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No offense here, but I'm not really sure that you understand the stat you are referring the true context. Georgia has been the leader of the SEC East over that stretch,. Sure, but is Georgia trying to be better than mediocre Florida, Mizzou, South Carolina? Or, is Georgia trying to compete at the level of the premier programs in the nation (some of which happen to be in the SEC West which Georgia falls way behind in). Yeah, you could compare Georgia's schedule against ranked opponents to a team like Vanderbilt, but success is a measure of expectations. If the expectation is to be better than 80% of the schools in the country then Mark Richt has bee successful even over the last decade of lesser results. If the expectation is to compete at a high level like Alabama, LSU, Ohio State, Florida State, etc...then he has not been successful over the last decade, and to me that is where the bar should be for Georgia.
Why do people equate being critical with not being a fan? Do you cheer when Lambert throws an interception or the defense gives up a deep bomb? It's ok to not be happy when something goes wrong. It's not like people are suddenly cheering for Ohio State instead of UGA. Clemson's #1 ranking in 2015 has no relevance to Georgia beating them in 2014. There is massive roster turnover each year in college football. It was a good win, but don't bring up 2015. "Threatening Auburn in 2014"? Is the bar set so low that a team which finished with 5 losses is threatening? "swept the SEC west"? Ok yes they won 2 games against teams which were a combined 16-11. "we beat a good LSU team at home in 2013"? No fault with that statement except, where are the other examples? I'll throw in 2012 Florida and 2009 Georgia Tech for you. How about 2015 - Auburn, Florida, 2014 - South Carolina, Florida, GT, 2013 - Clemson, Missouri, Auburn, 2012 - South Carolina, 2011 - Boise State, South Carolina, LSU, Michigan State and on and on all the way back through 2008? I'm thankful for early success Richt gave the program, but it's time for the program to move on.
Asinine Drivel. Those are the two words that come to mind after reading just the first paragraph of this article. 2001-2005 was a long time ago. I have 10 years of additional and more recent data to look at though which is eerily similar to the Jim Donnan era. John Hollis, have you ever done a bit of analysis in your life? There was a nice high trend early in his career at Georgia. That graph has taken a nose dive since then though. Georgia fans have it good compared and 80% of the 120+ teams in the nation sure, but why should Georgia with all of it's resources compare itself to Vanderbilt? In sum - your article is bad and you should feel bad.