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Hot Rod is gone, Kirby had to do something different
No you give us a break. No one said UGA was the “gold standard” in winning natties. But... a lot closer than Auburn. Also played for a few more SEC championships than Auburn. And for being such a weak division how did Auburn do against the east?... And the west is so filled with powerhouses outside of the top three. So Auburn beat Ole Miss, Miss St, and Arkansas? Wow.
I’m not saying that Auburn isn’t capable of an upset, but I think your score is a bit high. No one has hung 26 points on GA this year and Auburn’s offense isn’t exactly elite.
Well that is a quirky stat. Part of the reason some of those teams aren’t top 50 is Georgia held them to no production for a game. Georgia has only allowed 8 TDs through 9 games defensively. And you know who else isn’t a top 50 offense? Auburn.