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How about implementing the Down by contact rule for God's sake!! Still can't believe this still isnt in place by now
Wow, guess they don't teach reading comprehension at Mizzou. You're right, most UGA fans are pushing the hype to 2018 and beyond because we realize the rebuilding is in process. So again, as stated above, the media is the only one throwing UGA on the hype train for 2017. Just as they did UT in 16 and AU in 15
Agreed. ..the hype is only being thrown by the media. True UGA fans who are realistic understand that just because Kirby came to town doesn't guarantee an immediate NC or shot at it. There was to much rebuilding to be done, especially O-line and receivers, and it's going to be at least year 3 before we start seriously knocking on the door. As always, Smart has shown to be tenacious in recruiting just as he was at Bama and should settle in much better as HC his 2nd year. I know one thing, this Dawgs is excited about the future, especially 2018 and beyond.
Man of integrity huh.....I'm sure all men of integrity virtually turn a blind eye to star players who beat the $hit out of women.
Saban is the best ever, period. The only reason these other coaches piss and moan and cry is because they didn't think of it first (about evry thing he does in using the rules to his advantage by just staying within them) and because they can't touch what he has done in their profession. Jealousy breeds hate
Says the Cock who got run over by the Dawgs! Yeah, think we'll keep Kirby over Muschamp