Tyler Simmons Was Onside

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You’re saying there’s a chantz he comes to Athens?
It’s coach speak for “we wanted to run up the score after Gus Bus’ Dawg crap comment last year
Not necessarily. Temporarily, yes. But if KY or GA had lost previous week then won this upcoming game, they could get some help from TN/Aub game to leapfrog. Now it really is down to this game for the chance to lose to Bama
Please hire any of these Mizzou and piss away that beautiful state of the art facility by hiring a piece of sh*t (referring to top 2) or just a bad head coach in number 3. I hear Gus Malzhan is available and I think he’d fit in great there lol.
It’s one dumb dumb voter and Bama fans are crying in the comment section. I get it, Nick Saban has been more of a father figure to you than your own daddy after he left you and his sister/wife in the trailer park but get over it, this isn’t going to change Bama being number one.
Ya I lived in KCMO for 2 years, Stateline Rd runs straight through the city. All of the sports except Sporting KC are on the MO side.
What a nerd. Probably got beaten up by some guys in high school from the football team. Make football great again at KU!
I’d argue Georgia should get a B for settling for a field goal first drive. Unacceptable
You realize this is an SEC blog right? I get it that neither Mizzou nor the SEC are happy about y’all being a part of our conference, it is what it is and we all have to get used to it. You can go back to trolling KU and all your other Midwest breathrean when we find a more geographically acceptable team to take your place in a few years.
Bold prediction: we lose to Austin peay and then run the table. C’mon stop w/ this nonsense and lets let the season play out. No one knows what UF and UT will be like w/ new leadership and SC has a good receiver but we’ll see if he stays healthy by Week 2. Mizzou has a guy with a cannon for an arm but no run game w/ Crockett, Oline sucks and their defense went from formidable to laughable. UK and Vandy need to stick to basketball and baseball respectively. Then you’ve got our cupcake nonconference games plus I think everyone’s giving LSU way too much credit has everyone forgotten their coach is the assistant from Waterboy? Leaves us w/ Auburn at home, their run game is weak now and get pressure on Stidham and he folds up like a card table. Auburn will dominate the defensive front in all their games except against us and our oline so yes, I think we’ll run the table but I won’t go so far to predict beating Bama. Happy College Gameday, can’t wait to read the Urban Meyer signs in the morning.
I dunno why that auto corrected to that. Let’s try again, I fully expected to click into this article and just see “No.”
I fully expected extend to click into this article and just see “No.” and it left there
My Mizzou schedule prediction 8-4: Win first 3 L to GA L to SC L to AL W Memphis W KY L FL W the last 3 games
I agree next couple of years we’ll be better but still I think saying a couple of losses is farfetched. I’ll give you one sloppy game and getting someone’s best effort against us could cause us to lose one but there isn’t anyone on our weak schedule that we should lose to barring significant injuries.
This article is as dumb as the small percentage of fans it’s about. Starters played for 1 series, the rest don’t know the playbook so how can anyone blame Sark? Fake News, stick to SEC reporting
Thank you for creating an account so we can all laugh at your horrific reading comprehension.
Every article I’ve seen on Urban has had a plethora of delusional Buckeye fans spouting off the same thing blaming the AD and exonerating Meyer since he sent it up the chain of command in 2015. I have 2 issues with that, first is Urban has all of the power in Columbus so if he tells the AD to keep the guy he stays. Second, Meyer kept this guy on his staff. It shouldn’t have been up to the AD to get rid of him when he clearly had an issue of domestic abuse and all of the coaches and their wives knew what this lady was going through.
Pinkel didn’t get you into anything, this was all on the Missouri student body/staff and the ridiculous bs that took place on the quad in 2015. You’re not even getting the decent 2 and 3 star recruits you were once getting or you’re not able to coach them up anymore. Either way this year is still going to be a disappointing year for the University if Misery and Odom will get fired. Your Oline is garbage and so is your defense. You’ll beat Vandy, UT and Kentucky but that’s everyone in the East you’ll get past this year.
Why don’t you go protest about it on your quad, that worked out so well for your school last time
Wow the 60th ranked RB. Lol, I didn’t know they kept track that far down. Is he a -1 Star rated?
I’ll venture a guess and say 4 years after Kirby cause of all that depth we got
Then there are those kids that are legacies at rival schools he recruits well too. Let’s use Cade Mays for example.