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Yea he left early. The stats they are showing for his "senior" year are actually his Junior year. Took 30 seconds to find it on Google.
And I'm not sure what show you are referring to. You can buy letters in Wheel of Fortune, but Alex Trabek hosts Jeopardy. Pat Sajak hosts Wheel of Fortune.
The difference being, when Florida players were arrested for DUIs they were suspended for a quarter.
The whole Ludacris story shouldn't even be a story, it's not a big deal at all. However you guys keep going on about it trying to make it into something that it's not. Find some real need to report about.
First of all, we flipped David Marshall from Auburn, not Alabama. Second, you might be confusing him with Tyler Simmons, whom we flipped from Alabama.
George Rogers didn't play in the SEC.
You gotta look at who the author is. Stephen Garcia is a joke.
Mike Thornton was cut by the Steelers, not Georgia. And where is Tebow on the list? He's in the headline but not the list.
I guarantee you won't be saying let's only take into account conference schedule if Ohio State loses to VT week one or Hawaii week two. For conference championships only conference games matter. For every thing else every game matters. That's college football.
The defense actually did better than I expected last year. But I suppose we will find out October 3rd won't we?
Now I'm picturing Florida a few years ago when they lost Pouncey and had a lot of trouble snapping the ball.
Quit googling your stats SDS. Pollack may be listed as a LB on Google and Wikipedia, but he was a DE.
You're not biased... well, maybe you are but not on this. I agree Willis was awesome. I would put Jarvis Jones higher though because pass rushers are more exciting to watch... and maybe I'm a little biased. I would put him ahead of the other two though.
I want what Christopher Smith is smoking. I mean it didn't have to be a UGA LB, but Andrew Wilson?
I think the Tennessee WR group is a little underrated on this list.
Until he actually plays in the SEC it's kinda hard to say how good he will be.
Yea because everyone that isn't racist wants to "Fight every n****r here" because he can't get back stage at a Kenny Chesney concert. (That was sarcasm if you couldn't tell.)
No they don't. UGA dominating Missouri and Auburn aren't great games. Great games are close until the end. How do you not get this?
I agree. The Falcons gotta go DE/OLB. Cooper is still a first round pick though.
UGA is returning 4 OL. Kolton Houst was grabbed a sixth year of eligibility over a month ago and John Theus is staying.
I only count 5 players leaving on defense for UGA. Also, you say South Carolina is the only team that has to replace their QB and RB. UGA does too unless you count Chubb as the starter, in which case we only lost 4 starters.