essentially remove his team from big dance consideration by losing to a team they should have pummeled. Terrible clock management at the end of the game and offense that gets easier and easier for opposing coaches to figure out year by year. Auburn is still a good team-- they might even beat Georgia or give Bama some trouble, but the losses like these have to be tough to swallow for Auburn fans who know that this might be their most talented roster in the last 5 years. And yes, you can get fired for winning 9 or 10 games. Eventually the boosters and fans just won't be able to deal with Outback bowls. Ask poor Mark Richt.
Sometimes I feel like these guys have no idea how the SEC works which is fairly ironic
And they make it look like Stidham has been slicing up the '85 Bears week in and week out...
And in all honesty you Bama guys should be honored that people get excited about watching Kirby coach... he's a chip off the old block. People are excited because he coaches similarly to one of the greatest to ever do it. Georgia people are ecstatic because he coaches a lot like Saban does.. no secrets here.
Honestly don't even understand all the Saban Kirby comparisons right now. The media has to create talking points and this one is all too easy because Kirby was the puppeteer of some of Saban's amazing defensive units. But c'mon guys he's a second year head coach. He isn't supposed to have done what Saban has yet-- of course he isn't at Saban's level. Anyone who tries to argue that is lying to themselves. But again he's a sophomore year head coach... sheesh. Can't hardly hold a job anymore without people claiming "You'll never be as good as _______!!"
Roquan is the real deal... arguably in the MVP conversation for the team this year. This dude will stuff a guy in the whole or run a back all the way to the sideline. Reminds me of Ogletree...