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Having said that, I think both coaches were good hires. The 2 programs are in different places.
Billy is a riverboat gambler...I'll give him that. It's like he watched my kid playing Madden and said "I'll coach like that". Fun to watch, but he who lives by going for it all the time on 4th down, eventually dies by it. That has got to be nerve racking for Gator fans to watch.
Depends on which LSU shows up. The last LSU game I watched was the FSU game. If that team shows up forget it. Looks like they've been improving week to week though so hopefully you are right. I think playing at home will be huge. Go Tigers!
I guess I get your excitement. I remember when we finally got that win over the Gators after they'd owned us in the 90's (We did screw up and get one though in the decade) and how exciting it was. The reality then as it is now though is that that was a bad Gator team. It is expected good teams beat bad teams.
He has made the playoff and a BCS title game. That isn't nothing.
Class...This is how you do it. Good job to the both of you.
His staff has missed at WR recruiting over the past couple of years. That isn't really debatable. Does that mean he is slipping or is it just something that happens sometimes? Time will tell.
West has played our bottom dwellers. 3 > 1. West = Weak. Spin it all you want. It is a new year and the East is clearly the stronger division. Look at the rankings.
Nonsense. Good receivers don't go to UGA. GWhite said so.
LSU gonna whip the Vols with their signature OT win over Pitt and a squeaker vs. what may be the worst Gator team of my lifetime
I hope LSU owns the Vols...and I hate LSU. Thank Gwhite
Florida shredded the Vol Defense. Wonder if Bama is better than Florida. Guess we'll see. Actually, wonder if LSU is better than Florida lol.
And right now there are 3 teams from the East in the top 10 while the West has one. Bama then everyone else.
You don’t need to think…you can look at the rankings and know
Reading not your strong point? I didn’t cite the source but feel free to look yourself.
Note my use of “there are” not “there will be”. The west has one
Been hearing for years about how the East is weak. Just pointing out that yes, there are 3 top 10 teams in the East while the West looks not as strong and even at the bottom Vandy is better than Auburn this year. Weak.
Well yeah...You see it is a simple list of teams with a number to the left...not rocket science. They are in the top 10, hence they are a top 10 team.
This game should help clarify if the West has slipped back to Bama then everyone else. With 3 teams in the top 10 so far the East looks to be the stronger division this year.
I’m good with the one they did win. Didn’t Bama split one with LSU? Don’t hear you complaining about that. Go ahead and make your excuse about that being different. 33-18. Enjoy your little conference championship
I’m sure he’ll take time out to answer your asinine questions
Nonsense Luvaride...They gave you guys the Natty before the season even started. Not sure why anyone is even playing.
Nonsense Luvaride...They gave you guys the Natty before the season even started. Not sure why anyone is even playing.
Shouldn't you be on the Bama page chump?
Yes Bamatime SC is bad. Georgia did what a number one team is supposed to do against a bad team. Mama did not. Hence they are no longer number 1. It matters little at this point, but we are 1/4 of the way through the season so you don't get to hold onto number 1 based on preseason hype either. Games do matter.
Saying USCe is more legit than teams like Akron and Ball State does not make them legit chump. Texas is no more legit than Oregon, probably less so and your ilk won't STFU about them.
Sure they are for sake of such discussions. Again, are you saying Texas is good? You never seem to answer.