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Georgia is looking really good love the pitchers we have
i agree with bulldogbuck55 i do not think that dan mullen is a good coach at all in my opinion i think he is overated but dak needs to take his money
I really like this guy as a tackle didn't see a lot of dt film. Think that he will climb the ranks as well.
this season can either be amazing national champs or a 2 loss team
i have to say that it is his fault just because depth at bama has always been great bamas defense was great now all of the sudden the defense sucks i think it is his fault tbh. I do not care about the injuries
Heather dinich top 10 is good glad they left flordia out of playoff contention cause flordia does not have a chance.
Dont see lsu in the playoffs this upcoming year but still a very good team.
I bet its hard to be a Tennessee coming in third or fourth or 5th in the east every year and losing to teams like georgia state and byu lol.
hes like a less athletic and weaker arm brees lol
agreed very tough place to play georgia vs aubrun and auburn vs bama always have great enviroments
cause every year yall think yall are one piece away which is never the case
i know i didnt say coley was better than chaney im not that stupid chaney is a better offensive mind and recruiting is about the same.
Todd monken is better than chaney and we shall see what happens
your the one cussing not me lol you the one that seems that feeling been hurt
This is without a doubt Georgia's year in my opinion our defense will be better than last year Let that sink in we had a top 3 defense last year and now its going to get better??!?!? Our offense has a chance of being way better than last years and at the very least be around the same if we can average 30-40 points a game we will go undefeated and when the national championship.
you lost to bo nix....... let that sink in and now that we have a qb who wont throw 3 picks in one game (including a pick 6) we wont lose games like that
did bama bow down to auburn last season. Stop mentioning the past idiot
i actually think fromm falling in the draft is good for him because i think he needs good weapons to be good and if he went to the bengals or the dolphins etc i think it wouldnt work but lets say he goes to the patriots that could work for him
george pickens is going to move up on that list really soon
stop mentioning the past lol its sad im not gonna fight with this 9 year old who stole his grandpas phone to comment about things he doesnt know
correct we are in the offseason which georgia is dominating in recruiting and coaching changes which you cant defend so you have to mention things in the past
once again u cant defend the present at all u have to go in the past right when i mention something true you say something about the past
we aint talking about that now are we lol you cant defend one point so u have to move to something completely different