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I grew up a Longhorn fan, born and raised in TX. Can’t stand the Aggies to this day. But, I’m a Dawg now… and just gotta say, 88AG ain’t lying… the UT fan base, alums, and higher ups are without a doubt the most toxic bunch in the NCAA. They might tiptoe around for a couple years when they first join, maybe try to be on their best behavior, at first, but eventually their true colors will show. (and yes by the way, Texas is the real UT , to literally anyone in the world that doesn’t live in the American Deep South. Tennessee is gonna need to change to avoid any confusion.)
Haha we don’t take kiiindly to your types around here.. are you kidding , I hope ? Let the Cali guy speak, it’s called freedom of speech.
Some of your comments are entertaining, just one question though, why do you sign off every post using the name of the dumbest, most poorly written character in modern tv history?