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Auburn's smoldering dumpster fire bursts into a blazing bonfire of glory. Mizzou in the upset. Harsin won't even get the benefit of the Herm Edwards treatment and will be handed his walking papers at midfield by the Assistant Associate Vice Athletic Director.
I agree, Donk. Way too many things can happen. I just think the whole thing with early polls and writers declaring Heisman favorites even before the first snap is ridiculous. But their job is to get clicks, and I get it. I just with that if a writer or a website collectively is going to rank players or teams for whatever purpose, that they use a little logic and consistency. Is that too much to ask?
So let's summarize the general SDS take here. Brice Young is not a Heisman favorite anymore because he lost his elite talent from last year. Stetson Bennett is not a Heisman favorite this year because he has so much elite talent around him that anyone could do that job. Yeah, that makes sense.
I find it amazing how some folks can read ulterior motives. My statement wasn't a dig at Saban. It was a prediction. I don't think Texas can hang with Bama on either side and I expect it will be a rout. If that offends you, so be it.
Texas is overrated every year, just like Notre Dame. The "Texas is back" claims by the media are second only to "the Cowboys are going to the Super Bowl" in absurdity. Bama will do to Texas what Georgia did to Oregon, except that Saban won't put in the scrubs until late in the 4th. If it's as close as 49-3 I'll be shocked.
You know, when I heard Brady might become a color man I was torn. I wasn't whether or not he would do well. And then I thought to myself, I wonder what Tim Tebow thinks. Because if anyone is a good judge of an ex-non-ex-soon-to-be-ex-again quarterback's ability to do this job, it's that tool.
Everyone keeps talking revenge. But the Heels got revenge in Cameron for the whipping they took in the Dean Dome. So are we now at the point where every team that loses is getting revenge in the next game against that team? I don't think this is a revenge thing. The Heels are playing with house money. Yes, if they lose it will suck to have lost to Duke in the FF. But they'll always be able to point to K's last home game. Duke is expected to win, so the pressure is on them.
"Saint Peter’s has an enrollment of 2,355 students. Shoot, it isn’t even verified on Twitter!" What does this have to do with the fact that they won the game? Such a meaningless and irrelevant statement.
Crean is just one more in a long line of bad to mediocre coaches in Athens. Tubby was the one bright light. Too bad the UK job opened up when it did. I don't blame him for taking that job. I was in school during Hugh Durham's last few years. Hugh wasn't a great coach, but he at least kept us semi-relevant most years. Sat that we haven't improved on that in the last three decades.
Exactly. When did stating that your team beat another one become a zinger? I swear this site will latch on to any one sentence quote to justify an article. Then again, I guess I'm the fool for clicking on it.
UGA hasn't given fans any reason to be vocal in many, many years. If you want to call Dawg fans fair weather for only caring when the team is good, that's your right. But it's hard to generate enough energy to care when year after year the team struggles to even get an NIT bid.