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Maybe go back to the Vol pages. I mean it really seems to bother you when Dawgs post there and yet here you are trolling. Ah well. 27-13. 6 in a row. Everything s hook that doesn't win anything. Shouldnt you be talking baseball or something?
I don’t disagree. But honestly I didn’t have any issue with the pre BOwl Alliance/BCS polls. So what, it was a split championship from time to time. You don’t think when some 3 loss team slips in to the 12 team playoff and beats an undefeated to the championship game USC, OSU or Notre Dame that the AP isn’t going to award it to the loser? 12 teams takes us right back to the problem the BCS and playoff was supposed to fix
Vol fans sure seem to get worked up if anyone says something the least bit negative about Bazooka Joe
They could run Hairy Dawg out there at QB and beat the Vols
But you have a starting QB that has never been able to hang on to his starting job
Well let’s look at how it gets handled for pro athletes then. Deshaun Watson? Playing. Ray Rice? Playing. Mike Vick? Let him back when he got out of the slammer. Marcel Ozuna? Playing. Tommy Lasorda? He had no issue landing another job. OJ Simpson? Yeah him too. Ray Lewis? Yep. You basically have to Henry Ruggs ow Aaron Hernandez someone to go to prison as an athlete. As they say, don’t hate the player, hate the game.
So let’s say He kicks Bowers or a high profile guy like that off the team. Will the rest of the SEC pledge not to pick the guy up? Or will we hear all about leadership and second chances because I gotta say, in the past when UGA has booted someone it has been the later.
Just applying your standard whenever a dawg fan posts on one of your threads. That’s fair, right?
Why would you react. It would be a factual statement. Tennessee is a so-called everything school that hasn’t won anything since 1998. Not really anything to say otherwise
They should handle it as harshly as Bama handles coordinator’s DUIs
Why aren’t you over on the Vol threads discussing recruiting? I looked…you are all here. Strange as you’d figure your “everything” school would have something to talk about. Good thing divisions are going away. The Gators are recruiting at a level that will have the East back to being decided in Jacksonville and your little window out of the cellar will be shut
And I figured a big bad former grunt like you would take speeding seriously since writing speeding tickets is sort of the pinnacle of your career options.
You gonna call him a POG Corch? You are an embarrassment to our fanbase
Excuses are “it was raining” and “we played the ball state game plan”.
Yep. Most people speed and most people are outraged when someone else does it. Again, racing and reckless endangerment are different issues that need squashed, but most college towns to include Athens treat speeding as a form of taxation, not a public safety matter.
It should be handled quickly and harshly. Like when Anthony Richardson was stopped doing triple digits. Oh wait…
Don’t really care about normal speeding and most of you crying the loudest don’t either or you wouldn’t do it. But you do. If im not mistaken, reckless endangerment is 20 over in Georgia. I do care about that. And street racing for sure.
^^^This right here. Trolling is one thing but throwing around something like this is a bit much. You'd be pretty unhappy if someone went to your job GWhite (if you have one) and started throwing stuff like this around, especially if the matter was already settled and dismissed.
What do you mean we'll have to find out? They found out. The charges were dismissed. They have already found out.
yep, past...just like Floria's football relevance
He has a good amount of time in games and has been in the system for some time. Same with you guys talking up Joe Milton based on a couple good games versus many games of throwing the ball over them mountains Uncle Rico style.
I'm sure Joe Burrow likes LSU's chances. Feel better?
When you are the back to back champs you will get the benefit of the doubt. You can cry and hate it, but it'll happen. sorry
Oh boy...another old grunt running around calling everyone a POG. Somebody pay him for the pizza so he will get off the porch please.