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it hasnt been a issue as of late cause of yall paying players lmao
1. the guy cant recruit or hasn't proved that he can yet. 2. he got put into a really good situation and is now in a dumbster fire 3. He regressed every years at ucf look at the records 4. Very lazy hire imo by white seems like he just hired his former coach because they worked together previously even though he probably isn't the best candidate i would have gone with chadwell or napier before him
i think clemson is a tough enough opponent to make a our schedule difficult and assuming we win the east we would probably play bama too
he is as real as it gets my gues jt finishes this season jt tarts next season and than time for brock
recruting is half the job in collge sports now no excuse
it does not matter if he was a walk on look at how he has been playing not only will georgia shutout tennesee we can and i think will win the natty with either bennet at qb or daniels
eveything is copy and paste so anoying
indeed all that rehab and reinjures is feel bad for him he will pull through though
Georgia has it tough but i see 10-0
fields would not demand anything considering he isnst going to play this upcoming season kirby will play best player availabe justin fields would be the best qb
its not a bad look best players play kirby brings as much talent as possible jamie newman transferd than jt daniels kirby told them no gurantees
fans do stupid things lol he needed a reason to get immediate elligablity why stay in ohio and not play when u can come to georgia play be safe and be with your family
because nfl scouts dont like 1 year players most 1 year players are busts and justin fields clearly wants to play and if he wants to play georgia is great spot we are in a pandemic and u want to be close to your family makes perfect sense
MOST schools and schools can make room if needed and wouldnt be suprised if the ncaa does something with the rules at least for this year
aubrun is too low they have a good defense not great but better than missourri especically
I hope this happens fields was met to be a bulldog It makes a lot of sense as well considering were in a pandemic u would want to be close to your family he grew up in kennewsaw his family leaves here he wants to contend for a national championship he aint going to tech lol he would also want to go somewhere where he is fimilar with the coaching staff and players fields never was mad at uga or anything about uga he just wanted to play and considering jake fromm ust took uga too a natty kirby didnt think benching him was a smart idea i disagree i think best player should play but understand why kirby did what he did kirby regrets what he let happend and this is his perfect chance to fix what happend and win the national championship as jusin fields under center